By: Ma.Marichu Contado Ekwoma 
As: Ada Ora


I just  want to open up a discussion with the  International World  about the ongoing  issue of
Biafrans –IPOB which the  Nigerian Armies after Abducting them, and mass murdering them without the capacity to defend themselves as armless civilians. But after the smoke was gone,  they were the one who pronounced by the Nigerian Armies as  Terrorist groups.

Now. Let the truth, and every fact of the matter reveals. How do we define terrorist?
Because if  I will mention the things from less to greatest which the  IPOB- have done and always doing in Biafra lands none of those things are bloody and destructive to any humans and properties. What they always do is to express its feelings of being human a complete persons having normal being to execute their free well to demand freedom.

What manner of a house, having a door to enter and no door to exit?  If you see such house, it must be a parliament of a criminal and beware of entering therein. And this is the kind of house now  Nigeria is remodeling its structure. No more respect to people’s freedom of choice.

Another one, if you are a normal being, then accidentally pricked by something against your body and it hurts you, will anybody can stop you to shout and yell for the pain? Shall anyone can say don't be noisy! No!  No one, of course, will try to stop you from expressing your grief,  for that is your natural right to express the pain that you feel. And this is where now our discussion will start in Biafra matter.

IPOB by the leading of its  Central leader  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is agitating and expressing the people’s  pain and hunger of freedom to their own lost country that they want to be free. They had been agitating by the power of voice and manner of communication to express their feelings and to demand a cure.

What are they asking for? REFERENDUM….
Yes,  Referendum is what they are struggling with. Let them have their self well to use either to Stay or  Let there be a division of the whole house and conduct people general votes. Asking for  Referendum is not punishable by massive deaths as what the  Nigerian Armies did answer to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his people the  Biafrans  IPOB.

Now,  if in Nigeria, the right to self-determination is answerable by death and abductions of human will, then what accurate description shall it define the governance of  Nigeria? I want the  International world to explain and to provide me an answer not for me but to the peoples of the Biafra States who are the sole victims of these inhuman act of forceful stay against their own will as a nation-Biafra.

Please remind me to mention what the  Nigerian Armies have done obeying the command of their leader to assassinate and abduct peoples of  Biafra whoever will shout and express to themselves  Biafra shall die and be tortured to death are these not the real act of terrorizing? Abducting them, toying them like animals against their rights and kill them as it pleased the What a soldiers! Now let us start defining which of which is the terrorist behind official uniforms? I condemned the Nigerian knowledge on terrorism addressing it to the innocent people the  Biafrans(IPOB).

And this my statement, cannot be change If I perished, I perished. Biafra is in the title for its soul-full and rightful REFERENDUM. Let them have the freedom of choice as a people and a nation! All Hail Biafra!!!

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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