By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi  - TBP
September 28, 2017

It is not in the interest of this writer as agents of humanic face and rights advocates in Nigeria and the world at large to attack Mr. Bola Ahmmed Tinubu over his unguided and disjointed article in the National daily's known as Nigerian newspapers without any concrete fact(s) laid down challenging Mr. Muhammadu Buhari's hapless encore of shames and child's charade utterances that took effect in the just concluded United Nations Assembly to which world renounced media houses exposed the empty gallon that was imposed on 190 million people of Nigeria by your greediness.

Recall that tyrant Mohammadu Buhari signalled corps members from old Eastern region [The Biafra Nation] serving in his home town of Daura to tell their people to forget about Biafra, then this forced you to become relevant; this statement made by Mohammadu Buhari should not have moved your person to write junk simply because you have a media house to publish it. It is wrong always for a man without focus to predict a people's future and their cause unless you are part of the cause.

Mr. Ahmed Tinubu, the Indigenous People of Biafra has never invited you to either by proxy  be among their spokespersons because the king you made is over and above you. I wish to correct your interest that Mohammadu Buhari is the president of Islamic Republic of Nigeria not President of Daura as you stated, You Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu had series of meetings with Yoruba political stake holders mainly and majorly active from South-West of Nigeria to enthrone a Muslim Northern Hausa-Fulani President because you are one by faith.

The Yoruba people are confessing how you confessed them to key in into your selfish and greed idea that in a short run as educated men and women fail so cheap to your conning lifestyle; the Yorubas acknowledged for the very first time in the history of Nigeria they were massively misled by you that the Messiah is in Mohammadu Buhari and Osibanjo ticket.

Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu I believe that you can see for yourself that the government you formed is taking us back to militarization era while he was voted-in through a democratic means yet the Abuja tyrant Mohammadu Buhari don't keep adherence to democratic norms of freedom to all as it is enshrined in the constitution be it protest, association and peaceful assemblies.

Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu, the Indigenous People of Biafra were never violent in their dealings rather it is your Mohammadu Buhari and some misguided coalition of Northern Elders and youths that are being violent to the state of Nigeria today by causing divisiveness and acts of terrorism now and even when Jonathan was in power which brought all about your APC party slogan "Change" in the West and North while Boko Haram remained the foot soldiers to the North if Jonathan refuse not to step down from power.

What is the crucial matter Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu wants tyrant Mohammadu Buhari to address concerning the stagnant nature of scheme of things in Nigeria that has remained abandoned when your likes know vividly well that Mohammadu Buhari is an octogenarian who has been stagnant on self development following historical records and people like you will never leave public and private positions for the merited youths to key in into bettering their lives in the shambles called Nigeria.

I wonder why a hypocrite like Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu had woken up finally to know that there is high level of injustices, unemployment rates and inequity in Biafra land that feeds the Nigeria state as these will lead to uprising and uproar to demand for Freedom. Chameleon Ahmed Bola Tinubu has decided to call a spade by its name when the head is off with a twisted tone.

Chameleon Ahmed Biola Tinubu should note that the Indigenous People of Biafra peaceful protests is not about inclusive government in your Mohammadu Buhari and APC led government rather it's a call for Freedom to leave Nigeria in peace where Yorubas can live in peace with Hausa/Fulani and die in the fate of schemes as one Nigerianists if they fail to agitate.

Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu, the Indigenous People of Biafra's freedom is not about political appointments within the Nigeria context nor setting in key projects in the long forgotten Old Eastern region since the war ended and why do you think that advocating for that now will change the freedom tempo; the Indigenous People of Biafra don't have time for that trash.

Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu, should channel his energy into his APC - led government programmes and meddle not with Biafra stance in Nigeria because we are not Yorubas that he can muzzle to die with him if they fail to queue to his line and Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu shoul mind his choice of wordings as IPOB is not a so called group rather a people in their ancestral land demanding to be left alone.

Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu are you afraid that Mr. Nnamdi Kanu had won your APC - led Nigerian government to regain his freedom and that of his people as the Biafrans are waiting passionately to March into the world of a free people and Nation that you decided to write in a hypocritical manner as advice. Your intent to insinuate that Buhari should not continue with the court case which you inferred as gamut of legal proceedings does no government no good, is because you have seen the Biafra freedom coming forth.

Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu, what do you mean by lionise a hitherto insignificant group and win sympathy? Yoruba! While you condemn treasonable acts and disturbance of public peace in the name of agitation no matter how peaceful depicts the octopuses nature of cowardice running in your blood stream.

Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu, is IPOB, disturbing you in your Yoruba territory? No. Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu, is Nnamdi Kanu and his Indigenous people bringing war to your land and that of Buhari? the answer is No!. Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu should know that IPOB March or protests is/was on their God given lands demanding for their freedom and why is that a headache to you and Mohammadu Buhari. Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu, Biafra is ingrained in us all from Old Eastern region and there is vast evidence to show for it that IPOB are fanatical about Biafra Nation to be restored and Nigeria to break up through a referendum process; so next, advice Mohammadu Buhari to conduct such as your false assumptions on the Biafra quest is already a reality.

Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu, should know that nobody asked for his opinion; next time he shouldn't be more concerned to act as IPOB middleman or intermediary in the Biafra tussle because his Nigeria has become a failed project.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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