SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

Some weeks back; Arewa consultative forum, the umbrella body of the Northern Nigerian people petitioned this institution urging for approved referendum to arrest a looming crisis that could turn Africa upside down. Now, on behalf of people of Biafra- the people of old Eastern region called Biafra, I appeal to this honorable institution to commence process of referendum and also second the previous petition. We the people of Nigeria against what political class forced upon us demand UN approved referendum to determine our political future and avert bloodshed or war situation. I pray you hearken to this appeal because a war torn Nigeria will devastate Europe- refugee crisis will be immense.

It is very crucial that I bring to the notice of this distinguished institution an epoch that could define another phase of genocide and ultimately implement the repeat of Nigerian gory history. The history about to be repeated took place in 1967 and in the end, displaced many and left millions lifeless. Fifty years on; political circumstance has brought us to that same path of death to humanity, a horrible path we never wanted to experience again.
Let me unequivocally state that this gory history about to repeat itself is as a result of political cum leadership failure or immaturity. Leadership in Africa and Nigeria precisely has led to failed state and put African continent in a great mess, underdevelopment and instability became the hallmark of leadership in Africa and Nigeria precisely. Leaders enslave and savage the people for their selfish interest which gave birth to primitive accumulation of wealth, ethnic hatred, religious bigotry and lust for power.

In Nigeria; after fifty years of the war that claimed over three million Biafran lives, political leaders failed to make amends, heal or proactively avoid another war. Nigerian leadership which excluded Biafrans believes that any day the people of Biafra they conquered rear their heads, they would force them down again by force of arm. Biafran territory has been politically and economically marginalized and recently came under military occupation to disallow self-determination in the guise of military exercise.

Through Nnamdi Kanu, the people of Biafra established a front known as Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in 2009 and lawfully registered in London, unknown to Nigeria; the group was to embark on self-determination quest as charted by this institution. This group in question has peacefully gone about the quest to restore Biafra which short-lived between 1967 and 1970. They adopted peaceful protests and processions, civil disobedience, Biafra awakening through their radio and direct/vocal-confrontations. They also ceased social media which automatically gave them edge. The war was basically a media war until recently when Nigerian government declared the group a terrorist organization. The group had metamorphosed to regional or indigenous front before the label. Virtually over 70 million Biafrans subscribed to IPOB and identified with it as indigenous front. By this terrorist label; all the people of Old Eastern region are under siege and to be treated as terrorists.

I have a documentary by Amnesty International; do take a look below:

Nigerian government launched inhumane clampdown on the people with the sole aim of forcing them to retreat, when the people showed rare determination, the government showed military determination leading to massacre. Since the agitation championed by Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB; the people have claimed more than one thousand Biafrans are missing while since the leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu and others were arrested and illegally detained, Amnesty International after a forensic research found out that over 150 Biafrans have been killed. Let me draw the attention of this institution to the fact that the number Amnesty International confirmed are those their lifeless bodies were recovered.

IPOB continued to be peaceful and has never for a day been accused by the federal government of Nigeria of carrying arms or taking a single soul, rather, the government has accused them of bearing stones, sticks and bottles which they often helplessly use when attacked by the Nigerian military for self-defense. {Check attachment}.

Recently; IPOB declared no-more election in Biafran territory, a feat they tend to achieve by convincing their people. The total compliance of their 30th May sit-at-home order struck panic in Nigerian government and every effort to lobby the leader of IPOB to lift the ban failed. Prior to the monumental no-more election civil disobedience; IPOB leader had been given bail conditions that threatened his fundamental human rights. The leadership of Nigeria had severally mulled the negligence of the bail conditions and when they could not convince him to lift election ban, they decided to sting him which resulted to loss of lives. Nigerian military had without court order invaded the home of the leader of IPOB killing 22 people, ransacked his home and killed even his pet dog.

Few hours after the raid; Nigerian military illegally declared IPOB a terrorist organization and the police further vowed to arrest and charge anybody found with Biafra flag or insignia with terrorism and treasonable felony. The presidency made proclamation and signed executive order designing IPOB a terrorist organization. Finally; a high court gave opposing verdict when approached by the federal government that IPOB is a terrorist organization against the earlier verdict by high court presided over by Justice Binta Nayko.

Meanwhile; there is a grand plan to commence another phase of genocide against the Christian populace of Biafra. This genocide is religiously motivated by virtue of the fact that Fulani herdsmen that were rated 4th most dangerous terrorist in the world dine with the federal government of Nigeria and the grand patron of Fulanis is Muhammadu Buhari, the very president of Nigeria. Boko Haram members were labeled misguided brothers by this very leader and he has rather used all military support given to tackle Boko Haram to confront unarmed self-determination activists.

Having tagged the people of Biafra terrorist to enable all-out attack against them, there is looming genocide because the people of Biafra are defenseless and unarmed. I urge this revered institution to urgently commence independent investigation and draft a way out of this looming genocide. It will go a long way to shaping the mission of this institution if this issue is nipped in the bud. Self determination issue is often settled by referendum and I join teeming Nigerians and Biafrans to call for a UN monitored referendum.

The Nigerian political class has vowed not to accept its mistake; the current agitation is as a result of its insensitivity and if the people choose to decide their future, a class of few has no moral right to stand in their way. By refusing or denying the people referendum, Hausa/Fulani controlled Nigeria is involved in modern slavery which deserves condemnation. Let this situation be arrested at its tender stage with a referendum before it deteriorates.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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