Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke For (TBP)

That very week Shettima led the Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists’ governors to their Eastern counterpart who are facing civilized and peaceful movement of opposing political belief, more or less determined activists, the news of Boko Haram terror attack floated, Boko Haram had just bombed and killed innocent Northerners. Even as that very terror is going on; Fulani herdsmen terrorist are on rampage, killing and raping helpless women. Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists are all the making of the Northern governors and Hausa/Fulani supremacy.

What to take home in the visit by Northern governors is the simple fact that what happens to common citizens of Nigeria has nothing to do with them, what they care most is the continued existence of the geographical expression that allows them siphon and embezzle public funds. Hence Nigeria lives and oil money is flowing, every other thing can handle itself.

On the side of the Eastern Governors; it is very shameful that Nyesome Wike accepted to be counseled by men that could not handle their own family. The Boko Haram governors visited Abia state governor probably to thank him for a job well done; he supported the soldiers unleashed against a peaceful Indigenous Leader even when these governors have never dared to send police after the leader of Boko haram terror organization or their Fulani terrorists. They went to Imo and appreciated the role of the mole the people anonymously elected as a governor.
But wait a minute; these terrorists’ governors must have come to assure the Eastern governors that they are with them and would continue to give them attention as long as they help in the subjugation and marginalization of their own people. There is no reason whatsoever or moral ground that supposed to have pushed terror battered governors to admonish civil unrest or civil disobedience orchestrated by self-determination activists.
The Eastern governors had proscribed IPOB after sufficient pressure from the federal government and those terrorists’ governors and the military buttressed its terrorist label with the act of the governors. The feet of violence-prone Northern governors’ touching a land of peace and civil agitation is a slap on our face. This crop of Eastern governors has downgraded themselves- they have proven worthy stooges.
Shettima said that Biafra agitation is more deadly than Boko Haram and that was why they decided to visit South. I have asked myself where the terrorist governor got the insinuation. Biafra agitation is deadly because it would force Nigeria into conducting a referendum because by record, the agitation has not posed any security challenge, taken any life or cause explosion that is rampant in the North. The old man to be denied illegal oil money is everything deadly about Biafra non-violent agitation.

The weakness of the Eastern governors is their failure to learn or embrace bravery and above all, their love for money and power. These powerless governors could have asked Shettima why they refused to arrest their Youths that gave their people quit notice. They could have reminded them that when Ihejirika was Army chief of staff; he was roared at for daring to fight Boko haram. They could have asked them why they shield Fulani herdsmen that were rated 4th most dangerous terrorist organization. They could have asked them to address Boko haram and Fulani terror activists and leave peaceful Biafra movement to them. But they wouldn’t ask such questions because slaves have their limits; obedience is everything needed of them.

It is a disgrace that I found myself with this generation of governors that worth not a penny.
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