By Ifeanyi Chijioke -TBP
September 19, 2017

I have patiently waited for you- Justice Binta Nyako to speak up for or against the invasion of Kanu’s home but to no avail. The reason for my wait was because Nigerian security department’s culture of obtaining secret warrant or kangaroo order is prevalent. I know it is insane for me to have expected your reaction because it would be prejudicial but I will take solace in the fact that Nigeria is a lawless entity where everything is possible. There is no due process to anything; no reservations and no laid down laws observed in all acts; so see my expectation as in line with what is obtainable in Nigeria.

Let me literary say that Nnamdi Kanu is your  TV set and you have the remote; you have the right to press any option you want at any particular time, you pressed the option of bail and he was released and you can also press the opposite button and he would be remanded in prison once more. The Court case is coming up on 17th of next month and Nnamdi Kanu had vowed that he would storm the Court with over two million Biafrans, this goes to show that Nnamdi Kanu respects you and ready to accept his legal fate which you pilots, but sadly, something happened along the line, something disruptive to the judicial process. He was illegally declared a terrorist and being hunted with the Nigerian army- dead or alive and the court has been totally excluded.

On the 10th of September; approximately a month to the resumption of the trial; offensive Nigerian Army personnel stormed the home of Nnamdi Kanu who constitutionally has the right to enjoy the bail you gave him in any way he wants but would give account of how he enjoyed it before you. The Nigerian Army had accused him of flouting his bail conditions which is a suspicion until proven by your honorable court. They were impatient and took laws into their hands; stormed Nnamdi Kanu’s home, shot sporadically and killed scores of people and Kanu’s relations. They further ransacked his home and carted away with some of his belongings but Kanu reportedly escaped amidst rain of bullets and was rumored to have suffered a gun injury.

I am really worried; what made me worried is the fact that the Nigerian Army declared that they had come to arrest Nnamdi Kanu and further declared him wanted. As if that was not enough; the army spokesman declared IPOB a terrorist organization and began man-hunt of Nnamdi Kanu whom they said is the leader of a terrorist group. Some governors convened a meeting and also proscribed IPOB; threatening to arrest or kill anybody found with Biafra flag or insignia. I am very much concerned and bringing all these to your notice because I confirmed your ruling months back which said that IPOB is a lawful organization but the military, governors and the presidency have overruled you.

Now dear justice Binta Nyako; the military told us that it is only the presidency that has the right to order the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu on the basis that they cannot fold their arms and watch Nnamdi Kanu divide Nigeria , I became more confused and that forced me to writing to you. I found out that the Presidency has no respect for your court or the judiciary. Let me also bring to your notice that this presidency in question flagrantly disobeyed Justice Ademola on this matter when he ordered for Nnamdi Kanu’s release. On these premises; the leadership of Nigeria has no iota of respect for your lordship and by attitude delisted your influence or importance in resolving this matter. Nigerian government by virtue of their disposition posits that your lordship is not needed in the matter as they can handle it their own way.

Nigeria torturing Biafrans and forcing them to drink mud water
My lord; let me kindly note that it is about time you discharge and acquit everybody involved in this matter on the ground that Nigerian government has chosen out of court settlement. As I currently write to you; entire old Eastern region is being combed, IPOB members to be shot at sight and Nnamdi Kanu provided dead or alive and none of these orders were issued by you and they are real. Let me also remind you that this is opposing to everything your lordship had decided regarding this matter before your court. It brings shame to the Nigerian judiciary which you represent in this matter that Nigerian leadership respects not court orders or abide by the laws of the land.

Your lordship; Nnamdi Kanu might not be able to come to your court anymore because even the judiciary can no longer protect him in Nigeria. He would be shot if seen and as I write; there are reports of him being in military detention which they have denied. There are also confirmed reports that he was shot and his health deteriorated as a result of the tension created by the military invasion of his home.

However; this matter before you may have automatically come to an end because of the defiant Nigerian leadership who disorderly or forcefully chose out of court settlement of the matter. I take this opportunity to urge you to release Chidiebere Onwudiwe; Ben, David and Bright Chimezie on the resumption date of this trial as the Nigerian leadership has shown that your lordship is not needed in this matter hence they can order arrest, declare a defendant wanted,  discredit organization you credited and launched a man-hunt.

There is no reason to continue to seek redress in the court that cannot protect a defendant or control prosecutor.  There is no need to continue this pretentious judicial process that is bound to be futile; hence the Nigerian leadership believes that her political power is stronger that your constitutional or judicial power. The court would not be a set up to the man being hunted to be killed and neither will other defendants continue with this wasteful process. Release everybody involved in this matter and give the presidency the chance to settle the matter than continue to abuse your court and the prestige of the judiciary. My lordship; to further compel you, I have attached videos of the invasion of the defendant under your grid, while the military orders were made on national television which you may have seen more than once.

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