Dear president of UNGA;

Permit me to overlook some protocols and also keenly listen to my speech because I am in a better position to debrief you how much this great Assembly has done in promoting a better world- I am one of the end product of the effort of this Assembly. I am Ifeanyi Chijioke; a writer, journalist, social and political critic. I might not quite be recognized by this Assembly because neither I nor any of my books have made international stage, but I am working assiduously to raising my profile because I will come again next year. I am not a politician and neither have I any political appointment; I am a pan African but unfortunate to come from Biafra- a nation re-annexed by force of arm in 1970. Biafra today exists under the sovereignty of Nigeria as conquered people and I am deeply dispassionate.

want to immensely thank this Assembly for bringing or facilitating internet in Africa and the resultant social media- the world became a global family with the help of social media. I thank you all because without this Assembly, Africa will not have access to internet, we are so backward that we cannot produce or invent anything. Even many years of colonial masters’ exit; African judges still wear wig, this is to prove that we have not emancipated ourselves from mental slavery of the colonial masters.

It is crucial this Assembly listens to me because I stand a better chance to giving clue to what will strengthen and further positively define UN. This might be the first time a common man addresses UNGA; this I feel supposed to be a routine thing especially for African continent. African leaders that mount this stage speak for African politicians and average African politician is about his pocket, emotion and goodwill even though it takes slavery and savagery of the people. To ensure due representation of this continent; this Assembly must annually invite a common man to also debrief the progress of United Nation in Africa. By virtue of the above feature; the last speaker, who is the 8th and President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari may have not given the real picture of African state or Nigeria precisely.

Let me clearly state and with pictorial and motion evidences that Africa is filled with human rights violations, degradation and subjugation which have hampered development and these violations don’t come from citizenries but from the leaders of respective countries or nations. I will use Nigeria as a point of reference and buttress the prevalence with Cameroon. Southern Cameroonians are in dire need of UN; not essentially to grant their request that may be termed ‘internal matter’ but to protect their rights to aspire and live. The leader of Cameroon recently took down internet in Southern Cameroon just to conceal the atrocities being perpetrated against humanity.

The worst of this case is the country of the 8th speaker which is my priority as a result of the frightening stage of the crimes against humanity in his country. Just three days before he washed his feet for this Assembly; he ordered a platoon to arrest just one armless civilian. In a country with armed civil defenders; armed police, armed vigilante group, armed custom etc, he yet ordered the military saddled with external confrontation to arrest a civilian, in the cause of this arrest, the soldiers murdered scores of innocent Africans. According to the footage, it was like external aggression; what the soldiers were trained for was what they did in Eastern part of his country and in the home of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra.

The 8th speaker has unleashed the military against a section of the country he rules; this is even against a country-court order that legalized the said activities of the section of his country- That very section of his country has been clamoring for self-determination; a right this Assembly chartered and he obliged. Since the start of the self determination quest by a section of his country; he has destroyed thousands of lives and continue to destroy more. I sometimes wonder if this is the kind of world UN planned for us; and it beats my imagination that the perpetrator of this barbarian act stood minutes ago to addressing this civilized Assembly.

The 8th speaker made mention of restructuring this revered Assembly; I am pained to ask why His Honor must allow sycophant into this Assembly? The 8th speaker demanded the restructuring of this stable Assembly when he could not restructure his country at the brink of collapse even when restructure is seen as the only lifeline for his country. The 8th speaker is entirely making mockery of this Assembly; I urge this Assembly to utterly neglect the 8th speaker. Furthermore; my 8th speaker gave the people demanding restructure in his country a bitter slap and I suggest a military slap for him. He chose another civil war he savors to murder or implement his long attempted ethnic cleansing over restructuring and yet preaching it here.

Going further; my 8th speaker audibly demanded that UN give attention to the right to self-determination of the Palestinians, he urged this Assembly to reach a resolution to giving Palestine statehood and that I rather found hypocritical. The 8th speaker is motivated on the basis that the annual general assembly of this fold is a formality or political parade. He so much believes that this Assembly gathers annually to play and take the opportunity to make favorable or political comments and not actually to addressing a thing. He agitated for Palestinian statehood last year and he continues to stubbornly agitate without being gagged.
Let me sufficiently alert this Assembly that when a section of his country led by one Mr Nnamdi Kanu demanded referendum for statehood as he just did today; he unleashed his military who continued to kill and maim the people. Amnesty International; a leading international human rights organization has documented the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the 8th speaker against armless and defenseless people that only made a demand. I urge this Assembly to treat him to his response on the demand made by a section of his country. Instead of continue to listen to this 8th speaker; this Assembly should constitute a panel to investigate and bring him to justice.

Finally; the 8th speaker is part of the reason the world believes that UN has been poorly saddled and ineffective, he contributes to the criticisms that have trailed this great Assembly and unless action is taken to addressing his mess, Africa will continue to prove the inability of this Assembly to achieving a better goal. If the 8th speaker is properly dealt with; it would be a lesson to his counterparts who will sit up and do the needful to at least secure a free and humane world.

I want to appreciate the 9th speaker who gave me the chance to briefly make this submission as I sit to listen to his to-be-adored speech. I also appreciate the president of this honorable Assembly for not shunning me and may this Assembly come out stronger after this 72nd Assembly.

 Long live UNGA!
Long live Humanity!
 Ifeanyi Chijioke (Journalist, writer and social/political critic)

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