An encounter with a local government chairman in Anambara State biafra land : Report   by Odirachinma    Ezeobi  For (TBP)  9/8/2017 

Permit me to quote the words of j.k Rowling " it is our choices that shows what we truly are, far more than our abilities". If there is somebody to be grateful to, it is Mazi Nnamdi kanu for the works he did while anchoring radio biafra. Kanu as a matter of fact provoked biafrans to study like we will live forever and gain knowledge no man can quench. On the hot afternoon of Tuesday the 5th of September 2017, as we convene for an important Ipob meeting somewhere in anambra state something happened which was meant to liquidate the hearts of biafrans but the scenario turned and solidify our heart and stand on "a date for referendum or no election". A chairman of a local government in anambra state came into our meeting arena and beg to have s little discussion with biafrans, with all due pleasure he was allowed to preach the sermon as contained in the texts below.

" I greet you all my brothers for your commitment towards achieving the blessed land of biafra as a free nation away from the fraudulent Nigeria. I am wearing this uniform(apga uniform with the faces of obiano and ojukwu) not because of obiano but because of ikemba nnewi for the immeasurable sacrifice he offered for the cause of biafra freedom. Self determination is sure the rights of every indigenous people who wishes to be free but then there are issues "our" leader Mazi Nnamdi kanu must not fail to put into consideration towards achieving his goals and that formed my message to him. We cannot be fighting for biafra "secession" and continue using Nigeria network system for security purposes, we should be able to have our own first. Again how can our people boycott election and be asking for referendum while many don't have voters card, the trap referendum will be conducted by INEC so how sure are we that there will not be rigging which characterize the Nigerian politics? What about our economy, we need to have a working economy before we divide from Nigeria or we all may be forced back into cannibalism as ndi Igbo doesn't have any food. In conclusion take my message to Mazi Nnamdi KANU, tell him that rochas okorocha is ready to sell out Igbos anytime and that is what obiano is fighting against. Tell Nnamdi kanu to take it easy as we are on a plan that will saw to the "once and for all death of Nigeria. Beg him to have mercy on obiano and allow election go on".....

The above was the speech of a honourable chairman of a local government, words filled with self contradictions and guilty conscience. Of course we didn't allow him to go without correcting some erroneous assertions he made and formally sending a message to his master through him.(I was appointed to put the record straight for the young man to know that we cannot be enslaved with erroneous grammars).

"My honorable chairman, it is highly wrong for you to present network issue as an obstacle towards biafra restoration, so far Ipob and history is concerned, network had never constitute a major issue against freedom fighting. South Africa never had one when they rose up against apartheid, south Korea had none when they began fighting for self determination, what about India and many of the countries that gained independence through referendum. What we are suffering as a setback in this restoration movement is the actions and inaction of the people in power especially those we voted in to protect us, they have turned to lions and jackals massacring their very own and you stood up here to tell us that governor Willie obiano kept mute on the killing of Biafrans in his state because he don't want to lose federal government allocation? My people you can now see that because of money, our governor had forsaken his primary duty which is to protect the lives and properties of his people. Again honorable, a referendum does not need a voters card for it to be conducted, it is not a Nigerian election but an international exercise, there is a printed requirement for referendum and you can of course browse and have a look. INEC has no duty where referendum is concerned. Referendum is an international process that involves delegates from the united nation body to carry it out and supervise its outcome. How can you say biafrans will turn to animals that eats one another if given freedom? Are you trying to imply that the few months biafra existed before the outbreak of war was filled with hunger? Have you forgotten that biafrans have everything to sustain her economy if not for bad governance starting from the central to the state. Compare the little economy we had after biafra was declared in a haste and what we can do in abakaliki, Onitsha, aba, igweocha if biafra is restored.

Please chairman kindly deliver our message to obiano thus " our resolve not to engage in any electoral process in anambra or any Biafra land is not based on what he had done against Ipob, it is based on our determination to restore biafra through any civil means available to us. Tell him that he doesn't have the moral justification to ask the remnant of biafrans to vote while the blood of our deceased brethren which he mocked are yet to get justice . Also tell him to remove the hand of human from the pot of soup before it turns to that of a monkey because if he continue to work against biafra restoration there will be no hiding place for him and his family when Hausa Fulani finally take over our land. And same is applicable when biafras is restored. Tell him that our agitation for biafra is beyond what he can imagine 

Then the chairman remained silent for five minutes before he thanked us and charge us to maintain our disciplinary stand as he will always pray that biafra be restored.

At all times, we must let them  know that we are not drunkards and vision less souls rather we are the light of the next generation to come.  we met a messy situation and as general Phillip effiong rightfully prophesied, we have decided to fight our on battle.

Published /Edited by : Anyi Kings 
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