Authored by Chima Onyekachi For (TBP)

Shetima Yerima, who is the president of the Arewa Consultative Forum and a core propagator of the hate-filled eviction notice to Igbos residing in the north region of Nigeria, is claiming he loves Biafrans so much that he took a Calabar woman as his first wife. Such a joke! The view any right thinking Biafran must understand is that anyone whose origin is not either Hausa/Fulani or Yoruba is referred to as an Igbo by the northerners.

In a recent interview, Shetima Yerima has assured the Igbo people residing in the north region that no harm will befall them because he and his gang have withdrawn the eviction notice. The truth is that the interest of the United Nations on the eviction notice had forced the Arewa youths and their elders to rescind on their decision which was made to instill fear amongst Biafrans residing in the north so as to reject the clamor for the restoration of Biafra. The adherence to the sit-at-home by Biafrans in commemoration of the May 30th 2017 Biafra Heroes Day was the core reason for the issuance of the hate-filled eviction notice to Biafrans residing in the north but it has boomerang against them.

The withdrawal of the eviction notice by Shetima and his gang is not an assurance for the safety of Biafrans residing in the north region. The eviction notice was made with the full support of their political, traditional and religious leaders who were silent about it until the UN took interest. What happened to the call for referendum and the threat to report IPOB to the UN to be designated as a terrorist group which was earlier made by the Arewa youths? Why the sudden change of mind because their threat did not achieve the goal of subduing the clamor for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra? Rather Shetima and his gang are calling for the re-arrest of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu because the UN has called for their own arrest.

I am aware that Shetima is fooling himself believing that those clamoring for the restoration of Biafra are in the minority but why the sudden rush to evict Biafrans from the north region? The assurance of safety from the Arewa youth leader must not be trusted because the region is the creator of two of the deadliest terrorist groups in the world – BokoHaram and Fulani herdsmen. The genocidal song circulating in the north and calling for the massacre of Igbos should serve as an eye-opener to Biafrans residing there. The northerners have a culture of violence and bloodshed as severally shown by them.

Where was the love of Shetima for the Igbos when Bridget was beheaded and her head paraded in the streets of Kano? Was he able to stop the looting and burning of businesses belonging to the Igbos in the north? What about when a caricature of Prophet Mohammad drawn in faraway Denmark resulted in the massacre of innocent Biafrans in the north because they are Christians? Shetima Yerima and his gang are spineless and only stooges in the hands of their elders. They are not concerned that their land is being ravished by terrorism, poverty and diseases but are more interested in the people of Biafra seeking their right to self-determination.
The sudden love for the Igbos by Shetima lacks sincerity and any Biafran who believes his tales of protection is myopic because they are surely vulnerable for slaughter. The Islamic fundamentalists have always sought for the slightest opportunity to kill Biafrans whom they refer as infidels. They believe that the killing of infidels will enable them make heaven where they will be provided with virgins for their pleasure. Biafrans residing in the north are hereby warned to make preparation to return back home or seek means to protect themselves from the impending massacre.

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