12 AUGUST 2017  
If I let the story of Joe Igbokwe pass without taking my own pound of flesh; I will hardly get over it, “Onye ewetalu si suo biya oku” this is a popular Onitsha slangs, I lived and had my secondary education in Onitsha before I relocated for more education and in search of greener pasture unlike my friend Joe Igbokwe, I remained in Biafra land. The ‘slangs’ is translated thus; anybody that gets caught up should be entirely destroyed. If not for Ozubulu massacre; Joe Igbokwe’s service to Tinibu’s dynasty as ‘pants washer’ would have still be trending by now, internet could not have had enough of his flesh; only one writer on Daily Post felt sorry when he wrote a rejoinder to the ‘Many Gaps in Ibokwe’s story’ an article published by Scan News. Ozubulu massacre brought relief to Joe Igbokwe and he had thanked his luck that the issue did not dragged on, more stories could have been published.

The issue began when Nnamdi Kanu was reported to have said that he wants Nigerian professors in a Biafra debate as a way of finding or succumbing to superior argument. Few hours the report circulated; Joe Igbokwe took to his official Facebook address to declare that he would debate Nnamdi Kanu. I blame Joe Igbokwe for his announcement; he is not a professor and Nnamdi Kanu made it definite that he wants professors.

 Joe Igbokwe is a politician and a business man; so he first looked for trouble and as he rightly said that he was a hungry man when he came to Lagos, Nnamdi Kanu decided to respond the Joe Igbokwe he used to know in the 1990s. Nnamdi Kanu in his response said he doesn’t want a hungry man in a debate and further accepted the plea of a pro-Biafra journalist who had earlier sought after his permission to debate Joe Igbokwe. When the tag of a hungry man saturated the internet, Joe Igbokwe lost his cool and decided to write his autobiography. His aim was to dispel the hungry man tag Nnamdi Kanu had used on him; I do not blame the young man because Nnamdi Kanu’s words fly and go into the ears of more people.

There was the need to salvage his name before the mammoth supporters of Nnamdi Kanu who had occupied the social media vacuum destroyed his personality. One thing leads to another- that was how Joe Igbokwe emotionally penned down his autobiography. Joe Igbokwe had said he became an author sometime in a stage of his life before he co-authored another book, I have really forgotten the names of his books because they were never best sellers. A lot of things went wrong with the autobiography that I began to wonder if the man was ever an author. I wrote my first novel in JSS3 and by the time I was in SS2, I began to see the novel like a novel written by a primary three pupil and by the time I finished my education, the novel I wrote in SS3 was sanctioned to be withdrawn from the market. I was ashamed to continue to see the novel; I left them on my bookshelf, but never to allow it in the market again even though it has been pirated. By now, I expected Joe Igbokwe to have improved his writing skills and come out with a resounding and balanced autobiography. It is sad that I kept reading Lagos, lagos, lagos that it saturated the wishes, regrets and Igbokwe’s home plans. His apologists have said that he is being attacked simply because he is APC member and refused to subscribe to Biafra agitation but that is rather unfounded.

Joe Igbokwe never showed quality of a good author when he emotionally penned down his autobiography in an effort to reply Nnamdi Kanu’s tantrum. He was too blatant, unrepentant, and shameless and did not critically look at the lines of the write up. He allowed his emotion to control his hand that at the end of the day; instead of tell his story, he was praising Lagos state. He was praising his position in his political parties and supported developed Lagos state over his underdeveloped Anambra without wisely asking questions or rebuking the federal government for making things hard for him in his state of origin. Joe Igbokwe entirely missed the point; he also missed the argument, he could have used his sorry story to prove a point instead of lose focus. Nnamdi Kanu was not dragging Lagos with him and neither is Nnamdi Kanu asking him or other Biafrans to leave Lagos, Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation is that Anambra state should be made to be like Lagos, so those that can’t go to Lagos can survive like Joe Igbokwe survived in Lagos. Joe Igbokwe missed the entire thing when he started talking about political position; he was entirely selfish because he is insensitive to the plight of the people of old Eastern region. He believes that as he rightly served Tinibu and others, we must all serve to eat and build our own homes. He forgot that there are some of us that love dignity in labor. As an author; you must be rational, even when you are against a thing, always succumb when superior argument comes to it.

According to Joe Igbokwe; he has to leave Eastern region for him to survive life; the big question is why did he abscond? His autobiography should include why or the fundamental reasons his region could not give him opportunities? His story should include why there is no infrastructure in his region? He should tell us how he suffered in his region and why Yoruba land looked like urban area while Eastern region was a rural part of Nigeria. Few days now; Joe Igbokwe has not found his tongue; he is now afraid of speaking because he just disgraced himself. He washed his dirty linen in the public and that is diminishing his popularity; the people are beginning to see him as a satisfied slave. You can’t tell me you left your home for another man’s home to serve the man without thinking home or trying to make your home like your master’s home, no, that is not the trait of a real Biafran.

Joe Igbokwe should please hence forth cease to talk in the public; stop contributing to or against Biafra agitation, it is now clear that Joe Igbokwe’s antagonism is simply to payback what Lagos gave to him, if Joe Igbokwe want us to stop Biafra agitation, he should please extend his fortune to us and some of us that cannot wash Tinibu wife’s panties, he should create another Lagos in all states of Biafra. Sea ports and all the infrastructures and social amenities in Lagos should be in every state of Biafra. Then we can think of leaving Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra.

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