By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
August 12, 2017

Ozubulu Catholic Church, where Hausa/Fulani terrorists massacred parishioners inside the Church
The people of Ozubulu who are still in tears over the massacre that took place at St. Philip’s Catholic Church Ozubulu have given the state government seven days ultimatum to withdraw the statement that was credited to it on the day of the massacre, saying it was callous and disrespectful for the Governor to make such claim to the public and the press. Governor Willie Obiano stormed St. Philips Catholic church where the assailant killed scores of worshippers and said in not less than two hours after the terrorist attack that it was as a result of drug feud between two Ozubulu sons. The Governor said that only 8 lives were lost; this automatically was viewed as forestalling any form of investigation into the attack.

Reacting to the position of the Governor; the community promised to avoid anything that would escalate tension or ethnic instability but would not take the notion of the government involving their two promising sons in what they know nothing about. The community maintained that they are yet to identify the assailant but decried the position of the governor which they said could motivate more attacks.

Governor’s words: “It is tragic that these two people had to bring their quarrel abroad to the village and to the church where innocent people had to be killed and injured. We are not going to relax until those who perpetrated this heinous crime are apprehended. That I can assure you. “It was so bad that the gunmen went round the church to ascertain that the car belonging to the person they were after was there before they entered the church and started shooting, not knowing that it was his parents that came in the car”

“Is he saying drug war and ruling out terrorist attack for what reason? We must be careful with what we say to avoid regretting tomorrow” a community leader who confided in The Biafra Post said. The community leaders admitted to say nothing to a stranger or the press and are under pressure to conceal whatsoever the attack may be. They agreed with the state Government to avoid disclosing anything that may cause ethnic or religious tension but opposed the story of the commissioner of police and the state Governor, a source disclosed.

“We will go to the state government and demand money from the governor to bury our victims and if he refuses, we will come back home and bury them, we are capable of that” a speech which was made available in a record to The Biafra Post said. The record further said that the decision to take money from the state government was because of the accord that they won’t say anything that would heat up the polity or cause tension.

“They held a general meeting opposite the Church three days after the massacre and urged everybody not to say a word to anybody. There is a sinister plan by the government to hide the fact that Hausa/Fulani terrorists attacked us” a residents who is opposed to the agreement said to TBP on the condition of anonymity.

Biafra Television confirmed the meeting when they stormed Ozubulu for the investigation but found the church barricaded with police yellow ribbon as youths convened in an uncompleted hall opposite the church for a meeting. When they tried to join the meeting; they were urged to leave as it is a classified meeting.
The community leaders have unanimously given the state government an ultimatum to rescind his claim of drug feud between the two sons of Ozubulu and also to rescind the figure of the deceased he gave the press which was incorrect as more victims than the 8 he said died out-rightly in the church.

Ozubulu community have defended their son Ebubechukwu (aka Bishop) and said that anybody associating their son with drug war is enemy of the community. The community thanked Bishop for his relentless effort to making the community great with road constructions, church buildings, banks to mention but few.

“There is no drug war in our community and we are proud of our children; Bishop and other sons of Ozubulu have done what the government cannot do for us. They are our governor and our president and we must not keep quiet and watch anybody drag their names to the mud” a community leader said in classified condition. It is yet to know if the Governor will heed the call and rescind his claim.

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