By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
August 02, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, OPOB Leader; with him is Owe of Owerri
As a man that has foreseen what will befall Nigerians and Biafrans in advent of violence; Nnamdi Kanu continues to call for peace and understanding without compromise. To the far away politicians in Aso Rock; they are too far to capture the sight of what is going on among the populace. The people are so charged for violence that he sometimes find it uneasy calming or holding their peace.

He knew that the only alternative to referendum is the people getting loosed to war or violence and as someone that spent more of his mature time in England; he has value and believes in civil approach than violent language that is widely acceptable in Nigeria.

For this period he can still tame the extremism of the people of Biafra; let there be civil solution to their civil agitation. If Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t peacefully secure referendum for his people; his people will violently secure it for him. Referendum will still come in advent of war or violence and would even make us regret; why not peacefully subscribe to that in good health? This is the big message conveyed in the call made by Nnamdi Kanu last month in Enugu state. Referendum cannot be war and neither is he a war monger; he is for the wish of his people. Let Biafran people go to the poll and decide what they want for themselves and Nigeria will even get a chance to be strong or united again if Biafra loses like Scotland lost to UK.

The leader of IPOB has attributed the misinterpretation of his call for referendum to poor education and wondered why some people could not understand the term ‘referendum’. He posited that by calling for a referendum; he is only suing for peace but faulted the proponents of war.
There is a fear or rather drums of war beating in every corner of Nigeria since the agitation for Biafra restoration championed by Nnamdi Kanu began. The recent sit-at-home massively observed by the people showed a level of seriousness but the aftermath has not been smooth.

Arewa youths reacted by issuing a quit notice as things dramatically fell apart for Nigeria; Nnamdi Kanu has further declared there won’t be election in Anambra state and entire Biafra land until a referendum date is given to him. This was seen as substitution for war by many far rights and liberals but emotionally driven Nigerian politicians called it war. The weapon of a peaceful man is civil disobedience and direct confrontations.

Speaking to reporters last month in Enugu where he bagged two awards; he noted that Biafra agitation is not a war and neither is it a sure bet but an agitation to democratically reach the wish of the people through referendum. This implies that while going to referendum; Biafra may even lose in the poll and that will make Nigeria stronger against what was earlier feared.

“Nigerian government will bring war to Biafrans; they would force them into war and make it the option to their referendum and the people would accept it wholeheartedly. They are already beating drums of war because we kept quiet as they shot and killed our people during peaceful processions and protests. This time is do or die; we either die or they give us a referendum but won’t die without a battle” a Biafran agitator who doesn’t want his name in print said.

On his declaration of no election in Anambra state; he notably said that he has urged his people not to vote in Anambra election but people that don’t want Biafra restoration can go on and vote. Going further; he said that nobody will be stopped from voting but he is very certain that IPOB members and every single person that wants Biafra to come will not vote.

In response to Arewa quit notice to the Southern indigenes in the North; he made it clear that Biafra restoration does not mean every man should go to his land; rather it means the people of Biafra to have sovereign power, political independence to deal willfully with her neighbors. This does not mean that Biafra will chase out Northerners living in Biafra land or Northerners chase out Southerners. This further means that Biafra is a question of boundary restoration and not war as anticipated or propagated by Nigerians.

Nigerian government has not learned from history and this is why this time; another mistake will force history to teach them a severe lesson. Biafra since 1967 has always sued for peace and that was why Ojukwu sought after Aburi Accord. Nnamdi Kanu is today angling for peace in this fragile period and sought after referendum.
Should referendum fail today; Nigeria will find herself in the 1967 turmoil but this generation will come out with a different result and Nigeria may suffer the same fate Biafra suffered in 1967. At the end of the war; referendum will emerge and Biafra will have eternal enemy.

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