By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
August 01, 2017

A Biafran by his musical and stage name "Prophet" visited The Biafra Post studio to announce to the world of his new and latest musical album which tells the sufferings of his people as well had an interview with our press crews on ground.

The new album titled "Biafra is Here",  the Super Star Musician hits the labour market with an album which has It's focus on the plights of the Biafrans his people; he talked about freedom and lots of other human rights abuses on the side of the Biafrans.

The album is composed of six hit reggae tune, according to the singer; the time is right for everybody to rise up and fight for the total freedom of the Biafrans especially this perilous times of high Injustice, nepotism, ethnocentrism, hatred and suppression of God's chosen ones [Biafra] in Nigeria as he Proclaimed using his Musical Career to let the World know that the Freedom of the Biafrans must not be neglected or swept under the carpet.

Question: What is your name young man?

Answer: My name is Mr. Prophet

Question: Prophet what made you to be here or visiting The Biafra Post Reporters?

Answer: What made me to be here is, first is because I am a Biafran and I believed this is the right channel or place to be so that my voice will be heard; secondly, I have an album which I released in respect of my agitation as a Biafran and part of my contribution towards the struggle and the album is titled "Biafra is Here".

Question: What motivated you in the first place to release the album inspite  of the ban on anything that has to do with Biafra by the Nigeria Government?

Answer: What motivated me in the first place to release the album is one; am a Biafran and cannot deny my identity no matter what the Nigeria Government wants us and the world to believe; secondly, am a musician by profession so I think I joined the struggle and the best way for me to express myself concerning the agitation is to do it through my musical career, to sing and let the world know that Biafrans did not just fold their hands that even musicians are working together to make sure that Biafra is restored.

Question: Mr. Prophet in one of your musical tracks; the album you just released, you were making inference to the sufferings of the Biafrans so how sure are you that the Biafrans are really been ill-maltreated?

Answer: Yeah, I am a youth at least I am above thirty (30) years so I have seen sufferings, injustices in Nigeria especially on the side and against the Biafran citizens; so we are suffering and we are been humiliated, on the side of Government: the Nigeria Government makes sure that the Biafrans don't occupy good position in Government and what belongs to us. Our human rights are being denied from us or trampled by the Government, our people are being maltreated for no reasons, threatened with death. For instance; if you have a similar case with an Hausa-Fulani man and maybe you are being arrested by the Police, let's say two fighting; when you people are taken to the Police station you discovered that the Hausa-Fulani man will not enter cell nor detained but you a Biafran, the Police will molest you and do everything to detain you while the Hausa-Fulani man will go free. We are really been maltreated in Nigeria.

Question: Mr. Prophet, so you feel that through your musical career by releasing the album the world will hear about you and the sufferings of your Biafran people?

Answer: Yes, absolutely correct.

Question: Mr. Prophet, what is the name of the album again?

Answer: The name of the album is "Biafra is Here" with six reggae tracks; its a reggae music.

Question: Mr. Prophet do you believe in your conscience and in your mind that Biafra is here going by your album?

Answer: What you see and what everybody else sees like before you can't just come out and say Biafra; if you try it you are in trouble or you will be shot dead by the Nigeria security operatives but now you see Biafra materials all over the world and in Nigeria as well, you see Biafra flag in people's vehicles and private cars, people wear T-shirts customized with Biafra logos, cap and the rest is history.

Question: Don't you think that the Nigeria security operatives will come after you or ban this album or don't you think it will cause tension in the Country?

Answer: Yes I am aware of it even before recording this album am in tune with such moves but the issue here is we are fighting and agitating for freedom and we should or would I say be bold and fearless to express ourselves as long as what we are doing is legal and non-violent approach.

Question: Mr. Prophet, do you believe your agitation is constitutional?

Answer: Yes, before releasing this album I followed Nnamdi Kanu up so I felt it wise as a Biafran that what Nnamdi Kanu is doing is constitutional because self-determination is a universal law which has the backing to what Nnamdi Kanu is doing and stand for; so as a Biafran I think I have a duty and that duty I have checked otherwise is to play my part by channeling the sufferings of the Biafran people to my musical tracks so that the world will know what is really going-on in Nigeria.

Thanks you Mr. Prophet for a day and time like this.

Prophet: Thank you Mr. Presenter.

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