By Odirachinma Ezeobi - TBP
August 01, 2017

Evidence of Heaven's approval on Biafra restoration
The struggle for the independence of the sovereign state of Biafra from Nigeria may have to be said to be at its climax as more people within the embattled region and across the high sea are rallying around same ideology of Biafra restoration. There have been considerably efforts by the people in the corridors of power and some foreign "friends" of the federal government to quell the agitation for  a free Biafra nation but the people have continuously remained obstinate and resolute towards their goal.

Nnamdi Kanu, the arrowhead of this struggle have been defined by many as possessing different powers and attributes To some Nnamdi Kanu is a saviour, some believe he is a young revolutionist, while others hold the view that he is both in one.
To the aforementioned individual claims of the personality of Nnamdi Kanu have some factual evidence (though we are much concerned here as to his relationship with heaven).

We can recall vividly the "Ibeku Kingdom miracle" that took place at Umuahia, the hometown of the embattled leader of indigenous people of Biafra when the supporters of the group paid solidarity visit to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, on 28 July 2017. It was confirmed by eyewitnesses that while IPOB Supreme leader came out from his fathers palace, the once crowdy weather brightened up, the sun rose while a rainbow was sighted circling  the sun 360 degree perfect circle.

Rainbow appears in broad day light in Ibeku; another prove of Heaven's annoitment of Biafra restoration project
Umuahia event left mighty men urinating in their panties, made politicians sleepless as they run around seeking for interpretation of the Ibeku miracle..
They were fearfully curious to know if heaven is indeed in support of Biafra restoration, whether heaven is conspiring against Nigeria.

Nigerian observers I believe are still worried not only now of the massive support Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB enjoys in Nigeria and the world in general but the fact that heaven had shown even the spiritually blind signs that Biafra restoration is supported and approved by heaven.

Most Nigerians that had forgetten so soon of the Ibeku miracle and relaunched their attack against biafra restoration must be in great peril now as heaven once again ditched out more serious warning to the world yesterday being the 28th of July 2017 (exactly one month after the Ibeku miracle). It was confirmed by men, women, children, pictures and videos that another miracle now tagged "Freedom Square Miracle". It was confirmed that when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu drove in to address the millions of IPOB members that converged at freedom square OwerrI to welcome him, the sun beamed and expectedly as has become the routine, the rainbow appeared beside the sun and most interestingly, a half moon appeared (in broad daylight) in solidarity with the rest of the heavenly bodies in support of Biafra restoration.

Where are the Nigerian astrologers, the scientist, learned professors of physics and nature, is there no one that will come out and ditch the lies of confused people to the world or are we waiting for the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed to explain what he don't understand is crystal clear that even the scientists are worried.

This serves as a warning to all enemies of Biafra restoration, they must have it in mind that Biafra restoration is supported and approved by heaven and any act of sabotage, betrayal, unfair treatment and subjugation will naturally backfire. Standing against Biafra now is standing against heaven and nature.

When you stand against the creator of the sun, do you expect the sun to favour you?
Do you expect her siblings, moons and stars to favour you. Biafra restoration is here and cannot be quenched by any power because all powers are subject to the creator of heavens and the earth.

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