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August 01, 2017

It has become expedient that the Kaduna declaration enunciated in the Arewa house by the youth wing of Arewa Consultative Forum backed up by the Northern Elders is not to be treated with a grain of salt this time around following the threat issued by the Arewa youth consultative Forum to Biafrans, to vacate their land in 3 months time which will elapse on the 1st of October, 2017.

After a successful sit at home in all the nooks and crannies of Biafra land; where  Biafrans stood in solidarity against all odds to honour their fallen heroes and heroines murdered by the Nigeria murderous security coupled with the Biafran children starved to death by the combined forces of British and Nigeria government since this contraption called Nigeria came into inception.

The sit at home of May 30th, 2017 was a huge success which passed a message of total rejection of one Nigeria to every component of Nigeria that the Biafrans are serious on their quest to self-determination of restoring their lost identity, dignity and Nation back from the Islamic Nigeria Government.

Having understood the political undertone behind this wicked and evil ultimatum by these inglorious youths has depicted the very evil mindset of the Northern elders towards the Biafrans resident in their region.

On a more serious note we applaud and appreciates the Northerners over this  quit notice as it is a welcome development to all of us in Biafra land; the Northerners as contained in their statement said the core reasons of that declaration to the Biafrans is to vacate their land and help other world bodies responsible for granting an independent Nations to hasten up and quicken their responsibilities towards conducting referendum in Nigeria as to determine the fate of Biafrans. 

We commend the Northerners on the need to make our people see reasons with them as to compel them to make a fast move towards having a Biafra of their collective dreams; having said that and taking into account of the many side views of the declaration it may mean that a people are targeted for annihilation if they fail to adhere to this Kaduna declaration.

In view of this threat, we recommend that Biafrans vacate the Hausa-Fulanis' region without any shred of doubts that their will be actions equal or proportional to the expiration of this threat generating tension across the length and breadth of Nigeria. There is every tendency of blood bath to be carried out in the Northern region soonest if the Biafrans failed to listen to the voice of wisdom made by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra which says that lives are more paramount over properties as they should have it at the back of their minds that dead men don't aspire to own properties only but the living.

Biafrans should know that under international laws, conventions act and treaties that their properties are well secured when a people demand for their right to self-determination from the old state; make no mistake of staying back when the Biafra Government can stand-in shoulder to shoulder with the Nigeria Government from the restitution of your properties hijacked by these youths and their elders.

Welcome back home all for now as we collectively waits for the United Nations and her affiliate sister bodies to announce the date for referendum to be conducted in Nigeria; be vigilant and wise enough to heed unto this clarion call, if the option they give to us remain war then there will be a great retribution from the Biafra Government to Nigeria Government under the Islamic Government of Hausa-Fulani. 

The quit notice given by the Youths of Arewa Consultative Forum is a prophesy that is about to take its rightful course reason being that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra made it clear that a time like this will come when the Northerners will chase us out from their land and this is the appointed time and the most reason why Biafrans residing in the North must come back home or be ready to be used as sacrificial Lambs.

The Kaduna declaration is not an ordinary or mere threat to be swept under the carpet by the South-East Political slaves; as it has the full support of the Northern elders. Beware that Northern Governors and their paramount rulers [Emirs] are in collaboration with the British Government to wipe out the Biafrans again as failure to adhere to this declaration will spell doom for the Biafrans.

Don't be so quick to forget that this was the same case of Biafra and Biafrans of 1967-1970 class, Tagged " Operation wipe out the Igbo Nation from the Northern Nigeria". The only solution to this looming danger ahead of us, is for Biafrans in the North to come back home and relocates their businesses as we await for a date for referendum to take effect.

Few days ago, the house of Senate rejected the proposal for restructuring of the country by voting against it, despite the clarion call from different politicians, ohanaeze ndigbo and the rest, it is now obvious we don't belong to this evil empire called Nigeria.

We stand on Referendum. 

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