By Urenyere Chukwuemeka Amobi - TBP
August 01, 2017

IPOB Supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; greeting Biafran elsers at Owerri - Biafra land
Nigeria is an integration of different ethnic groups, cultures, values and Religion. The people of Nigeria named as a nation has felt long years of difficulties and lack of proper benefits as an integral state nation. The causes of this difficulties are clearly seen on everyday life in Nigeria as a country and they are set in motion by indiscriminate crimes being discovered daily and good publicity given to it and yet it continues unperturbed and spreads like wild fire.

This crimes discomforts the entire Nigeria state as a whole in all its entities and segments, our senses of discernment have discovered the abuse of true self; the people called Nigerians are harnessing towards embracing our different ethnic groups, cultures, values, religious values with no better result yielding to that; mostly religious values has been distorted by our religious leaders who go about indoctrinating their followers to which has aided not to integrate these different ethnic groups, cultures, values and religion irrespective of where one is coming from.

Nigeria lacks the boldness to address the importance of nation building and how to integrate the Nigeria state to be a strong state that will propel the unity of the country; the goals of the integration as Nation building in the area of  human capacity building, enhancement of ethnic groups that make-up Nigeria to avoid youth restiveness and help educate the people on the benefits of  proper integration is lacking in Nigeria.

As a whole; the Nigeria nation would have been regarded as a beautiful nation with its varieties of cultures, ethnicity groups and societal-value systems coupled with vast land for agricultural purposes but she [Nigeria] has failed herself in upholding the sanity to the fundamental principles of human rights which seems to be causing the much difficulties leading towards suppressing the Biafrans in the Nigeria enclave thereby limiting them not to enjoy the true meaning of human capacity and nation building as a whole since the aftermath of the Genocidal war.

The Nation Nigeria is charged with the effort to deliver the basic needs of life required by the people and upholding the principles of human rights of the people has failed herself in this category, this has led to numerous Terrorism attacks by the Hausa-Fulani Muslim sects and militia groups based on well perceived religious intolerance they have against non-muslim in their Northern Nigeria geo-political space, because of this act of insubordination by the Hausa-Fulani religious bigots has raised the call for self-determination or nation actualization by different ethnic groups that make-up the Nigeria enclave.

As students of history we have learned from history that there had been a civil war in Nigeria which lasted for a period of 29-30 months 1967-1970. This war was aimed at liberating the different ethnic groups that is illegally constituted to what is known to be Nigeria forcefully slumped together to work by the crown dictatorial amalgamation decree on the African soil. The Eastern part of Nigeria have their kith and kin living around their geo-political space that share same societal-value systems with them hence has decided to secede from the rest of the Nigeria enclave and build a new nation achieved through the instrumentality of self-determination.

Biafrans at home and those in diaspora are not relenting in their campaigns and rallies thereby contributing their quotas in different ways to help register their displeasures to continue as Nigerians and this is causing the dictatorial Nigeria system of government to panic as this move affects the entire Nigeria enclave. The Biafrans view this as the best anticipated efforts to rebuild, restructure and reintegrate the Biafrans as an integral part of an indivisible entity has been rejected by the ruling Hausa-Fulani ruling class which now calls for self-determination.

This act of intolerance being exhibited by the Nigeria Government on the side of the Biafrans has led to the definite secession calls by the old Eastern part of Nigeria [Biafra Nation] to build on a new nation that will accommodate adequate human capacity building not one based on oil proceeds and quota system syndrome as the only means to keep a country running afloat.

The Boko Haram sects and Biafra Nation are two names when mentioned at public places in Nigeria triggers the consciousness of the people around. The first being a terrorism group predominantly reside in the Northern part of Nigeria, their aim is to achieve an Islamic Nation through the use of arms and sophisticated weapons on the people of Biafra residents solely in the Northern part of Nigeria.

The second is the formally declared sovereign state of Biafra by Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu which led to the ever first worst recorded history of genocidal war on African soil by General Yakubu Gowon who should be facing war crime charges against humanity; the war known as the Nigerian-Biafra civil War that lasted for months which made the Biafrans to became emotional and physiological weary as a result of the total mass blockade on their borders.

The people of the Eastern part of Nigeria [Biafria Nation] strongly belief in a nation built on true and same ethnic group beliefs, values and culture system. The Biafrans has been sensitized enough by their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who have properly discerned on them the need for a free Biafra to exist out of Nigeria; Nigeria has no options than to allow the free will of the people to decide.

A free Biafra will accommodate human capacity and nation building devoid of religious intolerance which is rampant amongst the Sokoto Caliphate Arewas people.

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