Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu; A Fearless Brave Leader By Example; Dead Brain Nigeria Governors Are Trembled In Confusion

By Kelechi Okorie - TBP
Twitter: @KelechiHoney

Exhibition of courage to face challenges by Nnamdi kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Director of Radio Biafra/ BiafraTV, was second to none as he fearlessly stormed Ebonyi State irrespective of Stem warning from David Umahi, the executive slave governor and heavy presence of security personnel to obstruct his movement was no availed.

The governor’s recent outburst that Ebonyi cannot support Biafra could be the major reason he was shamelessly reduced to nothing as Ebonyians massively showed solidarity with IPOB and its leader. The State metropolis was reportedly shots down economically, both banks and markets were deliberately closed with overwhelm joy on hearing Nnamdi Kanu’s arrival.

Perhaps, Umehi’s myopic view not to include Ebonyi in Biafra map shows his malfunctioning empty skull. He failed to articulate that power belongs to the people not political jobbers like him. Lets remind him in case he has forgotten easily, Ebonyi state was carved out from Abia, Enugu and Anambra all in Biafraland. Umehi’s dead brain could be the major reason Hausa Fulani oligarchy installed him as a puppet executive governor to help them accomplish their islamization agenda and secede Ebonyi land to Hausa Fulani as former President Olusegun Obasanjo seceded Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon using International Court of Justice rather than boundary delimitation where electoral precincts, states, counties or other municipalities decide where to reside.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s lecture to Ebonyians of how naturally endowed their state is more than other states in Biafraland such as the deposits of coal, oil, gas, limestone, human resources development etc which was not comprehensively understood by Umehi, made him depend only on federal allocation for survival is an eye openner to the people of the state. Umehi’s lazy brain is unable to transform resources in his domain to productivity that could have attracted foreign investors long before now to foster development but prefers fall-out(s) from the master’s table.

Finally, it is high time Biafran politicians know Biafra movement has gone beyond their limited control as they remain politically irrelevant; their quest for publicity in order to please their pay masters has come to an end as Biafrans have taken the lead to control their future.
The Children Conference held in Aba Abia State, for the remembrance of starve children during 1967-1970 Biafra genocidal war that rendered many parents childless till date, was other historical event that cannot be stop by any governor in Biafraland.

IPOB is an unstoppable moving train, and Umehi is a living witness.

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