Written By Onyegbula Solomon -For (TBP)
 August 23, 2017

Haven taken my time and gone through some journal works on Mohammadu Buhari's intimidating and unrefined character assassination and utterances regarding to how he will rough handle Nigeria as a federation and Nigerians as a people inhabiting the geographical zones of Nigeria if the political class fail to give him power, i came to the understanding that this tyrant used intimidations and hate speeches to get to the seat of power of the Nigerian government both as Military head of state and as an unrepentant tyrant cum civilian President. Mohammadu Buhari's speeches were derogatory, unwholesome, uncalculated and full of sentimentalism; he repeated this treacherous acts of his when he declared open that any war against Boko Haram is a war against the Northerners; the current robotic President of Nigeria before ascending to the highest office in Nigeria in the year 2015 threatened the Nigeria state with fire and brimstone until his aim was achieved without any form of impediments from the Government in-charge then.

Now as a head of a political entity housing more or less two hundred and fifty [250] divergent ethnic groups, with diverse socio-political, cultural, religious differences still frightens his subjects by raining bullets on them as to what he knows best to do as a man without any form remorse or recourse on the path of caution; this villain President sees his subjects as sacrificial lambs waiting to be slaughtered at his orders.

Mohammadu Buhari as a jihadist has not failed to display and to promote his radical Islamic ideologies in him aimed at Islamizing the entire units in Nigeria through his words and actions. Be that as it may; one may pardon him or would i rightly say not to give much heed to it seeing that he [Mohammadu Buhari] has no known record of academic pursuits as it concerns to leadership recommendations seeing at the level that terror flows like water in his vein being a religious fundamentalist and bigot.

But what amuses the general public was when a supposed Professor of law; a supposed Senior Pastor and a supposed educated Vice President of a country as delicate as Nigeria came out and informed a population of over 180 million members of the people that constitutes what is today known as the Nigeria federation; that their freedom of speeches and expressions as being ratified in the constitution of the failed state means hate speeches to which he equate to terrorism acts.

With this ulterior motive so far been exhibited by a man who is suppose to protect his constituents entails how these charlatans leaders sees their subjects as sacrificial lambs to deal with anytime they want; he views the call for self-determination made by the indigenous people of Biafra a hate speech that amounts to terrorism charges, then many questions will start begging for instant answers in this orderliness:- 1. Does this mean that the Vice President of Nigeria is not as educated as we thought?

2. Does it also mean that he [Yemi Osibanjo] does not understand what the meaning of referendum is as pertaining to laws of the universe?

3. Does this also mean that a supposed Senior Advocate of Nigeria [SAN] has no knowledge of self-determination and its inalienable rights to the people as enshrined in the African Union domesticated laws and that of the United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Indigenous people all over the world as a unit or fragments?

4. Does this also entail that as a supposed Pastor of Christian faith cannot tell the gospel truth to his followers that Nigeria has expired and to his Church members as to make them to see reasons why Nigeria will be dismembered peacefully through the instrumentality of referendum process and not war?

5. What advice is Yemi Osibanjo who doubles as a Pastor and Professor of law giving to his principal Mohammadu Buhari's government?

6. Is Yemi Osibanjo as a Professor of law not aware and in-tune of reality on ground that it is better to part in peace and remain good neighbors than staying together and becoming enemies? 7. Does he not know that Oduduwa Nationality where he originated from still need to be free from the shackles of this Islamic Hausa-Fulani vampires?

8. Do Professor Yemi Osibanjo and his principal Mohammadu Buhari ever in their bewilderment think that Biafrans will ever be intimidated or cowed to succumb in their quest to freedom? Maybe from the speech credited to Mohammadu Buhari on the 21st day of August 2017 and that of Professor Yemi Osibanjo has shown that they duo are ever-ready to kill all Biafrans to keep Nigeria one; If referendum is a hate speech, why was Scotland granted the opportunity for such when it is viewed that they are in comfort zone. Is it true that they are not aware of the delicate condition of referendum to mean a call for war and terrorism as it is being presented to the Biafrans here agitating for it in Nigeria.

As a writer I strongly believe that the fragile nature of Nigeria as it is today under Mohammadu Buhari if not addressed properly will nose-dive into another catastrophic war that Somalia will be a Paradise compare to Nigeria; on this note I look forward to seeing the mind deluded Professor of law attend to these questions without a prejudice mindset, for now it is either BIAFRA or DEATH!

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