By Godwin Chinedu and Odirachinma Ezeobi
For (TBP) 23 August 2017 

Welcome to another week edition of HARD TRUTH, we will be discussing REFERENDUM: ELECTION BOYCOTT AND THE NNAMDI KANU BUCKET. The issues pertaining to the election boycott in Biafra land, its civilized and more human weapon of warfare phenomena. We shall also be revealing the possible effects of a civilized ways of defeating guns and bullets without violence. While other countries keep testing nuclear weapons and other dangerous weapons of warfare, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, will be bringing to fore another form of weapon greater than whatever the super powers had ever produced. This weapon is called the “NNAMDI KANU BUCKET” which brings no bloodshed against its enemies and it is the most civilized approach of engaging in any warfare. Recall, the Nnamdi Kanu Bucket was successfully used on May 30th 2017 in commemoration of the Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day.

As the November 18 Anambra State Governorship election draws closer, it is certain that IPOB will use the Nnamdi Kanu Bucket on that day as a weapon to achieve its boycotting of Nigeria organized election in Biafra land. The people of Biafra have decided not to participate in any election until the federal government of Nigeria gives them a date for referendum.

Few groups and individual have come up with their own opinion over the boycott of elections by the people of Biafra. Some have stated that IPOB plans to disrupt election in Anambra State and that will be a direct challenge to Nigeria’s sovereignty which will lead to anarchy or war. Others have stated that IPOB have no knowledge about referendum, that the only way to secure referendum is to be a registered voter. But these are deceptive talks to coerce the people of Biafra into participating in Nigeria organized elections.

First, it is very clear that we are calling for election boycotting not disruption; people must quote us right and stop the grammatical deception. The indigenes of Biafra operate within the ambit of law, both local and international, we have no gun or bullets, and all we have is civil disobedience also known as the Nnamdi Kanu Bucket which we will judiciously unleash on the federal government of Nigeria during the November 18th election in Anambra State. The people of Biafra must understand that the launching of Nnamdi Kanu Bucket (sit-at-home) on the day of the election is never a call for war or anarchy as been claimed by unenlightened people. Rather, it is a means to boldly make our demand for referendum very vocal to the Nigeria government and also to the international community.

Secondly, the boycott of election is always related to the boycott of the last census by the former MASSOB leader, Ralph Uwazuruike, but that is a huge misconception because there is a great difference between a census and election. Election is the giving out of our mandate or power to an individual or political party to act on our behalf and represent our interest. In other words, when we boycott the election the power or mandate remains with us to do as we wish. In this case, we are withholding our mandate and demanding for a referendum to decide our interest. Though, some people have asked us to emulate those in Scotland and vote in representatives that will demand for a referendum for us but it is very clear that the Nigeria constitution was written to favor a particular section of the country and the suggestion of voting representatives will not favor the people of Biafra.

We also want to make it clear to all and sundry, most especially the candidates from various political parties, that IPOB have nothing against them and their political ambitions. If the politicians wishes to serve the good people of Biafra in any capacity they should join hands with IPOB and restore our fatherland, Biafra. An Igbo adage says”ana zurtasiah ana tupu azuba ute” literally meaning “you have to possess a land first before thinking of the structure to build on it”. The people of Biafra do not want to be part of Nigeria anymore and the politicians in Biafra land must understand that.

In recent time, there have been several video and radio jingles of political campaign giving lots of promises to the Anambra people if elected into power but those are nice words and no longer new to the hearing of the people. There are thousands of unfulfilled campaign promises in Biafra land and most of the politicians do not have the interest of their people and will not be faithful in managing the affairs of their people under the political dispensation in Nigeria. Some political parties have gone to an extent of using the clamor for the restoration of Biafra as a manifesto but they quickly forget that the structure of Nigeria will never favor the Biafra people.

Recall, Ojukwu Bucket (Ogbunigwe) was known for its deadly power to strike and the ability to wipe hundreds of enemies at once. Ogbunigwe, just as the name implies sends chin down the spines of Biafran enemies not because of the name but the fact that no one survives in the location that it is ignited. The new generation of Biafra led by Nnamdi Kanu is well aware that Ogbunigwe no matter its strength didn't get the enemies to submit not because of their bravery but because of the backup they enjoy from foreign land. While Nnamdi Kanu was preaching from faraway London about a new ogbunigwe that no power on earth could withstand, people called him unprintable names claiming he cannot do anything to Nigeria. He promised to destroy Nigeria and make the country worst than Somalia (war torn area). The Nigeria government and people instead of equipping themselves intellectually, they equipped their soldiers with more guns and bullets, tightened up security in all parts of Biafra land and Nigeria. They were expecting a "Kanu" with trailers filled with ammunitions and war material, but then they failed to appreciate the fact that we are in the 21st century, they were still so much drunk with the so called victory of 1967-70. They were busy dreaming of another General Ojukwu becoming angry and going into the field with his shotgun. They were seeing Biafrans running short of ammunitions, they were dreaming of more young girls to capture and turn to sex slave. they were saying " let Nnamdi Kanu come up with it, we will enjoy this game once more". The Hausa/ Fulanis and their masters never believed that this generation of Biafrans is so much prepared to explore all other peaceful means to have an independent Biafra nation. They were ignorant of the fact that there are more weapons in this modern age greater than guns, bullets and tanks. That weapon is the Nnamdi Kanu Bucket. We are focused now on another dangerous and cancerous weapon of warfare that only kills those standing on its way to freedom. The primary aim of Nnamdi Kanu Bucket is to go straight to the heart of darkness itself and pierce through like a double-edged sword. It kills the ailing structure and weakens that very system through which the evil men derive their power.

Boycotting of Nigeria organized elections in Biafra is aimed to destroy the powers of the evil men without raising a gun or grenade. A simple sit-at-home protest has nothing to do with violence but it destroys faster than any bullet can ever do. Nnamdi Kanu is introducing something new to the world, the gravity at which he is destroying Nigeria without violence shows clearly that what the people had lacked over the years is someone who can sincerely stand his ground and dare to do something different. Erudite Nigerian politicians and professors are all caught in the game, they never envisaged that the people will have so much awareness of the evil that is happening in their beloved "kingdom" and that may as well define their shameful utterances in defence of their shame. The wiser among them decides to keep mute while the loud mouths kept vomiting things that tickles the ear, but the fact remains that the Nnamdi Kanu Bucket is here to purge Biafra land and every part of Nigeria out of evil, set the people free from bondage and also teach the people that there are thousands of peaceful means of settling matters before resorting to violence.

it is very important that our people understand the role and needs of boycotting election in a democratic dispensation as we clamor for the restoration of Biafra. Most of our elders have continually advised that there is no need for another war for the sake of the restoration of Biafra. We must be reminded that it is incumbent on us to boycott the election and not engage in any form of disruption to avoid confrontations that risk violence. The Nnamdi Kanu Bucket comes with righteous intentions, nonviolent means and the desire to communicate the need of the people and that is our greatest catalysts. In essence, we have been voting for a long time and have gotten no positive returns from those we elected into power. It is up to every Biafran to recognize his own higher power and save it only for REFERENDUM.

Godwin Chinedu and Odirachinma Ezeobi are stating clearly that the truth must be preached no matter how hard it may be. The hard truth in summary is that Nigerian government is so weak that they resolve to lies so as to cover the truth about the real essence of election boycott. The hard truth is that the Nigeria and her conspirators never envisaged that there could be more dangerous but legal means towards the balkanization of the entity called Nigeria. Nigeria concentrated all its might towards violence which is the only language the country understands most. Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB have not only taught Nigeria a lesson but proved to the world beyond all reasonable doubt that there are other means of fighting even the worst humans on earth aside violence. He is introducing systems that had been in the law but never explored because many were only conscious of applying violence. We hail the Nnamdi Kanu Bucket that has got nothing to do with destruction of lives but destruction of ailing systems through diplomacy and legality.

 Edited by Chima Onyekachi
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