By Chigozirim Enoch - TBP August 24, 2017

Most at times some mind deluded individuals just wake up and decide to be famous without making good use of their senses of what it takes to be in that glorious stage in life.

I have observed with keen interest that most of them choose this part of slandering reputable individuals with probity characteristics all in a bid to get rich quick, fast not minding the havoc they must have caused to the person and the society by generating falsehood where not necessary.

It has now become a trending topic that people of all caliber are been engage to do this hatchet job of casting aspersions on right minded individuals; What do this set of people do? First they are been instructed by their pay masters in Abuja and Lagos to speak and write jargons against the Indigenous people of Biafra and her leadership just to draw unnecessary attention by berating IPOB.

We at IPOB have observed that Mr. Joe Igbokwe the Lagos slave boy cum man is one amongst these infamous individuals who are currently on the government pay roll for this job. First thing to ask or have in mind pertaining to this unholy act of slander is; who is Joe Igbokwe to slander the movement of indigenous of Biafra while he lives in his Lagos comfort to determine the fate of the anguish dying Biafrans in their respective homes? What do Joe Igbokwe have against Nnamdi Kanu [Ohamadike 1 of Biafra] while he lives in his comfort zone in Lagos. We have seen how foolish a man can be who goes around bragging how he made it in Lagos State and how he help develop Lagos State as a servant to the owners of that land.

This family man called Joe Igbokwe should bury his face in shame because he lack guts and have no balls under him as a man to talk when men that matters engage in all important discussions; Joe Igbokwe developed Lagos State but was unable to develop his biological home land, his people are there in his village dying in abject poverty as a result of unfair treatment meted out on them by the Nigerian government and the best advice Joe Igbokwe can give them all is to abandon their homes and sojourn to Lagos for greener pastures.

Is something not wrong with this man sense of reasoning? So Joe Igbokwe expect or wants us all to drop the agitation for Biafra and come to Lagos State to get things right; instead of this man to challenge the government and ask questions why his people are being treatment in this manner rather chose to fan the embers of sycophancy for the government appraisal. I say shame to you Joe Igbokwe.

I doubt that this man is enlightened or learned as he claims because everything is obtainable in Nigeria hence you have your money, you get whatever you want; this confusionist failed to cite or tell us where the constitution of Nigeria that he claims to love and cherish so much set a ban on individuals from traveling to any part of the country if they so wish; When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was granted bail, was he also restricted from travelling to states within the country? The answer is No!.

I wish to question Mr. Joe Igbokwe, Is freedom of movement not a fundamental human right in any given country? I hope the answer to this question is yes but if the answer is otherwise; what is Joe Igbokwe doing in Lagos State?. Joe Igbokwe has failed to enlighten us a bit further if his so much love Lagos state is a foreign land yet or not before he opened his mouth to warn Nnamdi Kanu not to step-in his foot in Lagos State. I hope the general public can see a confused man yapping rubbish because he sees himself as the core-owner of Lagos State where he can dictate for us all, Joe Igbokwe should know that for now Lagos State is under the Nigeria federation until Biafra comes through referendum by then his warning can stand.

Joe Igbokwe should also know that not even the governor of Lagos state has the right to halt nor stop Nnamdi Kanu from entering Lagos State as being stipulated in the Nigeria constitution. With this exposure to educate this Lagos fanatic old man that lacks knowledge who is he [Joe Igbokwe] to threaten our fearless lion not to enter Lagos State

t will be at his best interest to give his old ass a seat and watch helplessly since he has been sold to Lagos and Nigeria at large as a slave boy; If Joe Igbokwe is as matured as his age, he should have asked himself this simple questions, how many Arewa elders condemned the quit notice given to the Biafrans residents in the northern parts of Nigeria to evict their land?

How many Arewa elders neither restricted their Hausa-Fulani herdsmen from entering Biafra land nor were bold enough to condemn them in public places over this their incessant killings? Joe Igbokwe should have ask some sitting governors that gave such threats to Nnamdi Kanu what happened when he Kanu defiled their inglorious threats that he should not step-in his foot their various States.

For Mr. Joe Igbokwe best interest as a Lagosian he called himself and as a slave boy should desist from making provocative statements that will make him a escape goat before his people of Anambra and Biafra as a nation; I repeat, this slave boy named Joe Igbokwe should stay clear off IPOB activities since he has nothing profitable to offer for the emergence of this holy nation Biafra .
Published/Edited  by : Anyi Kings 
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