Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke For (TBP)
24TH August 2017

Ojukwu is no more here to defend the lies against him or facilitate truth; the worst scenario is taking advantage of the dead. Buhari can do anything or say anything to change the position of Biafrans; even though it needs cloned Ojukwu to address them. The only option we have on the table is to use the standard of the late war lord to ascertain what he really discussed with Buhari. This is a man that relentlessly fought to give his people the best; even to the point of taking up arms and forfeiting his glamorous military career.

However, after the war; Ojukwu continued a political sojourn to make sure his people were not relegated to mere slaves; knowing that the major objective of the war was not reached, he needed post war actions like reintegration. He cannot go back to the battlefield and neither can he continue to agitate; the only option was to continue to meet relevant figures in Nigeria to fashion or make life bearable for his people. Visits took him round Nigeria; to some, he made the move because his absence may encourage actions against his people. His mission was to prepare for his demise; make the land fertile and make bridges for his people. Buhari was not the only head of state Ojukwu met since after the war.

Coming back from London and delivering his first speech in a purported recorded broadcast; Buhari made it clear that Ojukwu visited him in Daura and agreed with him that Nigeria will be united. This claim has received knocks from the people of Biafra who are virtually tired of Nigeria. For the first time; I want to agree with Buhari that Ojukwu visited him in 2003 and they really discussed but he may have only picked what he wanted out of the numerous discussions he held with Ojukwu

Many people doubted Buhari’s claim; one facebook user had urged me to believe that Buhari saw Ojukwu during his stay in London; he noted that Buhari’s ill health took a dangerous dimension to the extent that he died and resurrected. When he died; he met Ojukwu and they discussed but that he lied against Ojukwu. “Ojukwu told him that it is about time Nigeria stopped sucking the blood of his people”
Another was of the belief that he lied against Ojukwu over whatsoever they discussed; he claimed that whatsoever Buhari said now cannot be trusted because since Biafra agitation began and Ojukwu was alive; he could not say a word. He posited that had Ojukwu said such thing; Muhammadu Buhari would have made it open in 2004 and not when Ojukwu had gone and cannot defend whatsoever he claimed.
This issue has forced Buhari to release video of his meeting with Ojukwu and a screenshot of the news in print; Buhari can rest because he has provided enough evidence. There was never a time I would doubt Buhari’s meeting with Ojukwu, what I would doubt was the claim of what they discussed. As a gentleman; I expect proper understanding of my position. Buhari cannot rightly wait until Ojukwu died before saying he said that Nigeria must be united. Nigeria has been shaking since 1999 till date; if Buhari did not say this when Ojukwu was alive, he should as well keep it and discuss it with Ojukwu just very soon. We are all certain that Buhari will join Ojukwu in no distant time; he has accomplished everything and his life will be celebrated after his imminent demise.

Ojukwu’s precedent speaks louder than anything Buhari could claim; this is a man that was well positioned in the military but forfeited his position for the sake of the safety and well-being of his people. He took up arms and went to the extreme in order to defend his people; he fought and invested all his wealth to save his people being massacred in the North and every part of Nigeria. He never regretted any of his actions hence they were solely to the benefit of the people of Biafra. This summed up the love Ojukwu has for his people; we need no prophet to tell us that Ojukwu would always fight for his people wherever he goes. The meeting with Buhari was not an exception; it is yet to fight for the well-being of his people.

Ojukwu had a meeting with Buhari but in his absence; Buhari only tried to take advantage of what they discussed. Buhari can go on and on and tell the world how his meeting with Ojukwu ended with the agreement to keep Nigeria united but may not be able to go on and on and tell the world everything Ojukwu came to discuss with him.

Ojukwu may have said Nigeria will remain one upon some conditions which Buhari admitted but virtually failed to live up to it till this day. Ojukwu could not have okayed united Nigeria with giving his people 5% attention and 95% to the North. Ojukwu could not have okayed united Nigeria with sacking his people and making North service chiefs- a blatant nepotism. Ojukwu could not have okayed one Nigeria with killing of his people on daily basis for peaceful protest. Ojukwu could not have okayed one Nigeria with no infrastructure seen in Eastern region. He could not admitted one Nigeria with environmental pollution of Delta state, imo state and others in Biafra land as a result of oil exploration. He could not have accepted one Nigeria with thetotal negligence of the territory he fought for.
As a matter of fact; Ojukwu would rather lead the war for the restoration of Biafra had he been alive to witness the sufferings of his people and this level of marginalization currently meted on them. Biafra restoration would have taken armed dimension had Ojukwu been alive to see how Biafrans are murdered on daily basis. Ojukwu would have confronted the soldiers who declared operation python dance and destroyed Biafrans at Nkpor. Ojukwu is a soldier that won’t even endure as much as Nnamdi Kanu has endured.

Buhari can go on and on to tell the world the agreement he had with Ojukwu because he is no longer alive to affirm or oppose it but the precedents of His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu entirely opposed what Buhari claimed. Yes Ojukwu agreed to a united Nigeria only if his people remained relevant and their rights respected. He agreed on a united Nigeria if infrastructures and the money gotten from their land are used to help their existence. He agreed to one Nigeria if his people were not marginalized and given sense of belonging in the Nigerian federation.
Buhari can be rest assured that there is no alternative to Biafra, Biafra will be restored n peace or pieces!

Published/Edited  by : Anyi Kings 
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