Biafra: Mistakes Of Predecessors; Can Nigerian Acting President Yemi Osinbajo Do Same?

By kelechi Okorie - TBP
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IPOB Supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
As adage says “one who is not present where a corpse is buried exhumes it from the leg”, when one is ignorant of his problems, solution becomes a costly commodity. Unscrupulous elements both from Northern and Western parts of Nigeria calling /making assassination attempts and  re-arrest of Nnamdi kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra respectively, ought to have used their tongue to count their teeth on their previous executive blunder.

Yemi Osinbajo, Nigerian Acting President, is not the first to pilot the highest position in Nigeria public office, those mistakes intentionally and ignorantly embarked upon by previous dead-brain-claimed leaders that thrown Nigerians into untold hardship that displace millions in their comfort homes to refugee camps in their own country without remedy till date might be a tip of iceberg on what is to come if Nigerian government is not careful. Lets no politician deceive you, to jaw jaw is better than to war war. Western world is well developed and advanced because of their decretive ways of managing delicate national issues with diplomacy unlike, Nigeria that believes in iron fist policy.

Dichotomy, hatred between Biafra and Nigeria became severe after, then Military Head of State Yakubu Gowan, flaunted Aburu Acord agreement held in Ghana to decentralize powers to various regions which led to genocidal war that killed more than 5million of Biafrans with the aid of then British Prime Minister Wildrow Wilson.

It seems Nigerian government learnt nothing from it; execution of Yusuf Mohammed, a radical Islamic leader now metamorphoses to Boko Haram, has not thought them a lesson. Nigerian government could have averted the untimely dead of million had it been appropriate measures were taken. Buhari came to power thinking crushing Biafrans with air bombardment, killing, illegal detention and torture could calm the agitation without knowing he adds salt to wound given more rooms for Biafra restoration to her timeline.

Lagos state governor Akinwumi Ambode threatened to thrown Nnamdi Kanu, into KiriKiri prison if he visits Lagos, shows his history deficiency and archaic nature of reasoning. Lord “Ambode” and serf “Joe Judas Igbokwe” master’s servant relationships could be the reason the happy hungry slave boy living in Lagos threaten to assassinate IPOB leader. Perhaps, very disheartening anything comes to Nigeria is contaminated; a professor subjected his academic acquisition so low he could not distinguished referendum from war at this contemporary world.

Referendum/plebiscite is a modern methodology for boundary adjustment and internal conflict resolution. Group of persons (El Rufai) planning to kill or re-arrest Kanu, must apply caution and revisit Nigeria sham constitution where Fundamental Human Rights were boldly analyzed. Aisha Buhari, visited Owe-eri Capital City of Imo State in Biafraland, she was neither restricted nor attempted to be killed; she enjoys both freedom of movement, association and right to life. The same way Yoruba pastors ceaselessly troop in Biafraland to preach and extort money from Biafrans without harassment or molestation not to talk of assassination.

If Nnamdi kanu, decides to pay visit to any state so be it, no constitutional backing against his freedom of movement within Nigerian territory. Invariably, should Nigeria attempts to touch his life as they are clamoring now their eyes might see their ear at when due, if Biafrans can sustain a war three years with bare hands, how much more now Biafrans are technologically wizards.

A word is enough for the wise!

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