By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
August 6, 2017

Like a trance it came and people were running and scampering for safety; I opened my eyes and it was real, looking strangely at my ceiling; a rotating fan stopped and the ceiling disappeared with the roof, it was a world, a free world but faced with distress. I stretched legs out of my blanket; the cold morning coupled with the lost fan could not pierce a bit. I could sense some breeze being forced down but the actor was not in sight.

I startled on my 4 by 6 cushion bed; the bed case made a slight screech; I would not jump down but mindfully rested my legs on the ceramic tarred floor. Then that world was real; my sight and my head weren’t deceiving me and I could feel and touch reality even though I had thought I lost a touch with it.

The bathroom was fixed and my double gas burner will do a good job; I would convince myself with touching my wall and few house chores. Then off my home; to meet a friend at our popular joint; I prefer spirit to a regular beer because my head is too thin to contain a bottle. The magic with spirit is a sip after each thirty minutes keeps me going. A whisky; not that milky one but sometimes I love café rhum and my best remains pure whisky.

My friend is a talkative; I love loquacious friends because boredom respects them so much, the issue is Biafra agitation, he had breaking news. Some men raided Nigerian military barrack and carted away with weapons; the identity of the men are yet to be known. Militants are known for pipeline destructions and some have made it clear that they are with the people in their demand for a referendum but those raiders are unknown or neither have they disclosed their reason for the raid.

Two days later; he came with the news, the raiders have threatened to do more until the demand for referendum which was made by the leader of IPOB is implemented. Like Niger Delta Avengers; the raiders seem to be the people’s army. I quickly thought of the reaction from Nnamdi Kanu who doesn’t subscribe to violence; he is handicapped because he can’t stop people on track simply because they are coming from a violent dimension.

Nigerian government has already prepared her soldiers and deployed to the affected areas; the agitation for the sovereign state of Biafra is an inclusive one and the life of every Biafra is at risk.

They have started to see every Biafran as a rebel and those seen with Biafra flags or gathering anywhere is shot to death. The hatred is multiplying and there seems to be a systematic ethnic cleansing; the raiders are scorpions; they sting and retreat. There is news of attack; military checkpoint is often under attack and everything has finally dawned. What they feared is upon them; Somalia will be better than Nigeria is pushed to the edge.

Public peace could not be maintained as referendum failed; the people of Biafra have finally embraced their vow “Biafra or Death”. They just announced Biafra and the statehood of Biafra have finally been restored. Nigerian government would definitely react and like a predestined act; another full blown war is likely going to break out.

The state of Biafra was officially announced because there is need to fight for a flag than fight under slavery and as independent state; her people can be protected and international negotiations and lobbying can be independently done. The people of Biafra have no option but to face their fate; the sword never departs from the house of Israel.

Military conquest had begun and the people of Biafra has a duty to defend her people and territory but conscious of what happened to them, they resolved to wage war at their various boundaries and often attack from the boundary.

Northerners were at their best; hunting down and killing Eastern people in the North and here in Eastern Nigeria, Northerners are killed and mass return was the cord. It is now a civil war but would eventually stop when people might have migrated to their various indigenous regions. One month after; migration is over and the battle settled outside the cities and where civilians won’t be hurt or killed, the strong will come back victorious.

Gripped by the fear of social media and the possible intervention of civilized world who felt she has taken more than required to have stretched an issue referendum could have solved into civil war, Nigeria decided to face the armed men that would eventually win them. They are guerrillas camped at the bother and attack from there, well equipped and trained, like their fathers; they ruthlessly protected their restored nation.

Everything has stopped working in Nigeria; inter-state business, the political arena is in disarray; the three major tribes have their differences and could not bury them. The North seems to be the major people executing the war while West somehow believes in separation without bloodshed. Politicians are gripped by fear; who knows who would be charged with war crimes after the saga. Everybody must trade cautiously because this is a computer age; not 1967 everything went against innocent people of Biafra.

Sympathy was on the side of Biafra; Israel, USA, Turkey and host of other nations have followed the situation right from 2015 and nobody would tell them those lies Britain told in 1967, they will surely react to their conscience. There was no air, sea and land blockade, there were no restrictions of any kind, it is a just world monitoring a justified war.

Destruction of Nigeria was beyond limit; Nigeria kills Biafra and Biafra kills Nigeria, Eastern Nigeria soldiers began to pull from the military because there is a stake against them in the military. The war was gaining momentum; government owned infrastructures were the primary target of sheer provocation.

Suddenly; international community started to feel irresponsible and decided to wade into the Biafra issue; they have asked Nigerian government to succumb to a referendum but they still persisted and the option became to further arm Biafra militias. Biafra diplomats consistently and vigorously lobbied; take the oil but leave us with our territory to become what we want to become; we don’t have interest in oil but our future. That was the simple message of Biafra diplomats and it went down well for them that the war raged on with them on top.

The anger of what their parents passed through in 1967 was their source of inspiration and they fought aggressively to avenge and revenge everything. The onslaught was immense and history was determined to teach Nigeria a lesson hence she thrived in the euphoria of 1967 victory without hope the luck will dawn on them again. This is the most aggressive war ever recorded in history; even when a Biafran soldier is shot; he struggles to make sure he kills his attacker before he gives us.

Two months after; there is intervention and the call for referendum soared; the people of Biafra rejected the call and urged Nigeria to accept defeat in a military battle. The tone changed abruptly; the people begging for a referendum persisted on war.

Biafra has just been declared a sovereign state after their victory which followed UN monitored referendum to decide the wish of the people.

I quickly jumped up from my bed and it was what I saw in a trance.

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