Written By Amara Nwoko - TBP
August 06, 2017

Supreme Leader of IPOB
The civil war has ended though not a good result on the side of the Biafrans; the chief frontier of the Biafra cause has joined his ancestors in the great beyond, in-search of who will replace him true Biafra sons and daughters sought for another true leader; in their search for a truthful leader surfaced Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the chosen one who would carry this vision of Biafra restoration until it is being achieved.

Not quite long after the popularity and acceptability of the indigenous people of Biafra under the leadership of our Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; there has been constant outcry in all the nooks and crannies of the Nigeria Federation whether for Biafrans to remain or leave the Nigerian system. Gradually it became a matter of national interest and that of international observers.

This sudden movement by the indigenous people of Biafra that has spread like a wildfire began with a radio broadcasts by a noble Biafran [Nnamdi Kanu] in London to be precise; although he was not taken serious mainly the Nigerian Government until he came back from his aboard in London and was ridiculed by President Mohammadu Buhari who ordered the DSS to arrest him in a Gestapo style; Mohammadu Buhari imprisoned him incommunicado made it clear to his followers that this move employed by Mohammadu Buhari was no child's play.

Well, no child's play indeed! The words of this great man and unfolding realities has made it a matter to be considered seriously. The call for freedom! Someone may ask does it mean there has been slavery going on? What slavery is greater than been a victim of any social unrest? What slavery is greater than been a Fourth class citizen in a country you call your own? What slavery is greater than our youths been marginalized in the name of using quota system during admission, scholarship programmes and recruitments? Our people are been slaughtered often and the government did nothing over it till date and nobody was arrested uptil now.

The present Fulani herders butchering was just a mirage compared to the killings that had been going on before and after Nigeria got her independence from the British Government; with this situations of series of killing and blood letting embarked upon by the Nigerian Government and British acolytes demands that the call for freedom from Nigeria is justifiable.

Let's take a critical look at the ills of quota system; Adamu from Adamawa and Nkechi from Imo State applied for Law, Adamu is offered admission based on Quota System, graduates and becomes a lawyer then a SAN while Nkechi struggles to pass JAMB and eventually graduates later. She's most times smarter but had to go through hassles towards becoming a lawyer. Shall we continue in such level of marginalisation? Amidst of all these, what manner of persons ought to be quiet and swallow his/her mucus in the face of the enemy just for peace of the grave to reign? How long shall the average sons and daughters of our fathers stay aloof? It's time to awake from slumber and speak out for our freedom and that of our generations unborn.

Shortly after the civil war which was referred to as a genocidal war; the Nigerian Government brought up the 3Rs[Reconstruction, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation] initiatives of no victor no vanquished to which no structure was set in place and adequately enforced towards making that a reality till date. We have been lied to, deceived and unlawfully treated disdainfully by the same Government that fought against people who their desires was to be free from deaths. The government has been a sham since she failed the Biafrans on this course.

Couples do divorce based on irreconcilable differences and not to talk of Nigeria that we consider never to have given our consent to, nor were our fathers consented before the British lumped them together with Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani for economic purposes.

Shall we look at restructuring which was shamelessly trashed out by the Nigerian Senate especially the Northern hegemony? Some of us felt we have a say in Nigeria or considered to be part of her making-up but we wake-up every day to face reality that we are not needed in the Nigeria system no matter how they will pretend; take a look again the East development commission bill was trashed out like a garbage by the Northerners.

Nigeria live in fear of the future and unknown; Nigeria lacks what it takes to build a powerful nation in whole of West Africa but the Biafrans has learned alot from Israeli people and her Government whom they share a lot in common.
These are the words of Prime Minister of Israel President Benjamin Netanyhu . "Only 70years ago we were led to slaughter house, the Jews were almost exterminated by the combined forces of the world yet we became a nation in 1948, had a desert as a country. Had no resources, no army, no air force, nothing to reckon with, surrounded by enemies but grew in the midst of lack and distress".

One thing was necessary that which bond them, their mental prowess ability to create things and their God. We all have these and even much more. In Ezeani Emefiele's book titled "In Biafra Africa died" a major incite into our ability to create and prosper as a nation was thwarted by the cruel and wicked world yet since the genocidal war ended our Aba brothers are making us proud. The situation of Biafra is far better compared to that of Israel but today in history Israel is strong and developed; she is one of the Nation's the world at large cannot ignore.

Sons and daughters of our ancestors! Shall we fold our hands and let this golden opportunity given to us by Chukwu-Abiama eludes us? I forbid it for us, therefore we must arise and speak with one powerful and unwavering voice for referendum to be conducted in Biafra lands to determine and decide our collective fates.  

The Hausa-Fulani oligarchy once said the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable, but we must prove them wrong through our unrestrained quest for referendum to take its place in a democratic settings of ours; or maybe Nigeria only practice democracy in the pages of newspapers and practices dictatorial system of Government in reality as only times shall tell and expose this hypocrisy.

Dear Biafra! Biafra! Land of the rising sun. See her wait for her children. See her wave at us with great expectations and enthusiasms. Should we let confusion and divisions amongst us belittle her? Should we allow our children be harassed and treated disdainfully because we failed to come up together? We must therefore arise in our various professions and speak with one voice for that is nationhood.

The call for Biafra to be restored is the call for Referendum to take her place in our decisions and not a call for war as many unguided elements are displaying their lack of proper and right education in our day to day affairs as there are needs for these illiterate brains to go back to school and acquire the right meaning of war and referendum is all about.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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