By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 12, 2017

Multitudes of Biafrans welcome the leader of IPOB; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at Onitsha
At this stage; this call for referendum is the monster that would make or mal the most populace African country. Take the call and make Nigeria, reject the call and mal Nigeria- this is the end of the road. The monster that would spark another terrible history in Nigeria before bringing her to fatality has been announced.

No-election will be effective but Nigeria would try to discredit it; they would say boycotting election will not bring us into conformity and IPOB will say Biafra or Death. Radicals might view it as a time to migrate to the ‘Death’ vow.

If Nigeria opposes referendum; with the fragility of this agitation, another Niger Delta Avengers may surface but with a different mission and approach. The emergence of another Niger Delta Avengers that would raid and demand referendum would lead to full blown war. Let us chase the black sheep before dusk.

Finally; the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra openly called for a referendum, he waited three years to officially make the call. There was no way the call could have been this effective had he made it casually but as someone that knows what is obtainable and what is not in Nigeria, he made the call with a most thrusting case.

“There would be no more election in Biafra land starting with Anambra state until they give a date for Biafra referendum” he eagerly said.

“Ohamadike 1; Nwa Chineke” millions of people that had gathered on the day of the declaration at Umuahia shouted. The crowd gives him momentum and the belief that once IPOB makes a case, they see it off. No-election will not be an exception; the people will heed to that call while wailers shed tears.

They know what he is capable of; he doesn’t take back his words; he is a kind of leader that would chose death over prevarication. His people have no fear or doubt; he would restore Biafra because he is a dogged and determined freedom fighter.

IPOB has maintained peaceful agitation since inception; have not shown any sign of violence, fighting civilly and they deserve commendation. Sitting at home; protesting in the face of death, inter-state procession and all kinds of civil disobedience and direct ‘legal’ confrontation have been used to press home their demand. The striking one is election boycott; the people shall boycott election to press home their demand for referendum.

That is the height of their determination; everything goes for Biafra to be restored, what do you expect from peaceful people? Nigerian government will have it hot; this election boycott will further show the world that IPOB are poised to determine their political existence.

To Nigerian government; they have picked offence; Nnamdi Kanu is showing a kind of determination that will take death to stop. They have tried to bribe him, lobby him, plead to him, harass him, jail him but he kept saying Biafra or Death. To Nigerian government; his call for referendum is a spark of war because they won’t succumb.
Nigerian government has refused to follow civil path by means of defining referendum; peaceful agitation for self determination is a civil matter and the civil solution is referendum, which is one of the major tenets of democracy being practiced in Nigeria.

Referendum is today a global practice set aside to avert crisis or war; it is very clear that once one rejects referendum, there is likelihood of war. Rejecting referendum can be disastrous and by so doing, Nigeria is sparking second civil war.

War, war, fight a war, defeat our army and get your referendum; even a Nigerian professor believes that a call for referendum is anchored on war.  Nigerian elites are now tired; they believe Nnamdi Kanu has gone out of control and needs to be stopped. To them; if he is not stopped, he would eventually secure referendum or as he chose not to be violent- he may motivate or cause radicals to push a second civil war to achieve Biafra.

Even from Nigerian government; they have suggested that there must be war for referendum to be accepted by them. That is the height of her timidity; even while her master Britain had conducted two referendums, Nigeria still wallow in foolishness.

When determined people make a case for referendum and it was not given, they take their peaceful/civil approach for weakness; the next option could be terrible. Nigerian government may have crossed their mind that instead of referendum, they would fight a second civil war with Biafrans.

It takes civilization or globalization to conduct referendum but in a case Nigeria is uncivilized country, what will likely be the outcome of this demand? Except referendum is conducted; Nigeria may be doomed because Biafrans don’t show sign of retreat.

Nnamdi Kanu has released a significant bullet that is believed would disorganize Nigeria; by the time election is successfully boycotted, emergency rule or constitutional crisis will take effect. No matter what one may think; aftermath of election boycott will favor IPOB.

However; Nigerian government is planning on how the bullet will be defended, they need the help of saboteurs and maybe import Nigerians to stage manage elections. They would fight hard to make sure that something is done to avoid disorganizing the country. Their money will flow and everything they have will go into this battle for them to be able to contain it.

At this juncture; determination will meet determination and it would cause a spark that nobody knows what it would light. Something must burn; the spark will ignite it but nobody knows what it might be. Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB may never go into violence but would not fight unadulterated violent agitators from anywhere hence it is for the restoration of Biafra.

Nigeria is trying the patience of the people of Biafra who believe that common sense would prevail; their election boycott is an extreme tool but in a situation election is boycotted and Nigeria keeps being persistent, the agitation might snowball into full blown crisis.

Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB may forever continue to be peaceful but might not control the extremists that would be born in a situation peace is taken for weakness. The determination of the people would collide with the insensitivity of Nigerian government and a spark may lead to disaster.

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