By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 12, 2017

A Biafran holding a photo of Nnamdi Kanu; Supreme leader of IPOB
When Aburi accord failed; Nigeria could no longer hold and Ojukwu declared Biafra as an independent nation but Gowon assembled his army; ready to attack and conquer that newly created nation. Three years later; that to-be-wonderful nation that is jealous of her citizens collapsed, the army entrusted with protection of the nation surrendered on the basis of no victor, no vanquish.

Nigeria found it a thing of joy murdering Biafrans; pogroms and jealousy beclouded their sense of judgment. The hard working nature of a Biafran was viewed as domineering act; he could not do anything as hatred festered. Northernization was in place but it never stopped the rays of the half of a yellow sun.

History was to be made; as Eastern Nigeria could no longer stay in one united Nigeria, they sought for a better and stronger Nigeria before the conference in Ghana that is popularly known as Aburi Accord. The conference would diversify power under one Nigeria and every region would happily manage itself.

Aburi accord failed and the people of Eastern Nigeria went out of control, pleading Ojukwu to declare Biafra and they are ready to defend it with everything they have. The people had heaped their hope on that conference; but when Gowon announced his rejection, hope seems to have drifted away and to die saving their future became a glorious thing.

The world is still blossoming as at 1960s; the Charter on the rights of Indigenous People has not been established, one fighting for nationhood must get arms and battle. Like Nnamdi Kanu; Ojukwu never wanted war, he believed that debate and dialogue can solve our problems. Aburi conference was initiated; that is the solution to avoiding violence but it failed and crisis took over 5 million lives.

Fifty years later; history is repeating itself, the killing has been on, Boko Haram destroying them, Sharia hunting them down, Government attacking them, Biafrans are species of terror and they are under extinction once more.

They are saying today that had Gowon accepted that Aburi Accord; life would have been better for Biafra and Nigeria. They would be one Nigeria but different regions with equal opportunity, a President will focus on international scene and issues, leaving the people to internally decide their future.

Aburi Accord failed and the war failed as well; Nigeria refused to learn her lessons, still living in the euphoria of the war, they never knew that the children of Ojukwu would someday start from where he failed. Ojukwu was in search of solution; more a medicine to a sick Nigeria so that it could live and serve her citizens.

2007 declaration on the rights of Indigenous People that Nigeria was signatory to and by virtue of that domesticated it- in the sense that it is part and parcel of Nigerian constitution. Upon that declaration; Nnamdi Kanu founded the legitimacy of his agitation. To save his people from death; economic and political strangulation- the same thing Ojukwu fought for.

Civilization and internationals laws have made freedom fighting easy; one must not today fight and defeat an army to get freedom; by means referendum, a nation can be created. Indigenous People have right to self determination and as a matter of fact, an untouchable right.

Like Ojukwu’s Ghana conference- Aburi Accord; Nnamdi Kanu has called for referendum as a solution to the current agitation. We lost Ojukwu’s passionate call; that chance to make Nigeria a great nation and before our eyes, Nigeria failed and became a worthless entity. The child of Ojukwu- Nnamdi Kanu has made a bigger call we must heed or suffer same fate.

No matter how opposing you may view this call for referendum; it is nothing less than what Ojukwu did to save Nigeria from this her present situation. Everything has upgraded in this generation; the call upgraded, the implication will upgrade and the result in advent of violence will upgrade.

History is repeating itself; we are walking into oblivion; Syria might be a paradise compared to the situation Nigeria will be if we fail to heed the call for referendum. If referendum fails; Nnamdi Kanu may not opt for war but radicals and extremists will take Nigeria to 1967 to make a full repeat of history.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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