By Remy Mmaduakolam Chukwuemeka
July 12, 2017

Let me begin by saying that this article is not in any way meant to spite or look down on or insult Igbo leaders, no, but to point out what they have not been able to see as foolishness on their part. We all know that this saying had been in existence for generations now - "Ignorance is not an excuse in the court of law." Even the Almighty God enjoins every one to have knowledge in order not to be caught off guard in the web of ignorance. Because of this He says in His Word, the bible, "In times of ignorance I overlook but now I command men to repent." There is another saying that goes thus - ignorance is another form of foolishness. So when people are ignorant of what good thing they are supposed to do and not allowing the ones that know to properly inform them, it can be likened or ascribed as foolishness to them. There is an adage in Igbo land that says, "Ejeka m ije ka onye isi awo ihe mara." Meaning to say a traveller or one who traverses cities, States or Countries knows far better than an elderly man who sits at home. But let me place it side by side - there is something to learn from the traveller by the elderly man and there is something for the traveller to learn from the elderly man in that category; learning from both parties positive things that are workable which can usher in positive results at the end.

It is also pertinent to point out that a man may know a great deal and yet not wise because wisdom is the right application of knowledge (the information at ones disposal) to a situation perhaps ugly. It is not enough to gather information, the information gathered need to be applied to get at results. All motion without movement is as good as no motion at all. The crop of Igbo leaders we have today know a great deal. They indeed have information at their back. Most of them read well in schools they attended home and abroad. They see themselves as refined and defined but upon all these, they lack wisdom. They have vehemently and bluntly refused to lay down the variety of knowledge acquired over the years via learning and through experiences to the imbroglio at hand in our land as it concerns and relates to Igbo man. It is still unimaginable how one can be so unconsciously fearful to allow moribund fear grip him so tight that he would prefer slavery to freedom just because he thinks he'll loose every thing he'd worked for in life. This kind of mindset has kept those leaders at bay to how they ought to think and or behave.

When is a man said to be foolish? The answer is when he is not making a constructive use of the knowledge at his disposal; when what is known is only for knowledge sake then foolishness is at the highest order. Even religiously it is said you can't have faith if you don't have sense. Wisdom as I said earlier is applied knowledge, so for anyone to claim he has faith without the right sense to do what he's supposed or ought to do in any given situation, he is playing without knowing. This is how this crop of Igbo leaders have been playing pranks with the lives of Igbo people without the slightest knowledge they are doing so.

This is where Mazi Nnamdi Kanu comes into play. All of them are men. All of them acquired knowledge in their different feilds of discipline. Some of them have traversed cities, States and Countries alike but only one man chose to make a difference. He saw a situation that needed the application of the lnowledge he acquired and he pronto rightly applied it to it. He saw that what he knows if applied can salvage the Igbo nation and quickly with time culminate in freedom, he decided to key in at once; without delay. That is wisdom at play.

It is not good to beat war drums or go to war as it is now in Nigeria but we have to remember there can never be peace without war. However, when people hear war, what quickly comes to mind is maiming, killing and looting of properties, and that is why people without wisdom will always look out for opportunities to do so without considering who the victim of circumstance would be. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his men had been warring not with ammunitions of any type but with the greatest weapon of truth of which he once said he will sink Nigeria with the truth, and of a truth he is doing it. That is why I believe there is so much fear and discomfort all over Nigeria; chaos in most places, and even among these so called Igbo leaders because they have soiled their hands with proceeds from what they have branded "National Cake."

I read from a 'national daily' the other day what a so called elder statesman in the person of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo said concerning the call going viral on restructuring of Nigeria. He said that groups advocating for Nigeria's restructuring should desist from doing so and ask for a chance to partake in sharing of the national cake. WHAT A SHAME! This has made me to believe more and more that no one among the likes truly believe in Nigeria as a nation though not yet a nation because the quality that makes for a nation is holistically absence, but in Nigeria as a wealth producing machine. They should stop deceiving themselves and do the right thing at the right time. SHAME ON THEM!

This article will not be complete without a mention of Igbo men and women who out of their sweat and hard earned monies helped to develop other parts of Nigeria by building houses and setting up businesses in such places. They are afraid of loosing the properties and so as a result speak little or nothing about leaving such places and coming home. Yes, their plight, stance and condition is understandable. No man will like to loose his property just like that but I like us to still don't forget that any law without punishment is just an advice. However, freedom that will not cost you anything may leave you a rich slave forever. There is no doubt Igbo tribe is the only tribe that truly believe in one Nigeria and with the right motive. Other tribes have one thing or the other in mind shouting one Nigeria; oil, power, control, economy etc. All of these are coming to the open and more in the open because Mazi Nnamdi Kanu arrived the scene to secure freedom for the people.

I have heard people say contrary things about the man I chose to call 'The Living Hero' simply by his utterances and strong assertions aimed solely at revealing hidden truths about the peoples' marginalisation and those sitting on it, and I have this to say to that effect, "if he goes against the good works he'd begun today, God will shove him aside and raise a new leader." This is why it must be known that Biafra is bigger than any one man. It is not a one man project. It is indeed God's Own Project (G.O.P). There are others who came before him but lost their vision and allow themselves to be bought over in the long run; where are they today? This is not a one man thing I repeat. Neither is it a group or organisation thing. It is the peoples' thing. Therefore, it is high time it is understood straight that the voice of the people is the voice of God; people not sponsored by crooked money bag individuals to go against their will.

In conclusion, I urge the so called Igbo leaders to have a rethink and start an unbiased application of the knowledge they have gathered in their different feilds of discipline to the restoration of Biafra which at the end of the day gives every man the freedom once denied. An elder is an elder. A youth is a youth. Both the elder and the youth can learn from each other as I said earlier. Let us lay down elderly ego and youthful pride to enable us arrive at something better and best for us and generations yet unborn for posterity to be kind to us FOREVER.


Please note, as we look forward to seeing the Biafra nation emerge, Jesus Christ is coming back again sooner than you think. Get yourself ready to meet with Him. God bless you.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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