By Godwin Chinedu - TBP
Twitter: @nkem_team100

On our peaceful and democratic call for the total freedom of the Biafran people from Nigeria, many so called Nigerians said that IPOB and her leadership is promoting hate speech and instigating violence, even after a Court of competent jurisdiction made it clear that we the indigenous people of Biafra are law abiding, we begin to wonder when the right for self determination became hate speech and instigating of violent acts.

If it where possible to save Nigeria we the new generation of Biafrans would have championed it, but the truth remains that Nigeria is not workable. Over the years Nigeria has proven to be a failed state that don't have the interest of her citizens in mind. Anybody saying that the indigenous people of Biafra or her leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is promoting violence or hate speech must be hallucinating because we have shown from time immemorial our love and respect for every tribe in Nigeria and Nigeria itself  irrespective of the fact that it (Nigeria) was forcefully and wrongly imposed on us. You will recall that in early 30's a Biafran (DR Nnamdi Azikiwe)
championed the struggle for independence from the colonial masters. Infact history has it that most of the then northern elites fought vigorously hard against the independence of Nigeria. Isn't it ironic how those of them that kicked against the freedom of Nigeria from the British colony now intend to keep Nigeria as one?

Biafrans has as always tried to coalesce with the Hausa/Fulani in the north, but what we get in return is the never ending killings of our people by a supposedly fellow Nigerian. That Nigeria is one today and also been seen as oil-rich country is at our own detriment. Go to southern part of Biafra, Ogoni land for instance and see the level of pollution there, our people no longer venture into farming, no sense of development what so ever in Ogoni land; a place where the money is coming from and the worst of it is that when once we complain the federal government of Nigeria will unleash mayhem on us. I still can't find any way or form that IPOB and her supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu preach or promote hate speech.

Frankly speaking Nigeria and Nigerians own it to IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that today the federal government is talking of restructuring and true federalism after decades of deceit and marginalization. Ever since the war ended Nigeria has been on restructuring; fifty years now what became of it? Even before the war Aburi Accord was there. Just of recent his Excellency president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan fought very hard for true federalism at the 2014 national confab but after then what became of it? It is because of Biafra many evil men today have been given political power and appointment. As we all can see it here in Biafra land, once you agree to work against Biafra, the Buhari led government will appoint you into power be it as governor, House of Rep or any position of your choice. That is why today the so called elites or leaders of thought here in Biafra land are manipulated from the sit of power in Abuja. It is also of no surprise how Biafra turn to be the saviour of men that has committed heinous crimes; you will recall that the Judge (Justice Binta Nyako) who is presiding over Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's case was pressured to jail him for committing no crime or offence known to man/law in exchange for the freedom of her husband (Murtala Nyako) the formal governor of Adamawa state who is on trial for over N40 billion fraud.

It is worthy to note that because of the sacrifice IPOB had made, an average Nigerian have found a voice in this tyranny and dictatorship regime. It because we are involved and that is why they keep saying Nigeria is indivisible. But this same set of hypocrite gave out our brothers from the Bakassi peninsula to the Cameroonian government all in a bid to divide the Biafran family, not minding the opinion or decision of anybody.

We are saying to Nigeria to please put the indivisibility of Nigeria to test; they should allow a referendum if truly they know Nigeria is indivisible because it is not for one man in aso rock to decide the faith of billions of people just the exact way they did in (1999) constitution that was written by one man (General Abdulsalami Abubakar).


Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie



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