By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 11, 2017

1967-1970 pogrom committed to Biafrans by the British inspired- Nigerian forces
Recently; Arewa youths consultative forum issued an order to the old Eastern Nigerian people residence in their region to leave, the notice will expire on first October and whatsoever an obstinate child sees; he would only blame himself. Political leaders have tried to calm the polity by suggesting to the people that the order was made by miscreants and not genuine Arewa Youths. Their effort is to avoid public panic, sustain law and order; because Nigeria would tear into pieces if the polity is heated.

Nigerian political class seems to value Nigeria more than Nigerians; they have failed to investigate the quit notice. No arrest has been made and neither has there been any meaningful action so far; the report that who issued the quite notice has been arrested in Lagos is a caricature.
Reliably; there is a report that the North will go as planned, they are preparing for action and they believe they have been taken for granted and frustrated by the Eastern People with their agitation that have deprived them rest.

The leader of Arewa Youths Consultative forum made it clear last week that they have not dropped the order to quit. Although he said they may review the order; but as far as he is concerned, the order still exists. The factors that pushed them to issue the quit notice must be looked into before any review; yet nothing has been done to shelve the notice.

The order was possibly a reaction to the sit-at-home order which was totally complied; the people of Biafra home and abroad shut their businesses to remember their heroes and press home Biafra demand.

“This year’s Biafra Heroes’ Day is exceptional” says Simeon Green, IPOB camera man covering sit-at-home at Delta State.

The people had suffered state sponsored terrorism in the previous Heroes’ Day when they came out on a peaceful procession but their leader Nnamdi Kanu chose to order his people to sit back at home, possibly to avert another state assault.

Nnamdi Kanu destroyed Nigeria with his Radio Biafra as soon as Muhammadu Buhari pressed the panic button by arresting him. Justice Ademola in his wisdom released Nnamdi Kanu but Buhari opposed the ruling of his court, consequently, he flouted court order and cemented sympathy for Kanu.

The quit notice issued by Arewa Youths Consultative forum brought to end every doubt that Nigeria has fallen apart. Chinue Achebe knew that the centre can never hold when he published his best seller; There Was A Country.

“The President of CAN has been briefed; the North will go as planned with the quit order” a source who doesn’t want his name in the print said. CAN President could not be reached as the time of this report.

“He is busy working underground to make sure Arewa Youths are calmed; but what happens when he fails and Christians are taken by surprise?” the source asked me.
Christians have continued to suffer in the hands of extremists in the Northern part of Nigeria and knowing that Christians are the Eastern Nigerian people, extremists’ actions become more severe because it also has ethnic undertone.

“They should come out with announcement that the North will go as planned so that Christians/Eastern people can get ready for what is to come” the source echoed with frustration.

Meanwhile; some Eastern region leaders are making plans on how they would respond in advent of quit notice action. Series of meetings are ongoing and there could be defensive or offensive measures to save or counter what comes up.

“We are neither fools nor cowards; we know everything they are planning and if they don’t stop, we will respond equally. We cannot keep quiet and watch them continue to suck the blood of our people” the source noted before walking into their meeting hall, Journalists were barred.

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