Written By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
July 15, 2017

A leader who is leading a struggle without followers supporting or having same views and ideologies with him is only but taking a walk. 

In you [Nnamdi Kanu] I am well pleased to write out to humanity over your unrelenting spirit and determination to restore your stolen identity back from the forces of darkness; I write to appreciate your courage, consistentness and undefiled spirit to what you and your followers strongly believes in inspite of all the humiliations and killings.

So many thought like tyrant Mohammadu Buhari , the Nigeria DSS and the Nigerian Armed forces that your might lies in the power of atomic energy to fight for this honorable quest of freedom, you became wise in your wisdom not to trade the path of using war chemicals to destroy humanity when you were caught crying in the wilderness for freedom.

The cruel British Government with Nigeria Government misunderstood Nnamdi Kanu's bravery thinking that he will be bought over quick with materials and financial loots; the world became dumb in the face of the UN Charter yet Nnamdi Kanu did not give up his faith, while he was Imprisoned incommunicado by Mohammadu Buhari who drank the blood of his followers with same chalice with the British Government who aided the Nigerian Government to annihilate them so as to intimidate them but fear was seen not in them rather they preferred to die without a shred of fear. 

Nnamdi Kanu was dehumanized as a human being that life became demeaning to him all was as a result of him [Nnamdi Kanu] opened and operated a radio station known as radio Biafra where he broadcasted his news and it's summaries all the way from London; on his arrival to Nigeria was kidnapped by Mohammadu Buhari's surrogates - the DSS and he was charged with terrorism and treason offence to which this day Nigeria Government can not prove it to the world where the terrorism attack was carried out nor how Nnamdi Kanu planned to over throw Buhari's Government which is the right meaning or picture of what treason is all about.

But what do humanity think would have befall them and Africa at large if Mohammadu Buhari was allowed to kill this new born baby in African soil? How would humanity reacts if Nnamdi Kanu happens to die in prison? Absolutely it would be cowardice on the part of humanity to remain quiet and do nothing in the face of tyranny. Nnamdi Kanu, the world talks about the Biafra of your dreams now, in world politics Biafra becomes a subject for discussion and debate and all glories to the Indigenous people of Biafra non-violent approach. 

The plights of Biafrans is soft touching the conscience of humanity that discernible minds are asking questions why Nigerian Government under Mohammadu Buhari ordered the murderous Nigerian military that kill non-violent people who were seen protesting with placards, Biafra flags and other Biafra materials with them.

The world is rightly talking on your behalf because you saved your Biafran people from extinction by not engaging the murderous Nigeria Government through the use of weapons of mass destruction to fight for the freedom of your people enslaved in Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu, you are an embodiment of a just cause and truth for the survival of humanity; stay strong as Mohammadu Buhari could not defile your spirit so shall Ohaneze and other clone groups fizzle away. For Nnamdi Kanu to have rejected bounties of lobbies and bribes from the Nigerian Government and accepted death in the face of all these should have send a message to Nigeria that Nnamdi Kanu is not a career freedom fighter like his predecessor Ralph Uwazuruike. 

To this I say welcome the new born baby; welcome the new face of freedom fighting in Africa, welcome oh Biafra mother and father land through referendum. Biafra is the new born baby today in Africa and World discourses. 
 Thank you Nnamdi Kanu.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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