Ngeria: Hate Speeches, policies Of Buhari & A P C Government Against Biafra - Part 4

By Anyi King - TBP
July 16, 2017

Nigeria before and after the colonial rule has always being a nightmare to Biafran people. And the worst thing to happen to a Biafran in his or her entire life as a humanbeing is to be identified as Nigerian.
As a Biafran in this British evil entity called Nigeria you are more or less a sub-humanbeing due to high level of hatred against the Biafra.

Britain a Christian nation handed over Biafra a fellow chritian nation that practices republican system of Goverment over to a feudal Islamic nation that has no cultural value system with each other. They the British collaborated with Hausa/Fulanis to see that they dominated the parliament and that gave birth to successful hate policies against Biafrans in Nigeria. And every attempt to restructure the system starting from Aburi till date always met resistance from them.

Note that the Degree Number 24 of the illegal military Government of Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar which gave birth to the illegal and fraudulent 1999 constitution and its further derivatives, was not people oriented nor was it citizen-generated. It was a clear criminal imposition of a constitution that was skewed in favour of Islam, Sharia, and over influence of the Hausa/Fulanis as evidenced in section -3, Section -8, Section 9 and section 49 of 1999 constitution.

The imposition of sharia law in the consitutution of Nigeria against the faith of Biafran people and the mission to forcfully spread it everywhere in Nigeria as evidenced in the registration of Nigeria as a member nation of 46th OIC nation without the consent of Biafrans by IBB in 1986; and the 1989 Abuja Declaration, which gave birth to what we know today as the most deadly terrorist group called Bokoharam. And the coming of APC and Buhari for the full implementation is what makes Biafra nation irrevocable, irreversible, unstoppable and only option for the safety of its people. It's very clear that the hate and the the right abuse of Biafrans in this entity called Nigeria is terribly unacceptable.

Millions of Biafrans have died in the hand of boko haram in our homes, churches, schools, markets without any protection from government; rather it's the government that sponsors the terrorists to terrorise Biafra with impunity. Mohammed Buhari is the grand patron of herdsmen in Nigeria that is today one of the most deadly terrorist organisation in the world.

The same Buhari through APC used boko haram to kick out the then President GEJ from Biafra extraction out of sit of power in order to implement their ever determined course of islamisation of Nigeria. He was actually the spokesperson of boko haram and full bokoharam advocates during the fight against the terrorists by President Jonathan.

Buhari said and I quote: "An attack to boko haram is and attack to the North". A proof that boko haram idealogy is a northern idealogy.  Idealogy of northernisation and islamisation of Nigeria through every given means; violently, politically and otherwise.
APC is evidently their political arm of govt.
Boko haram as a terrorist organisation endorsed Buhari as the presidential candidate of Apc during 2015 general election. He openly swore to implement boko haram agenda if he becomes President.

The following is the similarity of the inciting speeches of Buhari as APC presidential candidate and Shekau the leader of Boko haram;

By Allah, we will not stop fighting until every Nigerian is living by sharia law, if you don't  abide we will kill you'' January 27, 2012 - Boko Haram general
Abubakar shekau

God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of sharia in the entire federation of Nigeria - APC presidential candidate; General Muhammadu Buhari.

I will continue to show openly and inside me, the total commitment to the sharia movement all over Nigeria - Muhammadu BBuhari (News24, August 27, 2001)

We will write this for all to read; Anyone, Soldiers or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes - Nasir El-Rufai; current Governor of Kaduna State (@elrufai 15 July 2012).

2015 will be bloody if what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should again happen in 2015, by grace of God, the dogs and the baboons would be soaked in blood - Buhari; May 15, 2012 (vanguard newspaper)

In the event that there is electoral robbery we shall establish a parallel government -
@profOsibanjo (#NigeriaDecide retwited by @SaharaReporters)

These are inciting hate speeches from APC, Buhari/Osibanjo and boko haram leaders against its citizens before they assumed power. And immeadately they assumed power there come full implementation of northernisation and islamisation agenda of Apc by the Buhar led govt .

The open declaration of none inclusive gov't by his 97% and 5% policy, which he proved by his ministerial appointments without regard for the constitution of the country. He went further to release thousands of boko haram members in the prisons, the introduction of land grazing bill, the high rise of Fulani herdsmen terrorists that have further terrorised almost every South Eastern and South Western states killing more than 2000 Agatu indegens in Banue state and over 200 people in Uzowani in Enugu states and several other places without any arrest and prosecution.

The removal of (CRK) as an independent curriculum in secondary school replacing it with islamic curriculum. And above all the extral judiciary killing of over 2000 peaceful members of indeginous people of Biafra (IPOB) demonstrators by who were peacefully and armlessly exercising their constitutional right of self determination by Nigerian military and police forces.

On the faces of these series of injustice, hatred, Rights abuse, lack of freedom of worship, political and economic denial, Biafrans under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remain harmless and peaceful and only peacefully reacting against these provocative artrocities against our people; exposing the lies and the conspiracy of the British govt with the Hausa/Fulanis to exterminate we the Biafrans and take over our land.

It's unfortunate that the same govt and the same Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba oligarchy that introduced hate speeches and have been implementing their hate against Biafra in every area - educationally, politically, religiously and otherwise, will turn around to tell the world that we are preaching hate. I challenge any one to prove the hate speeches that Radio Biafra had preached. What did our leader said that they have not said before and have Being implementing against the innocent Biafran people?

We call on the world; United Nations, human rights and international communities to come to our aid, and compel Nigeria govt to organize a United Nations supervised referendum for our peacfull and legal exit from this British contraption that was deisgned to enslave Biafrans. This present generation of Biafra is not going to back-off in our quest to restore our blessed nation and to restore our diginity and save our land and future generation from these babaric race called Hausa/Fulani.

Our peaceful conduct shouldn't be taken for weakness because time shall come when we shall decide to take up arms to defend ourselves as we can't afford to continue to be killed like chickens on daily basis by these uncircumcised animals called Hausa/Fulani.

All hail Biafra!

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Reach Chinwe via the following contacts;
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