By Offor Henry
July 15, 2017

There is a building situated opposite Enugu SME. It is a project that some corrupt persons in the government of Enugu state has been using to loot funds. And you see, these things are not good for us as a nation; this is one of the characteristics of the     undeveloped Nigeria, that has not helped us. The government have been building this "I don't know if I should call it Hospital" for up to six years now. I don't see how this should take Nigeria the giant of Africa and Enugu a major state in South East up to six years to complete a small building like this.

The allocation each state receives every month run in billions. Nigeria make budget of about five to seven trillion naira every year; (may be such amount is not enough, I don't know, you can tell me if it's not); But the government cannot make life worth living for us. If we could accept the truth, we know we don't have good water; 10% of Nigerians won't understand this; we don't have stable electricity (giant of Africa, does that mean other African countries don't have electricity at all?), we don't have good roads.

Health is wealth, but we don't have good hospitals. Education is the key, but where is a good school that an average Nigerian can afford to attend?

Why can't we the youth stand up against these type of things; we all know deep down that these kinds of things are responsible for the stagnation our country. That is why I support the Biafra agitation; I am a hardcore Biafran; it is what I am; it is my identity. What our leader Nnamdi Kanu is doing is good, it's for the betterment of our lives and the lives of our children. We should stand up and ask the government questions. We have rights to make our lives better, but we don't make use of it (I 'll call it Africanism) and if the white people open their mouth, we would scream "racism".

Be you a notherner or a southerner, stand up let's see if we could change the map of this country with the help of a referendum. It is a decision of the people. If the people want to live together, they can decide with a referendum and discuss how to live together. But if they don't want to live together, they know their reasons; they believe it's going to be a great decision for them, they should separate and make their nation better than the other. You see; that could boost the development of each of the nations.

When there is love in a nation, there is progress, when there is no love, there would be no progress, no peace and that is what is happening in Nigeria. But I tell you, the Oduduwas know themselves and they love themselves, same applies to the Arewas, same applies to the Biafrans. If we disintegrate and live as a separate nation. I tell you most solemnly, there would be a revival in each nation; you would see how fast we are going to grow in all aspects of life.

Let's give referendum a chance.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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