By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 24, 2017

Sometimes, I begin to ask myself if there are really youths in Nigeria; the presumed leaders of tomorrow! This question became imperative because since Nigeria got her independence in 1960, same class of leaders still rule till date and just as we near a century, they will hopefully continue leading.

Nigeria is outdated, crippled and blind, this is a clear indication that buttresses the Biafran adage that says; a shrine is weighed by its chief priest. When a chief priest is deceitful; a shrine or deity becomes deceitful and when he is blind, so is his deity. Muhammadu Buhari is outdated; he is crippled and blind on his hospital bed and yet speaking about his second tenure.
Nigeria would understand a call for a referendum as a call for war; she would choose detention of Chidebere Onwudiwe and his co-defendants over dialogue or lobby. She would send down her military to kill dissatisfied citizens. She would choose the hardware over software concerning this Biafra agitation. She would never behave like her counterparts because she is old and weak; she is led by careless octogenarians.
Compare the leaders of Nigeria since 1960 to its current leaders today; you see Buhari lying helplessly on a sick bed, so is Nigeria lying. You look at Obasanjo suffering mental degeneration and that is the state of Nigeria, nothing works because season has battered their bones.

They will continue on the wrongs they found success and there would be nothing left on their minds if not to keep on that path of success irrespective of season.
That is the mindset of 1967 class; a strategy worked for them and they seem to have a strong belief that the strategy will still work fifty years later. That strategy of killing Biafra; starving her children and raping her women. They are shouting war, war because they have belief in that strategy once more; they can’t think because they are weak bones and have degenerated cerebral.

Most times we discuss the fundamental problem of Nigeria without knowing that they never gave youths chance to fix them. Even when they have become octogenarians; they still believe they are modern and can handle modern life.
They see Eastern region as conquered territory and citizens of the region as slaves and a slave has no right to his destiny. One wonders what is irritating Nigerian political leaders over a simple call for referendum while her citizens understood it as right, it is not far from the fact that 1967 class sees those that made the call as salves they caught in a web of war 50 years ago and slaves have no right to such aspiration.
50 years later; agitation for the restoration of a supposedly conquered nation surfaced, they are not ashamed and they want to subdue it with a second civil war. They have continued to treat that nation that was conquered like a wayward bride, sleep with her in the cold night and scold her throughout the hot day.

They are power and war mongers; the 1967 war was all for power, to have an absolute control over a people their hard work brings forth fruit. They war war instead of jaw, jaw and they give not a chance for reconciliation or healing because they don’t know that path. The resources under the ground in that region has beclouded their sense of judgment, kill to possess became their slogan.

The current agitation championed by Nnamdi Kanu is a generational issue; and it needs a new generation to be solved because the vile and fury of the generation that started the war still brightens or glows. The call today by new generation on the side of the Biafra for a referendum is simply a change of mentality while the responding call for war on the side Nigerian political leaders is a constant mentality.
They would never give the new generation chance to pilot the affairs of Nigeria; every single one of them that fought the 1967 war still rest on power, linger or loiter on the corridor of power. They pulled their military uniforms but continued their military way of life. They changed to democracy but still have that bad military blood that never worked.

This is a modern or computer age; but they have forbidden or can’t engage modern or computer age leadership, they cannot give what they have not, 1967 way of life or leadership still prevails and that is why Nigeria will remain backward and uncivilized. That is why another civil war will happen and that is why Nnamdi Kanu will be victorious.

The challenges of today’s Nigeria are not necessarily lack of quality but refusal to admit modern life and allow new age to pilot the affairs of this new era. Had they given a new generation the chance to run Nigeria; this vile and nepotism will not be immense. If new age controlled Nigeria in this new era; they would have known the importance of reconciliation. If a new age piloted the affairs; he would have not detained Nnamdi Kanu and he would have released Chidebere Onwudiwe and his co-defendants.

It is too late for Nigeria because those that should have left the state lingered and grew old with the country. Nigeria is too old to walk, fight or live; she is down and cannot get up again. She will soon die in a London hospital, die at Otta farm or anywhere she is. Nigerians and Biafrans must do everything possible not to die with this fading Nigeria. They should exit it before it is finally taken to the grave because by now, if any 1967 class lives, he is just an inch away from his grave. They gave birth to Nigeria and died with Nigeria because they never gave new generation chance to fix their mistakes. Nnamdi Kanu is just the product of the mistakes of Nigerian 1967 class.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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