By Ifeanyi Chijioke -TBP
July 25, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Supreme leader; in Ebonyi - Biafra land
It would be foolishness to keep arms crossed while threats of war keep streaming in from Nigerian government and her indigenes. Since Nnamdi Kanu called for a referendum to determine the wish of his people, Nigerian representatives/officials/leaders have been reacting poorly to this legal and civil call.
Nnamdi Kanu being a peaceful agitator made the call because he doesn’t subscribe to force; having seen his peaceful nature, his people are being threatened with war. War threat is to enable him back off and should he continue to push, the threats may be implemented. This is the pivotal reason Biafrans must prepare for a strategic war, guerrilla strategy stands tall for self defense.

Biafrans must not continue to shout peace while her aggressors are shouting war. Although there is originally no plan of war from Biafra; but amassing weapons and getting soldiers ready is not aggression but a precautionary measure. Even though Biafra lost her sovereignty and pride in 1967; she shouldn’t have lost her defenders and weapons.

Ojukwu believed so much in peace while the people he was up against believed in war; he waited for the war before he prepared for the war. He began international lobbying or discussion during or at the end of the war. But had he precautionary amassed weapons and prepared fighters; the outcome of the war would not be this blatantly unforgiving.
One thing with the people of Biafra is they never retreat or surrender till they see to the end of a thing; they are determined in everything they engaged themselves. Having engaged themselves with Biafra restoration; they will see to the end which two things are involved, either they get Biafra or die in the battlefield for Biafra.

Arewa consultative forum has warned that Nnamdi Kanu will not go free; and when Nnamdi Kanu is mentioned, the name encompasses the people of Biafra who massively share his ideology. The call made by Arewa is nothing short of pogroms and systematic annihilation of Biafrans.

Quit notice was issued and still effective; Northern Nigeria has ordered the people of Biafra to leave their region; this is the exact call Ojukwu made before Nigeria declared 1967 civil war that claimed over 3.5 million innocent Biafran lives. Every man should go to his own side and prepare for subsequent action; that is the correct interpretation of the quit notice.

OPC has threatened Nnamdi Kanu and called him a nonentity; in spite of the fact that Yoruba race is known for cowardice, they must be taken serious. OPC attacked at a strategic point; a time Hausa/Fulani has threatened war and also a time Yoruba has sight on the Nigerian seat of power. The same thing Awolowo did in 1967; taking advantage of situation.

Prominent Nigerians have made it clear that a call for referendum is a call for war; they are negatively poised and would never let a referendum happen. Obasanjo called for Nnamdi Kanu’s head; that is the interpretation given to his call for Nnamdi Kanu to be stopped. One mental-leprosy stricken professor even charged Nnamdi Kanu to raise an army against Nigerian army if he wants referendum.

The presidency has said there won’t be referendum and has even tagged IPOB’s civil disobedience a threat to whatsoever they could remember. There is a clear indication that Biafra is no longer safe and to avoid being taken by surprise; they must prepare for a strategic war, which in other words could be termed self-defense.
If IPOB is determined to get a referendum which is their untouchable right Nigerian government swore to touch; they must be ready for a fight and they must go for what they want. There is no way referendum can be given because IPOB asked for it, they must fight for it.

There are significant threats of war and it could happen any time; IPOB needs to prepare for a strategic war. I am not an advocate of war or a war monger; I am only concerned over the unpreparedness that cost Ojukwu in 1967. History points towards the same 1967 direction and the hand of the compass is also showing the direction of war.

The people of Biafra must not wait for Nigerian declaration of war to assemble men and amass weapons. The best form of defense is attack; but even though there won’t be attack over the oral threats, there should be readiness.

The commitment and man power is present; what about machine? Biafra is a nation that existed three years before it fell to the enemy. Her gallant soldiers should be prepared now there is the likelihood of second attempt to live in Biafra. Even though the gallant soldiers won’t fight to defend Biafra once more; they should be ready to look after Biafra- so assembling ammunition and soldiers is not a call for war but a precautionary measure.

It is time Biafra regroups and understands she has lived; she has sovereignty and pride even though it was taken but it belongs to her. It is time Biafra knows that they are dealing with generational enemy and just starting from the point Ojukwu failed. Biafra must prepare for a strategic war to enable her protect Biafra once it regains her lost sovereignty.

If Biafra is prepared for a strategic war; if the war did not happen, she can use the amassed weapons to protect her sovereignty that is inevitable. The worst that could happen once more is to lose her citizens to unpreparedness if Nigeria strikes again or declares second civil war.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Reach Chinwe via;
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