By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 7, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Supreme leader
Oboy; I have been patiently waiting for the national security threat to be made visible since Nnamdi Kanu was granted bail. The man has been travelling to all parts of Biafra land and running things, meeting people and living his normal life, yet we have not seen the threat. I am getting confused day after day; what is really going on? Has TB Joshua prophesied that Clinton will win Donald Trump in a Tribunal?

Nnamdi Kanu spent approximately two years in prison on the premise that he is a threat to National Security. Nigerian security forces have been killing innocent people of Biafra, forcing them to disappear, arresting and detaining them, tracking their phones and spending huge sums of money to protect the Nation. They said that once Nnamdi Kanu is granted bail; he will walk directly to Abuja, place a rocket launcher on his shoulder and fire Aso Rock gate, then he would quickly rush back to his amour, get a missile launcher and finally destroy Nigeria. The Nigerian security forces also said that anybody protesting or pressuring them to grant Nnamdi Kanu and his co-defendants bail only wants Nigeria to go up in dark flame.

The threat to National Security has finally been released and instead of dark flame, white doves are flying everywhere. Instead of kidnapping happening everywhere; people sleep with their two eyes and on their cushion beds. Instead of gunshot sounding everywhere; not even the sound of a local gun has been heard. Instead of sending troops everywhere for battle; troops are relaxing back in their barracks asking what is happening. Instead of complaint everywhere that Nigeria is burning to ashes; there is complaining that Nigeria is too cold and dying in cold blood.

Buhari abi Osinbajo, shey una say una be guy man? What is happening and why have you not sacked your deceitful advisers that could not read the handwriting on the wall? They took tax payers money from you and said they are fighting Nnamdi Kanu, that threat to National security. They told you to come and say that you will never release Nnamdi Kanu because he is a threat to National Security. Baba, you are lying down on a sick bed- locked in one ward, who imprisoned and about to destroy you? Baba, start now to pursue them; they have not finished squandering the money you gave them to stop that threat to National Security, they are liars and they misled all mighty President of Nigeria. Osinbajo is gazing like a sheep; they are clustering around him, tell him that they told you that Nnamdi Kanu is a threat to National Security while Nnamdi Kanu is only a threat to lies and evil. Tell him that they told you to fight threat to National Security but nature stroke you down because that National Security threat is only a prophet seeking redemption of African continent.

Where is Justice Binta Nyako, that Aboki woman? No matter how much Aboki packaged himself, you will definitely know he or she is Aboki. When the counsel to the Federal Government was ranting to her that granting bail to Nnamdi Kanu is a threat to National Security, primarily, you would expect her to shun the prosecuting counsel, but she watched on and at the end of the day, she succumbed to threat to National Security fraud. Nnamdi Kanu has been granted bail and where is the National Security threat that has been an issue? Come, Justice Binta Nyako, you need to charge the prosecution counsel with fraud, they defrauded her lordship. They came to the court of her lordship and lied that a man be put in prison that he is a threat to National Security, her lordship; the prosecution counsel is a bigger threat because such false alarm can threaten the nation for real. They have lied with national security; Nnamdi Kanu has been out for two months and no form or thought of threat. Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Ben Madubugwu and others are still in prison with the lie of being a threat to national security, wake up now and release them as well.

Nigerians should quickly hold Justice Binta Nyako, Buhari, and security heads to account; they lied to Nigerians and worsened their condition with the handling of Nnamdi Kanu. Since they arrested him and lied that he is a threat to National Security; Nigeria has not remained the same. There is increased hatred and everybody wants everybody to leave. Biafra people were killed for saying release Nnamdi Kanu that the court released. Protest affected business and campaign against Nigeria made sure everything deteriorated and today, Nigerians are living in agony. Guys, better go ask the National Security fraudsters questions, how much did they get from the business of National Security threat?

Let revolution start because they have killed you Nigerians enough; Biafrans will soon kick off internal revolution, their politicians and fraudulent Ohaneze are working assiduously to strangle them again after surviving the first attempt. What are they hiding from everybody; they told us that Nnamdi Kanu is a threat to National Security, may be to enable them embezzle our money in the name of fighting to protect the nation? These people could only be fighting to continue to subdue our future Nnamdi Kanu is fighting to secure by labeling him National Security.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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