By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 7, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Supreme leader
Long before 1914, imperialists that disguised as adventurers had stormed Africa, with their inventions and magic, gods and goddesses, their sail suffered no attack and the journey was a smooth one. The difference was mentality, civilization and skin color; had Africans not the shape of a human being like themselves, they could have made cages for them. They became smooth criminals because they did not come with gun and machete, they deceitfully came and like people residence in heaven, Africans welcomed them.

Such skin color is impossible; to Africans in the Stone Age, when a child is born, his skin shines and bright because he came from heaven but as time goes on earth and the wired African sun pierces its rays into the skin, the color changes by means of burning. Suddenly; a full grown man is in their midst; that might have been vigorously pierced but his skin remained tender. There was nothing left but to believe that the men came directly from heaven, that same place babies they born do come from before entering their mother’s womb.

They taught Africans the ways of their gods and goddesses; their imperialistic pattern of life and political belief, the dirty aspect of their lesson was the lesson of conquest. They had come to exploit Africa, neglect and take every good thing they had. They would take them back to their civilized world and modernize it; gold and crude oil needed to be refined but Africans never knew. Raw materials that were of no value to Africans were taken to their civilized world and utilized. Africa became a dumping site while their world became heaven on earth, and it goes on like that.

They would kill, deceive to possess, subdue, marginalize, degrade to rule the people, they would hunt down, whip, imprison, lobby, bribe to get anything they want and then Africans started learning their ways. They never showed Africans the real life they lived in their land because there was no love but desire for conquest. Africans started to learn, incline and master their savagery; thinking is the normal life to live. Africans grew into monsters; every little thing the White man did was doubled, the spirit of conquest possessed Africa, spirit of bribery, of lobby, of imprisonment, of whip, of hunting down, degrade to rule, marginalization and so on. African man was deprived of everything he was, he lost his peace, his love and natural joy. They taught Africans their imperialistic life pattern and Africa lived it on their own soil and people.

Time for the White man to leave came; he has dumped his evil, hatred, envy, and all negativities, he cannot take them to his heaven on earth so Africa was a better place to dump them. Africans welcomed and practiced everything the white man left behind; he came as an angel and the character of that angel became a virtue. The White man played God; created many things but then came the creation of a monster called ‘artificial boundary’ (One Nigeria) altering the creation of God. In 1914; Nigeria was amalgamated; putting two naturally opposing world together and ever since then, a force exists in-between. That force is a blood sucking force, future killing force and a force that summed up everything evil. In 1967; that force took over five million lives in three years, prior to 1967, the force swallowed thousands of lives. After the war; the force kept on taking lives and nobody ever dared to fight that force or chase it away or appease it.

The force has become a deity and with many servants; the servants are called politicians and they lead or decide what the deity does. They are controlled by the creator of the deity while the deity survives on sacrifices but instead of animal sacrifices, it survives on human sacrifices, future, aspiration, limitation and evil. Only evil men survive the entity of the deity and they take from the poor to remain rich; the servants of the deity have something in common- taking power from the people and leaving them powerless. Then the servants of the deity have agents scattered everywhere; those agents sing praises of the deity, the goodness of the deity and preaching to convert souls. They are handsomely paid in return; given their heart desires and best agents are awarded OON etc.

Years after the White man left; Robin Hood appeared from nowhere, this time, more courageous, tactical and splendid. Robin Hood had stayed in the dumping site of the White man before finding his way to the heaven on earth of the White man, there he stayed and studied the ways of the white man and went back to the dump from whence he came. Now on the dumping site; stealing from the rich- servants of the deity to sustain the poor and they are after him. Though Nigerian Robin Hood changed pattern, instead of stealing treasures, he steals knowledge, extracts power from the servants of the deity and empower the poor. He teaches the poor how to be great and control their destinies beyond the powers of the servants of the deity.

Nigerian Robin Hood is nothing but a petty thief to the servants of the deity and the creator of the deity but to the poor people in the entity of the deity, Nigerian Robin Hood is nothing but a savior sent by God unto them. The quest to catching Nigerian Robin Hood has intensified; the armies of the deity, her agents and many sympathizers are on the trail of Robin Hood. They ordered shoot at sight or capture alive; they placed a bounty on his head and even the family members of Nigerian Robin Hood have found the bounty very attractive. The deity has recruited servants within the extended family of Nigerian Robin Hood and they are hell bent on killing or capturing him.

Smart Robin Hood knowing that he is the thin hope of the poor has held the poor closely; setting ambush against the servants of the deity and fighting with everything he has. Overcoming the Delilah and the Goliath sent after him. The poor are equally armed; waiting for the servants of the deity in the woods, where nobody can recognize their faces. Many are patiently waiting for the servants of the deity to catch their generous Robin Hood and they would spring against the deity and her servants. This will be a win-win for the poor; catch Robin Hood and see them come after you; leave Robin Hood and see them get power, knowledge and the wealth to stand shoulder to shoulder with the servants of the deity and the creator himself.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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