By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 8, 2017

Getting the views of the people of Biafra on their agitation is not only seen as helping them restore Biafra because they know they have a strong case against Nigeria but a way of relieving them of their Nigerian burden. I walked into a group of men and the debate on their table is restructure; they were discussing how restructure would benefit Biafra. Then another man dressed in an Italian suit and loafers; well articulated and enriched, he is the protagonist.

“I Chinonso will prefer to die, lose my cars, my houses for Biafra to be restored, we don’t want restructure or anything to do with the Zoo”. His colleague paused a while and cautioned him;

“Life does not have a duplicate; better take it easy, once you die, you won’t enjoy that Biafra again”.

Turning to his colleague and picking his words one after another he replied;

“Biafra is for my generation; in advent of death, my children will benefit from my sacrifice. I am not better than millions that have lost their lives”.

I had come for a meeting and decided to join their debate; while I remained silent and refused to contribute, I listened attentively. Looking at Chinonso; he was filled with belief, certainty, determination, pride and vigor. He understood that issue of restructure at a time Biafra is a mainstream issue is simply a drowning man trying to hold onto something.

“We don’t want their restructure; we want referendum” he repeated.

That is the feeling of every Biafran; 95 percent of the people that made up Biafra nation would choose Biafra or side Biafra in advent of war. Nigerian leaders had chance of fifty years to restructure Nigeria but they waited for a fight before their senses got there.

Today everybody is calling for referendum; a thing that appeared impossible before now.

The people of Biafra are being pleaded to jettison their agitation and take restructure.
Nigerian government is ready to restructure simply because they are now uncertain over the future of Nigeria. The fight started before 2015 but as soon as Muhammadu Buhari assumed office, he picked the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra who was granted bail recently after vowing not to grant him bail or release him on the basis that he would jump bail, that alone was considered or rather seen as the mistake that enthroned or helped Biafra agitation become a mainstream political issue in African continent.

The people of Biafra believe that the way they pushed until restructure became a bait or a thing of enticement is the way Referendum will soon be the last option.
They believe that if they keep asking and agitating; the Biafra they dream and can die for will be given to them.

Recently; they made it clear that problem would be encountered on their way to freedom, killing any move made by Nigerian leaders to discourage them. They see each successful push to stopping them as a thing that would be destroyed within a short time, a thing bound to happen for Biafra to come. The belief is a dangerous one; there is no way such determined people can be defeated, it is a matter of time before their aspiration comes through.

“Too much blood has been spilled on the altar of Biafra; I am a full member of IPOB, I took off my shoes and took an oath, talked to God that I will never abandon this cause, betray this cause and taking restructure is a form of betrayal”

Nnamdi Kanu seems to have studied freedom fighting before he came to the foray; a cause is made impossible to stop when it becomes religiously attached and that is exactly what the leader of IPOB has done with his Judeo-Christian religion. The people of Biafra have religious sentiment riding their agitation and this makes the agitation harder to stop.

Since the 1966 coup d’état; Nigerian federation has never remained the same; blood of the people of Biafra continued to spill for no just cause. Nigerian security has been porous that the right to life of the people of Biafra cannot be guaranteed, either dying in the hands of Boko Haram, Sharia extremists, one regime or another. Their blood have spilled profusely that they want to die once and for all or get Biafra they believe will save their lives.

“They want to restructure Nigeria because they have seen that we have restored Biafra” Chinonso pointed to his colleagues.
There is a trend that Biafra has been restored and Nigerian leaders are already in panic and have pressed panic button. Many statements to the press have suggested that if Nnamdi Kanu does not stop, Nigeria will be lost. They have also presented the issue of restructure like a means of pleading to a successful man to turn and pity his peer by coming on same level with them.

They would continue to fight until Biafra is restored because they have seen that their fight is fruitful, they are winning and they are the main discussion, a front burner. They are positive and believe that as impossible as restructure being solicited to be taken was as impossible as referendum being discussed today.

“It is late, Restructure is late” he said and his colleagues could not stand; his argument is superior and cannot be dismantled.

Nigerian leaders are coming late with restructure; the heart of Biafra has left Nigeria that no amount of decoration or painting will make it attractive to them again. Their leader has said that he is not for restructure; and because he is not a man that goes back to his word, restructure is dead on arrival.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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