By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 27, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Supreme leader, addressing Biafrans
The most deadly aspect of the agitation for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra is the fact that Biafrans are ready to die today for their cause. They have never been this ready in their life time and they will never be this ready again which makes Biafra ultimately now or never. They would rather die with Nigerian government if referendum is not given and neither will anything stop the crisis that would come until referendum is approved. The assurance Nigeria can get is; whether they like it or not, Biafra must have her referendum because it is now or never for her.

They have a leader and body they will never have again in their life time; there is no one that can be like Nnamdi Kanu’s led IPOB. Such leadership comes once in a life a time and the opportunity to grab Biafra is now or nobody will be able to grab it again.
They have dedicated people ready to sacrifice more than their lives; fearless men that even at the point of death urge the living to continue without mourning. There are people without any atom of regret over whatsoever the consequences may be.

They have media warriors ready to go hungry to buy data to keep them afloat; breaking the record of over 1.5 million active member groups on social media. They have occupied the world’s biggest space that cannot be interfered which is social media.

They are on the lips of every human being created by God; those against and those for them cannot deny the fact that Biafra causes sleepless nights. They are sensitive to every little thing that comes across and never gives a second thought or spare odds.
They fearlessly come out anywhere shouting we want to go; give us Biafra even at a gun point, they never retreated or denied their wishes in the face of death. They have been arrested and detained; tortured and rendered useless but keep fighting for Biafra.

They have lost their families, abandoned their loved ones for the journey; they have closed down their markets and forfeited their sources of sustenance. They have lost the reason to continue living without Biafra and their existence in slavery presumed worthless.

It gladdens their hearts that they suffer for Biafra and the picture of the Biafra they fight for motivates and lifts their morale. They have nothing to do and neither can anything be compared to Biafra; they have lost that sense of retreat that could be their weakness in terms of lobbying.

They see Biafra as their way of worship and have turned fanatics; they have found their lost Judeo-Christian religion in Biafra and believe only God can restore Biafra. They reject money and gold for Biafra, they have made a tent for the God of Israel that shall dwell in Biafra.

Their leader has defiled all odds and ready to die; ready to rot in prison and ready to follow any path that will lead to Biafra restoration. He has cast his family, friendship, love and breath upon Biafra and such leader comes once in a life time. Men are saying give us arms and let us die defending Biafra; give us order let us gladly die for our children, let us die for our nation. They have forgotten the agonies and pains of war; they have neglected the cost of war because their lives count for nothing without Biafra.

The people are ready and can never be this ready again, Biafra is now or never, Nnamdi Kanu has sparked their drive and they are on fire, firing at four cylinders. They can never fire again if they don’t reach their destination, anywhere they did not get to today, they will never get there again.

The one clear thing remains that Biafra is now or never; if Biafra is not achieved under Nnamdi Kanu; it would never be achieved again. Biafra is here with the people to take and if it walks away; it walk to a point of no return.

The people must grab Biafra now she is with them; they must apply any means possible to grab her. If by violence; they will get Biafra easier than ever or by war, it would also be easier to grab. If by peace; it would be easier than any other time. The time is now and if this time passes; there won’t be another time. The people must get ready for the worst which is likely to be war and the zeal Biafrans have is the zeal that can conquer any military.

Let it be a note of remembrance that if Biafra is not achieved now; it would never be achieved again. If Biafrans don’t fight a war now if that be the option given them to restore Biafra; if they fight it any other time, they will lose. There is a chance to win a war; win a debate, win a peace deal and win spiritual battle; the time is now or never.

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