By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
June 26, 2017

Supreme leader of IPOB; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
When an unreliable source disclosed that Nigerian government is planning to re-arrest Nnamdi Kanu on the basis that he did not abide by the bail conditions; I was a bit mad and questioned the idea of such reckless plan. Nnamdi Kanu never left his home to grant any interview neither did he arrange any press conference. Right there at his home; I saw international press men loitering and scavenging for news, begging him to cough or reciprocate their greetings and it becomes news that would fetch them dollars. Then one journalist approaches him and asked a question; more a discussion and he replied and then they quickly rushed and uploaded it on their platform. They should rather be charged with exploitation than plan to re-arrest Nnamdi Kanu.

He comes out to receive fresh air and thousands of people are in and outside his compound; they shout his name and he responds and assured them that he would remain lawful in the cause of his agitation. He rushes back to his bedroom to avoid stampede and then they came rushing and he says no, no, you can come in thrice because my sitting room is not large enough for you guys. Morning and night he would not rest but keeps receiving people because he can’t receive more than ten. On the side of the Nigerian government, they have done a little by not helping to stop the desire of thousands of people and insatiable press men trooping to his house. Did Justice Binta Nyako tell Nnamdi Kanu to train wild dogs that should be chasing people away from him? Why did she not remember to include in the condition that once ten people visit Nnamdi Kanu; he should make sure he remains dumb? Should she not rather question thousands of people disturbing Nnamdi Kanu at his residence?

I decided to uncap my pen, although I am still suffering a forced break, already forgetting how a keyboard feels and it has been a mixed experience, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra had lectured me when I met him that every champion is a target and I was a good student as always. I was disturbed over the information simply because I am opposed to crisis or anything that would bring about second civil war. This is 21st century and I believe dialogue, argument and reason are enough to solve problems; I am also concerned because another crisis like 1967 will be disastrous, it would be emotionally apprehensive; aggressive, unforgiving and terrible. This generation of Biafra did not experience the 1967 civil war; they only heard how their mothers, fathers and relations were gruesomely massacred. They read stories about that unforgettable genocide and a higher percentage of this generation want retaliation, and a slightest mistake will spark the plug.

We have tried our best urging and pleading Nnamdi Kanu with voices of reason to endure the crime against him and abuse of his rights, we also understood that it takes extraordinary man to possess the kind of power Nnamdi Kanu does and still allowed humiliation. We fully understood that one command from Nnamdi Kanu can trigger another civil war and we also know that if he keeps quiet; Biafrans might pick up arms in defense of their rights. We are aware that should anything mistakenly happen to Nnamdi Kanu in any form of custody, the consequences will swallow Nigeria. We did well holding off any form of violence and urged for referendum which is the acceptable means of resolving such problem all over the world.  We believe that arrest is nothing but looking for crisis and then bail was granted.

The arrest of Nnamdi Kanu in 2015 brought us to this point where thousands lost their lives; Arewa demanding exit of Southerners, Buhari lying helplessly on a sick bed, economy dead without hope of resurrection, cost of living skyrocketed, Nigeria destroyed beyond repair, visa unable to be issued to Nigerians, human rights organization calling for foreign military intervention to save humanity in Nigeria, people relocating to their indigenous land as a result of fear, international press men hovering and dinning with Nnamdi Kanu, Russia, Britain etc savoring to ship out weapons, children leaving schools and life-unbearable. I am simply afraid of what will happen in advent of a re-arrest.

Nnamdi Kanu was released as a result of the resoluteness of the people of Biafra which forced international pressure on Nigeria and the input of condition of bail was simply to make up for defeat. The first arrest was seen as a solution but eventually became condemnation; re-arrest would be annihilation. This fragile atmosphere makes my heart beat faster; a dark crowd is clustering and this rain will be immense. Biafran youths are obsessed; drums of war could be heard from a distance and death seems to be their aspiration. They want to die for their nation and die for their leader; there is no hope except Biafra and upon the altar of Biafra, millions are ready to die and the only man capable of sparking  or pulling the plug is Nnamdi Kanu.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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