By Ifeanyi Chijioke | June 26, 2017

Mazi Ifeanyi is the lead reporter/writter for The Biafra Post & also heads the Biafra Reporters (one of the media department of IPOB/RBL under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu).

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Supreme leader
A hectic week but a fair day, the scorching African sun had lost its strength, threatened by a potential rain or dizzy weather. I left Igweocha for Delta State where I was to meet a friend who had promised to rehabilitate me. The journey down to Delta state was unconvincing, from one police check-point to another, searching my engine number or expired drivers’ license. I would not rest, harassment and another, that is Nigeria for you and I understood it perfectly. I had told my good American friend that armed forces shoot and harass citizens, she doubted me but that is the risk that accompanies being a Nigerian; your life is at stake and your right to life is at mercy.

I made it to Delta state; the death traps called roads could not prevail against me, their politicians only know how to sustain financial sources. Building infrastructure would only take away the one they have banked so nobody expects good roads or anything that could cost a thing. While on a big refreshment; a call came in and I was told to meet Nnamdi Kanu at the residence of Col. Joe Achuzia to report his visit.
I quickly took off; left my friend and promised to come back in a jiffy.

Like the whole world; I have known Nnamdi Kanu for roughly three years but I have never had a word with him or seen him. I had sworn never to set eyes on imprisoned Nnamdi Kanu but a freed Nnamdi Kanu because I can’t stand the anger of imprisoning such a complete human. I quickly found myself in the residence of Col. Joe Achuzia, although I came in late but I met few men seated in the sitting room. I calmly searched but could not find Nnamdi Kanu. I was expecting a man in the midst of fleshed body guards and possibly armed but there was none. With only two fleshed disciplined body guards standing opposite while Col. Joe Achuzia and his people make closing remarks.

I had thought Nnamdi Kanu had gone but suddenly I sighted a lens wearing fair man with feminine face. In a black expensive suit with white foreign shirt and shinny pair of shoes, he smiled but I was not carried away, he cannot be a woman because he had beards. Seated like a core perfect gentleman; deeply opposing to the voice behind that Radio Biafra, I shook my head and soliloquized “What a mystery man”.

His palm placed on another and perfectly rested on both thighs; his legs compacted as though a decent woman is conscious of hot-mini. I surveyed further and saw a woman seated next to him; a beautiful woman but slightly battling to overshadow that handsome Kanu. I needed no prophet to tell me that alluring woman is his wife. Married to such a beautiful woman is by merit and even his wife is aware that Nnamdi Kanu in a world of woman would win miss world. The meeting is over; he majestically walked on out with his wife; a perfect match and even while taking group pictures, Nnamdi Kanu maintained his Russian perfect gentleman posture.

As he walked on out to his car and his driver ready to zoom off; I approached him as he starred strangely at me. He needed some explanations and why the exceptional greeting; then I identified and he paused and asked “Are you really Ifeanyi Chijioke?” I affirmed and waited for his reaction “So gi na akpa ikea?” he said once more. I smiled mildly and told him that I will visit him proper; I needed to cut things short for him to leave. Still savoring for time to be with De Great Nnamdi Kanu; I refused to have a handshake with anyone because I have felt the hand of Nnamdi Kanu for the first time. It is a great thing to knowing that mystery man.

Asaba was an emergency meeting and I then had to prepare for a detailed one; I ordered for a new suit and a shared pair of shoes. Trimmed my hair and applied expensive perfume; it is not a question of looking good but appreciating the greatness of that exceptional freedom fighter. I would not drive this time because I don’t need harassment and my driver did a nice job on the road. I got to Umuahia and then to Afraukwu Ibeku, Fine Boy Avenue was the identification I had and then a sign post written His Royal Highness Igwe Israel Kanu affirmed everything.

A canopy stood outside while visitors in their hundreds waited patiently; the gate to the compound was locked while men and women in security outfits loitered. Cars parked and it was clear to me that many people had come for the same thing I came. Like Aso Rock, people were struggling to gain entrance and see him. Unarmed security men stationed at the gate are small gods; raising their shoulders because they now decide who is cleared to see De Great Nnamdi Kanu. They would question you and looking ready to die first should a hostile be identified. Even Jackie Chan or Jet Li would not fight his way in; a security check is conducted and you are allowed inside and maybe nine visitors at a time to make sure it doesn’t exceed ten.

I softly passed my security check and was kept at a convenient place by people that knew me; whilst I was the least among men that visited, I was given attention. Little discussion with some persons indicated that attention goes to every IPOB member. The unique thing about Nnamdi Kanu is equal treatment is given to everybody. I received a message that he wants to talk to me lastly to enable a relaxed discussion but if I am in haste, I can come in. I humbly accepted; there is no haste but one thing- setting eyes on him and maybe few words.

My time came and I walked in; glanced at his face once more and I wondered why he took after his mother, he is epitome of beauty, he is epitome of wisdom/knowledge, he is epitome of discipline, epitome of determination, epitome of integrity, epitome of dignity and epitome of love. I gradually lowered my eye balls and I felt strong jealousy down my spine. He knows how to dress and knows the perfect shoe and color. I lavished my time on his physique and before I realized what was going on; he had talked just much and I grasped nothing. I wondered what a great gift to his parents and glamour to that alluring wife all women envy.

I had no time to discuss agitation with him because he made the attack that kept me away for so long a subject; but I saw a man that sees his destination from his point of kickoff. “I am now news; everything I do or where I go is now news” this quickly took me back to 2015 when he was arrested. His arrest was simply bait and Buhari took that. Nnamdi Kanu is that Biafra that was killed in 1967 and he has risen like a phoenix and Nigerian government took him to the climax. The more the case of Nnamdi Kanu lingers is the higher Biafra goes. From my meeting with Nnamdi Kanu; he is a man that cannot commit a crime let alone treasonable felony. Nnamdi Kanu believes in intellectual battle and he spoke to me like someone that has won and Biafrans can rejoice because Nnamdi Kanu will give them Biafra.

It is therefore imperative that Nigerian government sends a spy or a psychologist to finding out what is behind that modern warrior. The zoo has really shown what being a monkey or baboon is all about. The zoo keeps showing it by going on with the laughable case before Justice Binta Nyako; they keep showing it by yet saying that right to self determination is treasonable felony and they keep holding tight referendum until every living thing goes off. They keep taking Nnamdi Kanu higher and waiting for a gunshot or a blast but men that fight with guns and bomb don’t wear lens.

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