By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
June 26, 2017

Nigerian government never had the intention of releasing Nnamdi Kanu and neither does Britain until he is coerced; they even swore to hold him until he succumbs. The release of Nnamdi Kanu was a war between Biafrans and the world and every Biafran should beat his chest because he has the heart of a lion or wolverine. If Biafrans will continue to show the level of determination that released their leader; they will restore Biafra just as they released their leader.

Today Nnamdi Kanu is the Biafra they know and his heartbeat is the heartbeat of his people. But those that lost their lives are the heroes and their names and those of their families left behind shall be given a special seat when Biafra is restored. Like a soldier is made to sacrifice his life for his people; over 5million that lost their lives in 1967-70 and the thousands in 2015 to date are the better soldiers. The best Biafran soldiers are yet to come; now and after Biafra is restored.

In 2015; Nigerian government took a decision to arrest and detain the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra who had just came in from London where he based. There is no account of how the arrest happened, weather bait or success to DSS but the known account was that Nnamdi Kanu was arrested at Golden Tulip Hotel, Lagos. To arrest Nnamdi Kanu became a priority to the Nigerian government when every effort to jam or end the beast called Radio Biafra, which targets the inability of the government to addressing fundamental needs of the people and critically exposing the evil deeds of the government failed. The government had spent millions of Dollars yet each night by 7 O’clock; that Radio that pierces and scorches, keeps reverberating.

They got obsessed with Radio Biafra and that begot the belief that once that voice behind the radio is shut; everything will be okay. Little did they know that the voice has said everything and like a liquid, everything said has penetrated the people of Biafra. The voice behind the radio paid no or less attention because he had prepared himself for the task ahead. Listening to Radio Biafra every night became a norm and even his enemies could not overlook it, listening for information or another or to know the whereabouts of the voice behind the radio that often updates his movements.

Like a snake; there was a sting and the voice behind the radio went off, the people waited three days for their radio but there was no live broadcast coming from Mazi Kanu and then there was fury in the air whilst the weak festered fear. The plan was to keep the voice behind the radio away for as many years as possible or force it to keep shut or buy over the voice behind the radio. They have done it before to Biafra agitators and they know they have frustrated the people of Biafra that anyone that comes out to talk can be bought over.

Shortly; the news broke out, Nnamdi Kanu has been arrested and will be charged to court; a magistrate court discharged him whilst a high court released him unconditionally and for not being on a page with the government, the government flouted the orders of the two competent courts. Everything happened quickly; there was no time to bribe the court or choose a compromised judge and that proved decisive. The government had flouted court order and the people of Biafra began to shout foul; the quest to release Nnamdi Kanu began. The quest will cost blood and sweat; money and time, idea and media war, the war to release Nnamdi Kanu needed determination and the people of Biafra were ready for the quest.

The government must conform to the ruling of a competent court, consequently, protests, civil disobedience and direct confrontations became the weapon of the people. The people of Biafra fearlessly came out; formidable and unique in their quest, like their leader, they put their lives on the line and that was everything needed to release their leader and also everything needed for Biafra to be restored. Sitting down at home when asked to sit down, coming out peacefully on the streets when asked to come out, in their millions they showed discipline and like a nightmare to the government, there was a war without gun or bomb.

Due to the protests, civil disobedience and direct confrontations which were lawfully executed by the people of Biafra, the government was put under pressure but instead of succumbing, they chose militarization of the land. The military were ordered to kill but little did they know that not even a gun can stop determined people. The people of Biafra are killed today and they come out stronger and bigger the next day. They are arrested today and they come out bigger and stronger tomorrow; Nigerian prisons became a safe haven for the agitators and to be arrested became a thing of joy, they would thank heaven for being in same condition with their leader as the determination to release their leader burns every day.

Nnamdi Kanu was released by the people of Biafra and never the idea of the Nigerian government, it was a war of the titans, and the people of Biafra were ready for the fight for their nation. Killing of the people to demoralize or force them to surrender or retreat was the mission of the Nigerian government but then the formidability of the people proved decisive. The people of Biafra would not retreat or surrender and Nigerian government would not stop killing them. There was sufficient media awareness and having occupied the social media gap, the land was fertile to be used against Nigerian government.

The pressure went international as a result of the sustained protest; Commonwealth took the centre stage and even the British embassies were moved by the resilience of IPOB across the world. All over the world; the people of Biafra are protesting and it became very clear that they would never stop until their demands are met. Then questions were asked; I was staged by Commonwealth and British embassy in Nigeria, and the demand I reiterated was Nnamdi Kanu’s release before the people would soft pedal. The leadership of IPOB is called and consultations became the order of the day. Everyone scampering for a way out; how do they stop bloodshed and what could become a spring. Nigeria was indeed at the brink of another civil war owing to the resoluteness of IPOB to releasing their leader. It was clear to everyone that the people of Biafra can do anything; emotions were tensed and the protest may snowball into complete crisis. If Nnamdi Kanu was not released; the subsequent result would be devastating, the people might someday go out of control, it was obvious and the people of Biafra have won.

The pressure from IPOB ensured that Nigerian government were asked or rather pressured to release the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra. Despite the fact that Nigerian government swore or never had the intention to release the leader of IPOB, the international pressure as a result of the fearlessness of IPOB ensured that Nigerian government succumbs.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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