By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 1, 2017

IPOB Supreme leader; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Let it not appear like I am deaf and dumb; I love issues and often be in the middle. I hear the wailing of many wailers, although the wailers are mainly politicians, they buzz my phone, they inbox me and they complain more than my kid sister asking for biscuit every morning while leaving for school and I am ready to listen, argue and reason. Anambra state election is likely not going to hold and not because anybody would be stopped from voting but because the people of Biafra will definitely hear and abide by the order of their leader. I am coming late into this matter and had I the opportunity to debate this issue before the declaration; I would have enjoyed it greatly. Even before the declaration of no-election, I was the first that vowed to convince IPOB leadership to declare sit–at-home on Election Day.

By now; I expected people to know Nnamdi Kanu and how he acts, he is a leader that is open to reason or argument, if anyone has a superior argument on why election should hold and placed it forward, Nnamdi Kanu would admit. Over the months the issue of no-election began, I have not seen an argument worth giving attention. Who would argue? The person will not be able to stand a simple question of what has the people gained since over fifty years they started voting? My late father voted, I voted and have voted for roughly fourty years and I cannot boast of good road. I repair my car twice every week which has multiplied my suffering due to bad roads and today no-election seems to be an escape route.

I have read some noise making writers; groups deploring Nnamdi Kanu and so on; my anger is they have no strong argument to buttress whatsoever they conveyed. Instead of reason; they prefer to attack and the thoughtless Punch news writer that tried to make sense by only drawing reference on Catalonian and Scottish movement. That old but poor Punch news writer failed to grasp the fact that there is law in Spain and Scotland. He failed to grasp that agitation over there is civilly handled and there are no barbarians like in Nigeria. He failed to grasp that Nigeria and her politicians are not civilized and as a matter of fact, what worked in Spain or Scotland cannot work here in the zoo. He failed to grasp that average African man needs to be thought a lesson before he does what is right. What if no-election is a way of teaching average Nigerian politician lesson on globalization?

These people have also made mistake by trying to oppose Nnamdi Kanu’s order; they quickly forgot that the people are fanatical about their agitation and their leader. They quickly forgot that the people of Biafra will put their lives on the line for their leader who put his life on the line for them. They forgot that trying to directly oppose Nnamdi Kanu’s order will amount to total destruction. If Nnamdi Kanu says there won’t be election; approaching him with strong argument is the better option and not some thoughtless write ups and comments. In a situation one has no argument let alone superior one; why not keep quiet and pray for the will of God?

You and I know that Nnamdi Kanu is influential enough to order no-election in Anambra state; so can we please change the strategy of deploring? You and I know that the people of Biafra today have a leader that once he issues order, the people carry it out with their lives. You and I know that the people of Biafra will choose to sit at home on the day of election if that would work towards giving them Biafra. You and I know that the people are fed up with their political leaders that never added to their existence. You and I know that Biafrans are tired of Nigeria and her elections.

No-election in Anambra state wailers have failed to toe the right path and if I were them; I would gently go to Nnamdi Kanu and meet Biafrans and plead that they would change their political approach. They would promise Biafrans and Nnamdi Kanu that they would change and value the lives of the people. They would promise that they won’t again join Awusa/Fulani who are the owners of Nigeria to kill their people. Even though the promise in question is useless as they would eventually turn against the people but let there be tactical approach than frustration being shown all over the internet.

Now politicians can begin to understand that the people have woken up to rule their destinies and choose their future. They are beginning to admit that power belongs to the people and that is what Nnamdi Kanu stands for. Nnamdi Kanu did not issue order against Anambra state election rather the people of Biafra issued order through Nnamdi Kanu and this is why political wailers must be careful.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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