Biafra: The Genesis of hate speeches by Nigeria Islamic founding fathers against Biafra and the hate policy of Buhari / APC Gov't and it's result - Part1

By Amos ifeanyichukwu Ezeh - TBP
June 30, 2017

Almadu Bello's hate speech
To put the record straight IPOB under the leadership of our upright man the Supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; never invented hate speeches in this contraption called Nigeria. Rather he was merely reacting against series of hate speeches been spoken against our people and series of artrocities been carried out  and implemented against our people in this contraption called Nigeria.

Yes as we have gone through history and records on our disposal and found out the level of love our forefathers showered to every components of this contraption called Nigeria both in terms of nation unity building and development; but they are always ready to seek redress of series of injustices that has been melted against them through dialgue on how to achieve a peacful coexistence in a British forced  one Nigeria. Upon all their efforts it always end up fruitless for the sole reason that one Nigeria is concocted to enslave and exterminate Biafrans, and they are really living up to their strategic target.
But the good news is that fortunately to us and very unfortunate to our enemies, our maker Chukwuokike Abiama raised these formidable generation of IPOB and their prophetic leader to librate our present and future generation from this unfortunate slavery invented by British against our people.

As we have tried everything possible for unity; developing every part of the nation with our hard earned wealth without discrimination for the purpose of nation building; but all to no avail. Our hard work is always been jealously and enviously misunderstood to be domineering. Before I start the part1 of this series of hate speeches that had been spoken and implimented in full force against our people, I'll like to make it clear that there have been no record or trace of record where the Biafra people most especially the most envied of; Igbos of Biafra extraction had proven to be domineering against any enthicity in this contraption called country Nigeria.

There had been no history of enforceful taken over of any lands, kingdoms or thrones of our hosts habitats by Igbos unlike in the case of Fulanis from Jalon moutain in the 18th century that invended Hausa land and masscered them in thousands and dethroned their Kings and install their Emirs and went ahead to do the same thing in Illorin - Kwara state.

And also in the case of the British to Biafra land; they invended our ancestral home where we are living peacefully with our neighbours, kill our kings and queens and took over our lands and as well forced us in this evil union specially experimented for   their economical and selfish interests not minding what the outcome could be. These are acts of domineering.

Unlike the Fulani and their British masters, Biafrans are naturally gifted to be industrious and hard working; and are able to survive in every environment they see themselves because of their industrious nature and competitive mindset. So one wonders how a person been employed by a company to serve and the employee proves to be very dedicated and hardworking to his master; and his hardwork earned him promotion, while the lazy one is denied same promotion; one wonders again how it could be construed as domineering!

Or how can someone come to your community or town for business and when he starts progressing and decides to improve more by buying a piece of land from you and invest on it; could his or her act also be termed as domineering? The fact is that prosperity is a fruit of hardwork. And because Biafrans are naturally hardworking; and as a result, everywhere Biafrans recide must experience development. Therefore the notion that the Igbos are domineering is quiet hateful, inciting, mischievous and a concorted word from Northern Islamic elites to carry out their agenda of divide and conquer which was carefully planned on agreement with British Fedric Lugard to finally conquer our land and dominate us for futher total islamisation and extermination.

It's upon this hate against Biafrans Nigeria was fraudulently built. And was cemented for generational implementation by the Declaration of  SIR AHMADU BELLO, ON OCTOBER 12 1960 OF PARROT MAGAZINE NEWS PAPER .ON QUOTE:

''The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather, Othman Danfodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a
change of power. We must use the minorities in the North as willing tools and South as conquered territories and never allow them to rule over thier future.''

-SIR AHMADU BELLO, October 12, 1960. 11 days after independence.
To be continued:

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie



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