By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 1, 2017

Dear Ohaneze President Nnia Nwodo;
I write to you with utmost respect for a singular reason; recently, you showed a character that portrayed you as a man with sense of responsibility, in the sense that you are sensitive to the plight or need of the people. I quite respect your opinion on issues; but I want you to pause for a moment and reason. The issue of no-election in Biafra land is quite a public issue and anyone that contributes positively or negatively will definitely get appraisal. This open letter is nothing but my own judgment. I further urge you to see this appraisal beyond a personal one but the people of Biafra addressing the letter to you.

As a respectable man; how much do you think that going to the pages of Nigerian newspaper to utter rubbish or another will change the fact that Biafrans are done with Nigeria and her elections? Are you aware that such civil disobedience is the greatest so far in the history of Africa and IPOB loves making history? How frustrated are you that you couldn’t meet Nnamdi Kanu to debate instead of making noise when you are very certain that election would not hold? How could you not table your reasons and argument or smartly approach IPOB and quickly work towards referendum date for a change of stance? You simply don’t fear the wrath of the people of Biafra that speaks through Nnamdi Kanu? They said give them date for their referendum and they would go back to election that feeds you- politicians.

I am very much aware that you are already tired of the insults hauled at you and you are already fed up with comments below that news of denial or opposition. I also want you to calm your nerves; the people have right to heap their frustrations on you simply because they did not put you in a position of authority. Recently; I had thought you were enthroned to redeem the battered image of Ohaneze Ndigbo but you seem not to be able to execute that. The major problem Ohaneze Ndigbo had since inception is being on a different plane with the people, this also ensured Ohaneze Ndigbo was made an ineffective organization the people never took serious, and you have toed that path once more.

You and I know how you were enthroned as Ohaneze President; I would not go deep on that but without the backing or blessings of politicians, you wouldn’t be where you are today as Ohaneze President. The dice is cast and here you are to pay back what was paid to you during your election; there is never a time you will stand behind the people at the detriment of those politicians. The purpose of creating Ohaneze Ndigbo was simply to bring political harmony and for politicians to shortchange the people through the organization. I understood you perfectly and I know there is nothing you can do if not to fight the people of Biafra to please your masters.

There is a Biafra popular adage that says “Obodo adiromma bu uru ndi Nze” when the land is in disarray, the leaders gain from it. Nigeria is a failed state and you cannot deny the fact that every single one of you-politicians and those in Ohaneze gain from the failure of this geographical expression called Nigeria. Today; like a phoenix; the people of Biafra have awakened to take what belongs to them and make their land a better place through Nnamdi Kanu and you are fumbling and making utterances against the wish of the people. The good news is; no matter how you and your colleagues fight, the people will prevail and Biafra shall better their lots.

Suddenly; you awakened, suddenly, you stopped standing with the people of Biafra you once swore to stand with and assured that their fight is your fight. You thought the fight is a bed of roses; or you thought the people are not serious when they said they can do anything to restore Biafra? The people of Biafra have been calling for the restoration of Biafra and nobody took them serious. They have been calling for referendum to determine their aspiration and they were taken for granted but today, they have said they won’t vote again until they are taken serious and you took your machete to kill them for their determination?

For years the people of Biafra have been voting; they can’t boast of sustainable power or any form of infrastructure or social amenities. For years they have been voting; they cannot boast of three square meal. For years they have been voting; they cannot boast of a home. They continue to travel eight hundred kilometers to clear their imported goods. They keep suffering one form of molestation on the road or another. They keep traveling to Lagos before they can travel out of Nigeria and they keep sweating beyond normal to keep things afloat.

This election you are fighting carelessly to make sure it holds has been benefiting you and your fellow politicians for years. It has been a source of living since you attained the level that brought you into this political Ohaneze group. It has been election for politicians and nothing for the people. You and your type have always shared a thousand Naira to the people and they go their ways while you take everything left. You fight like your life has been tampered but it is time to die for the people to live because you have been living for ages.
It is hugely disappointing that you have no wit or basis to pursue the cause of election because it is like presenting to the people Nigeria and Biafra to choose. You will make a better man by using this opportunity to call on Nigerian government to give a date for referendum which is the only thing that can convince Biafrans to go back to election. You wailers can wail as much as you care; the people of Biafra have found a means to restoring Biafra and that is saying no to Nigerian election. I kindly beg your pardon if the letter aches but when Biafra is restored; we shall all share and eat on same table.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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