By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi  -  TBP
July 1, 2017

IPOB Supreme leader; Nnamdi Kanu
With the forthcoming gubernatorial election slated to hold on 18th November 2017 in Anambra State; puts Nigeria in a purview of a country living in the peace of the grave yard; sane minds will ask why would a country tend to live in the peace of the grave yard with the dead if actually such a country is mentally sound, then it must be seen that such a country is mentally unstable as that is the case of Nigeria as we speak right now.

This contribution is to enlighten the Anambrians and vast of other people that to boycott elections is the peoples constitutional right and not the Government;  nobody should see it as a contradictory step towards denying the Anambrians their suffrage rights otherwise known as franchise.

But before I will proceed a bit further; we need to also bear this in mind that the Nigeria 1999 constitution is faulty and malicious which renders it powerless and ineffective to this cause; first thing to note here is; the right to vote and the right to boycott election is same and should not be misconstrued by the political merchants whose only aim is to cow you into electing them.

Nigeria as the case may be do not understand her laws, even the ones situated in her constitution is treated otherwise; the case of Professor Yemi Osibanjo who is a Professor of Law and Legal matters is a clear sign board for all to make assessment with when he quoted himself out of context simply dwelling in party and Nigeria euphoria of being the coordinator of Nigeria.

The Anambra State Gubernatorial election is placed in the weighing balance between the electioneers and the electors; in this situation it now behooves on the electors to consider giving out their collective mandates or withdraw their support. If the people failed to vote by virtue of their inalienable rights, it has rendered the Governorship seat useless and ineffective to function on nobody's behalf.

In this scenario, this critical time could best be described as "delivery period" where the politicians' hunger for your mandates; but the key point here to note is democracy means the Government belongs to the people not the politicians as they are rightly to bait you with rice, onions, oil, bread and money to lure you into voting, and drop you once they are on that seat. Election boycott is a civilized way of exercising your rights to civil disobedience of not having trust in the Government over and over again which becomes the electors statutorily rights.

If this move is put into full action, it will simply put the State in disarray to look for safety grounds because the people has sent a message across to the length and breadth of the State and to the Nigeria federation their desires to be respected. Nigeria practices a representative system of Government through open ballot system where the masses through the instrumentality of electioneering process canvases who to be elected, if the masses fail to show up through this process the incumbent Government becomes useless in office.

When this happens, it will construed that the Government in power failed to live to its campaign promises known as the party manifesto; for instance where the Government fail to protect the lives of his subjects while it was embedded in the party manifesto; the masses can withhold their suffrage which is their power to declare that they don't have a Government; with this such State becomes weak to function.

The school of thought to this is, the Government becomes a left wing while the people becomes the right wing proponents to agitate for what they want which is a civilized way of opting out of a failed system without guns and clubs; the sole aim of every Government is to live by her constitutional oath to which part of is to protect and save lives from external aggression and forces.

In the case of Anambra State it has really turned the other way round, there in Anambra State the Government of former Governor Peter Obi and his successor has never in their lives reneged from killing her masses on protests making themselves emperors of the State above the people that voted them in. The problem in Anambra State now is that neither APGA nor any other political party can salvage the State from the ugly rear head the Government created.

The All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA]'s caution or threat to the Leadership of the Indigenous people of Biafra and her members over boycotting the Anambra State election slated to hold on November 18th, 2017 has raised dust that many social reformists and political thinkers perceived that this move by APGA was made out of frustration by the ever hungry politicians in the State.

If APGA believe that they have a case to win why not concentrate on their campaign to convince the masses to vote them in rather than throwing tantrums at Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB never mentioned APGA when the leadership said the masses should boycott election in Anambra State, so the debate should be between the electors and electioneers not attacking IPOB.

APGA failed to come to the knowledge of reality that the people are the Government not a political party forcing their ideologies on them because they want to be in that seat of power, forgetting that you cannot be there without the people's mandate; APGA should also know that three months thereof after the election must have been boycotted the Chief of the State becomes the interim Governor, the Chief judge will have to script an open letter to the Nigeria Government on the sole reasons why Anambra State can no longer hold elections in Nigeria as that becomes the peoples wishes.

With this move it becomes clear to the world that the people are tired to continue with Nigeria as a country as that will trigger for referendum process; this will weaken and stop any form of political movement in Anambra State until referendum is conducted. APGA failed the state in many categories that the people absolved to boycott election.

The problem of APGA in Anambra State did not start with IPOB and such impression should be corrected. APGA problem started with MASSOB under Ralph Uwazuruike when the former Governor of the State murdered MASSOB members; their dead bodies were littered in the streets of Anambra State and many dumped at Ezu River while others were dropped at the Federal Medical Center of the State, till date nothing has been to console the families of these persons by State Government, present and past.

The people licked their wounds and voted in same APGA and met their dooms day when Willie Obiano gruesomely murdered IPOB members in their numbers, Willie Obiano became arrogant with power and his subjects becomes his slaughtering cows. He imposed that the military should keep his State under siege forgetting that the day of reckoning will come. At this juncture APGA and their foolish threats cannot cajole the people into participating in an election process no more.

Willie Obiano should stop living in pretense that the ship has left the port with her anchor already sighted in the heart of the ocean sailing to freedom land; before the coming of IPOB, the All Progressive Grand Alliance polluted and defecated in her own living room which has made it unpalatable and uncomfortable to stay on with; it is pay back time; APGA will receive her evil back in the same manner and proportions.

Apart from Anambra State in hysteria, APGA under Rochas Okorocha in Imo State before he defected to APC was there crying for help then, what do APGA think they have and wish to offer to the people again? APGA coming to play the niggle on our collective sense of reasoning will not stand. To boycott election is civil and educative for the Government that wish to learn and correct her loopholes.

The nimby fore-dance of disgrace recently displayed by APGA that to boycott election will not start in their State has depicts that politicians in Nigeria are only after their own selfish interest and not the interest of the people; this expedition of boycotting election in Anambra State will stand for APGA do not represent the people rather it represent a political front for the politicians, IPOB wish to pay APGA back with the same coin of betrayal as it will be hypocritical on one hand for the members of the Indigenous people of Biafra to meddle into Nigeria politics while on the other hand are clamouring for self-determination.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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