Written By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi   -  TBP
June 9, 2017

APC/AREWA Military wing in guise of Boko Haram
It is no longer a hidden news that some misguided elements hiding under different Northern groups and her affiliated bodies gave out an ultimatum which mandated or demanded that the Biafrans resident in the Northern part of Nigeria vacate the region in three months times asserting reasons that is contrarily against the norms of a democratic state.

We make bold to warn the Youth wing of Arewa Consultative Forum and her afflicted allies over the ill-mental picture already displayed to over-run Biafrans resident in their region if they fail to adhere to their ultimatum at their own peril.

Going by the definition of a state and self-determination of a people to which the indigenous people of Biafra has tapped into, to restore and gain her sovereignty back does not in any way threatened the existence of the Hausa-Fulanis resident in Biafra land.

A state is a country considered as an organized political community controlled by a define system of government; in a state, where languages and ideas varies; the people were not organically formed, they may choose to form a new Nation. A state is heterogeneous in nature while a Nation is homogeneous in nature; as asserted here-in this is the bedrock for the self-determination the Biafrans are yarning for.

The call for self-determination invoked by the leadership of the indigenous people of Biafra is under international laws, treaties, conventions and does not in any stance violate their right to ownership and safeguarding of lives and properties outside the constituted new Nation by the old state and her government apparatus.

Another area of concentration by the leadership of the indigenous people of Biafra to which the world should look into and call these argot youths to normalcy is; this wicked and malicious declaration was made and enacted in a state whose state Governor El' Rufai is a religious fanatic; and hurriedly coming to condemn this unholy move by the Arewa Youths is another gimmick to entrap our people for what is to befall them and pretend he warned them when the deeds has been done.

These Arewa minions made no efforts at all to hide their orchestrated plans against the Biafrans rather they unveiled this undignified craving to massacre the Biafrans as they did in the time past which should sound a ringing bell for war if tyrant Mohammadu Buhari - APC - led government fail to nip it in the bud over this anomaly proclaimed by these Arewa minions.

The calumny of misconstruing self-determination and the Biafrans quest to self-determination by the Arewa minions will not be treated with a kid's glove this time around; drooling in their selfish mindsets to override the Biafrans resident in the Northern part of  Nigeria to take over their hard earned resources is an affront on the Biafrans as it may result to another bloody war and now only times shall tell the story.

This Kaduna declaration is imbued in confusion as the Arewa Youths faults the Biafrans for calling for a separate Nation out of Nigeria but refused to accept that the leadership of this failed state and her government apparatus has always been in their domain and remote-controlled to which the Biafrans seek to leave.

"Stating that the Biafrans abused the unreciprocated hospitality that gave them access to ownership of landed properties all over the North as asserted in the Kaduna declaration and their first major move shall be to reclaim, assume and assert sole ownership and control of these landed resources currently owned, rented or in anyway enjoyed by the ingrate Biafrans in any part of Northern Nigeria" has exposed these criminals and their modus-operandus to kill and usurped the Biafrans.

These criminals hidding under Arewa Consultative Youth Forum perpetrate this evil acts of calling for war will not be spared when the time comes; we make bold to state that officials and signatories to the declaration has already mandated their members to commence immediate inventory of all [landed] properties occupied by the Biafrans for forfeiture at the expiration of the wicked and malicious Kaduna declaration.

In a specific terms after our investigation so far, the Arewa groups has  directed their members to compile and forward an up to date data of all locations and properties occupied by the Biafrans in any part of Northern Nigeria for seizure after the expiration of the ultimatum. This will let heaven loose if Biafrans are killed for the second time like in 1966 dare repeat itself.

For safety purposes Biafrans residents in any part of Northern Nigeria should without delay start to relocate their businesses and families back home. This measure is to save lives; then after our referendum Biafrans' properties will be reclaimed by the Biafra government in a legal battle and returned back to the owners of such properties.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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