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June 10, 2017

Arewa House; where the eviction of Biafrans ultimatum was made
The dramas exhibited so far by the Northern Elders Forum; Former Senator and now current Governor of Brono State Mr.Yerima Shettima whose state is being ravaged by the Islamic extremist Bokoharam without his government prevailing against it and Former Minister of Federal Capital Territory Mr. Nasir  El-Rufai - now governor of Kaduna State; is without a shred of doubt, all the personalities mentioned above are much aware and in-tune with the Kaduna declaration.

Mr. Nasir El-Rufai while he was the FCT Minister rendered so many Biafrans homeless and their landed properties expropriated; Mr. Nasir El-Rufai allocated some of these landed properties to himself and to his Hausa-Fulani kinsmen using a delegated power to perpetrate this heinous crime against humanity. Many Biafrans became destitutes and many died untimely as a result of this wickedness without any form of compensation from the Minister or the Government in power.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai is well known to be a religious bigot and Islamic fanatic who can go-on to support any form of evil to be meted on non-islamic faithfuls so as to be seen as a strong man who can protect and die for his religion with all his might. Following his dubious and quick response to counter the Kaduna declaration against the Biafrans; and recalling his antecedent, one will be forced to belief that his response to the eviction order on Biafrans is a make-belief syndrome.

The fast move by Mr. Nasir El-Rufai has exposed the innate mindset of this midget; as the first question that comes to mind is; - where was this declaration made? In which state was/did this declaration took place and who is the sitting Governor of that state? This comes to mind of the case and situation of the Biafrans that ran to the Emirs during the 1966 pogrom; they thought that the caliphate will protect them; rather the caliphate handed them over to death sentence hence the invention of the mockery word "nyammiri" used till this day.

In this discourse readers and the general public will see reasons why this man [Nasir El-Rufai] cannot be trusted even in your hopelessness; the geographical area known as Kaduna has non-islamic faithfuls but midget Nasir El-Rufai is the only sitting Governor who is championing for totality of his state and her subjects to be Islamize or face a death sentence from his government; so sane mind tend to ask how on earth will this man secure Biafrans in his state that he is championing his Islamic cause, as already Biafrans are seen as infidels marked for extermination.

Nasir El-Rufai is the only Governor who withdrew public fund from his state coffers openly to bribe, lobby, and empower Hausa-Fulani herders who are currently ravaging his state against the indigenous non-islamic faithfuls in Southern Kaduna; can such a man secure your protection in his capacity as the number one citizen and chief security officer of his state when he goes about empowering these ruthless herdsmen to maim, kill, usurp and destroy?

From our investigation and information made available at our disposal "Arewa House" where this Kaduna declaration took effect is under the command and control of the state Governor and his associates of which Mr. Nasir El-Rufai presides the functions that can take place therein; so is Mr. Nasir El-Rufai faking that his consent were not seek before the function took place? Having hurriedly in his character asking the police to arrest those individuals behind the declaration and the counter move/effect from Mr. Yerima Shettima and the Northern Elders Forum will tell us that all are part of the plans.

Information at our disposal has it that the Northern Elders Forum are secretly behind this declaration, and are only using their sons as a litmus test to challenge the Biafrans' resolve for calling for a referendum in Nigeria; the source has it that it is a well calculated attempt as asserted by all the parties as Mr. Nasir El-Rufai is just playing the fiddle in this move to cover-up for his kinsmen.

The source further stated that Mr. Nasir El-Rufai speech is to entice the Biafrans to stay back thereby entrapping them to face what is to come prior to the expiration of the ultimatum; the source also revealed that during the heat of the turmoil Mr. Nasir El-Rufai will claim to be a loner who cannot in his own power as a singular individual neither prevent nor stop the rebellious youths from carrying out their mandated plans; note this is a deliberate hindsight plans already perfected in their inner caucus meeting.

Mr. Nasir El-Rufai speech is baseless as the source also revealed that the Northern Elders Forum will back this move in a short while making it look as if some parties are not in agreement with the plans while in secret they have their support; the source going further has it that if Biafrans fail to leave Northern Nigeria by believing this single Nasir El-Rufai; it is to their detriment as there is no form of contingency in this Kaduna declaration; just leave and wait for referendum in your land.

The contextual purpose of bringing this to limelight is that Borno state Governor and the Northern Elders Forum are the key brain for this move; the source has it that Mr. Anglo Abdullahi and Mr. Yerima Shettima will be their strong spokespersons and will do all within their powers to make this move become a reality. Soon they will swing into action by kidnapping some people oo the road; with what the source revealed to our office correlates with the findings so far.

The Arewa Consultative Youth Forum first went and seek for the consent and blessings of Mr. Yerima Shettima who happens to be their chief educator that promised never to desert them as he will stand-in for them to make sure the quest of evicting and taking the properties belonging to Biafrans becomes effectual as he will make his stand known to them through his actions and inactions.

Arewa people can enjoy their Nigeria but this time around not on the blood of Biafrans to keep their Nigeria as one; we know their exponents as the eerie for war is making wave in the Northern Region while no Biafran is molesting their people in Biafra land as only times shall tell. Stay tuned.

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