By Godwin Chinedu
June 28, 2017

A Fulani torrorist herdsman with AK47 
I bring to the notice of the International community, men and women of good will and the world at large about the pending doom that awaits Biafrans living in the northern part of Nigeria. After the quit notice threat from the Coalition of Hausa/Fulani youths, most of the northern Governors and elites have shown their support to the quit order while few condemned the act. Though, two leaders from the Coalition of Arewa youths have said that the October 1 ultimatum given to Igbo-speaking Biafrans to relocate from the north region is not a call to embark on any kind of violence. The Indigenous people of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had reminded the world that the Hausa/Fulani people have never been a peaceful set of people and records lay bare to prove it.

The Arewas have always adhered and echoed to the (Shaihu Usman dan Fodio) jihad movement/religion. The Hausa/Fulani are the originators of the deadliest terrorist groups in the globe in the form of BokoHaram  and Fulani Herdsmen, responsible for deaths and destructions in Nigeria. For them, violence is always seen as the best option in settling disputes, it is not surprising they speak about war as the people of Biafra clamor for the restoration of Biafra. Self-determination is an unquestionable and inalienable right enshrined in the United Nations Charter and Nigeria is a signatory to it.

History is said to always have a way to repeat itself. I am calling on the International community and media not to ignore the lessons of history and risk the doom of its repeat.  The killing of thousands of Igbo-speaking and other Biafrans in Kano and other parts of northern Nigeria in 1966 is about to repeat itself again. It is so unfortunate that the so called leaders from the Igbo speaking nation of Biafra Land are blind and they cannot see the hand writing on the wall, they place their political ambitions above the lives of our people. They have told Biafrans residing in the northern region of Nigeria not to worry, but these are the same leaders that cannot guaranty our safety even in our own lands. We have seen several times when Fulani herdsmen invade our cities, town and villages, rape our women, destroy our plants and kill both our young and old men. Most of them (Fulani herdsmen / BokoHaram) came in Nigeria army uniform and unleash mayhem on us, yet the governors have not been able to stop or arrest the perpetrators of these barbaric acts.

I want to state it very clear that the Biafran people have passed a vote of NO confidence on these so called leaders and elite in Biafra land because they have continuously fail to represent the good interest of the Biafran people. The Indigenous People of Biafra is calling on the world to see the fierce urgency of now, because our people in the north are now faced with the reality that their lives and properties is at risk. It will be a case of moral bankruptcy if another pogrom is carried out against the people of Biafra, a referendum must be instituted for a peaceful separation and to avoid unwarranted bloodshed.

Edited by Chima Onyekachi
Published by Chinwe Korie


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