By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
June 28, 2017

IPOB Supreme leader; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Hadn’t had time in a while now to pick up the pen. But I woke up yesterday to a brother’s message. He was asking questions. Concerned questions. A servant to the good people of Biafra, I had no choice than present this brother with answers he yearned for. So I dug into my time to address the issues raised, and then realizing there could be many other gentlemen out there worried stiff like this brother, I judged it right to circulate this so as to reach out to all those souls desiring freedom but perturbed by issues similar to those raised by this brother. Below in italics, unedited, are his worries and questions.

“Bro am afraid of another war for my people. Any good plan for our people to secede from Nigeria? bc South South aren't with us if you can see what is happening. What have we (Igbo) got to cope as a nation. Good planning is the key. Let us not to rely on south south bc they've their own plans. My people shouldn't suffer for any reason Biko. Onye nweanyi mee Ebere.”  

Reading the above question I felt the cruel hammer of Nigeria media. Their unrelenting quest for deception peddled on different platforms is yielding them results, much to our chagrin. The above concerns have been sowed into the consciousness of our young, making them to inadvertently oppose the coming of God’s kingdom on earth, Biafra. You yourself might have been confronted by someone with questions in that mold. Media! Her powers are not to be underestimated. The fellow who does that does so to his peril.

First of all, let me say this; nobody loves war. And regardless of what Nigeria media purports, Biafra has never declared war; not even in the time of Ojukwu. General Ojukwu only declared the sovereignty of the Biafran state, which of course even the devil knows, was consequent upon Gowon's disregard to the agreements reached in Aburri. It was Nigerian government, then headed by Gowon, that declared war on Biafra to either exterminate the Biafran race or at least force them back into the Nigerian entity. Now, brethren, we do not ask for war, we are merely asking for our freedom which is legal both under UN declaration of 2007 and the Nigerian constitution. So we are not doing anything against the law. In any civilized enclave, referendum settles cases of separation. In Uk, Scotland had a similar agitation which was resolved through referendum, and even UK herself toed a similar path when she opted out of EU. Biafrans today are only calling for referendum ... a civil and peaceful pedestrian, and not war. Only the predators (Nigerian government and her associates) are interpreting the call for Biafra freedom as a call for war. They interpret it so because they've sworn to decimate us rather than let us go, and they know we will defend ourselves when pushed to the wall. So brethren, as I said earlier, nobody wants war. Nevertheless, I'd prefer to die in a battlefield than fold hands and allow some barbarians do with me as they pleased.

About good plans for secession, there has never been a better plan than now. But I am not at liberty to divulge every bit of it to you. But just know that whatever you see today that points so closely to the realization of the Biafra quest wasn't put in place by a thoughtless group of people. And if from the blues and against all odds we can push the struggle to the stage it is today, trust us to hold the perfect road-map to not only pull out from the Zoo called Nigeria, but also to lead Biafra into a First World Country, and God willing, world's Number One in subsequent ages. This may sound lofty, and I agree, but we are providentially equipped to bring about the unexpected. But is it really unexpected? Not to the white who knows our worth, and has been doing all within his might to keep us down.

About South South not lending support to Biafra quest, I’ll say this; The worst thing to happen to a man is to rely on the information peddled by his enemy. Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani are in control of Nigeria media, and they use that to their advantage. Divide and rule is a strategy that even the white used against us, and the Nigerian players have adopted that against the Biafran nation. Many a time they sow the seed of discord among us and fan the ember of nonexistent rifts. To be worried by that is to give in to their deception. With the exception of Edo, South South, is with us. Asari Dokkubo is from the area you refer to ass South South, and he is with us 100%. Rt Gen. Joe Achuzie is from South South and he is with us. Major Chukwuma Nzogwu is from South South, and he died fighting for Biafra. Lt General Philip Effiong is from South South, and he was the 2nd in Command in Biafra Armed Forces. His son, Philip Effiong Jr is today lecturing the world on Biafra. As I speak with you, the National Coordinator of Biafraland is an Ijaw man. I have spoken with him on the phone. Very wise and dedicated Biafran. Professor Aniko Briggs is from South South and she is with us. The IPOB families in Igwe-Ocha (PH), Delta, Akwa-Ibom, etc, are very very formidable and phenomenal. I can go on and on and on. You are not going to be worried about some misguided souls who vent individual hatred for Biafra and denounce her, for not every single soul must believe in a course. We still have Igbo Biafrans who not only denounce Biafra but also work against it. So dear, it's not a South South thing, it's an individual stuff.

Among the questions the concerned brother asked above is, "What have we (Igbo) got to cope as a nation?" For a moment I wondered what he could mean by that. If he is referring to natural resources should it come to Igbos going alone (which I know wouldn't), I'll say, every state in Biafra land is providentially blessed with bountiful resources to sustain her in this world, and in the world to come. And if oil be the only resource you value, I will say, every state in Biafra land has enough oil. Even my hometown in Nsukka has oil in commercial presence. Imo and Abia, I hope you know, belong to Niger/Delta, and Anambra as we speak, are on the verge of inclusion. That would tell you a lot. And come to that, the first place oil was mined in this damnable contraption called Nigeria is in Ukwa, Abia state. Doesn't that tell you something? But folks, Biafra is not relying on oil and other natural resources, we are not Nigeria. Biafra is relying on her human resources .. our brains. That's why we are Biafrans. Japan has no oil, yet they are among the first in the world. If you twist your head, you will see countless countries without oil presence who are doing extremely well just like Japan. Biafra seeks to be like one of them. With or without oil, Biafra is set to be a world marvel. Hold me on this.

Long live Biafra.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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