By Mazi Odirachinma Ezeobi
May 30, 2017

A malnurished Biafran Child
As it remains few hours to may 30th (Biafra heroes remembrance day), it became imperative to give my people a homely reason why they must comply with that order.

There is no family in thus great town that didn't lose at least three relatives, be it son, daughter, mother, father, uncle, inlaw etc.
If you don't know one then go back and ask question for it is relatively impossible for any family in Umunnachi to claim not to have lost any soul in the genocidal attack on biafraland.

Nnachi sons were said to be very active in that war and lost many souls defending fatherland and we must remember and honour them both dead and alive.

From my little findings, I have the following names to give as the heroes of Nnachi who were in active struggle for the Biafran cause during the war (the list is not exhaustive as I know there are many not captured).

1. late Captain Okafor of 39th battalion(ozzuh umunnachi).

2. Late corporal nwafor of 39th battalion (umueze umunnachi,captured enemies sardine at aforigwe).

3. Late sergeant Nwako Okeke (mgbuke umunnachi)

4. Private Okey Chendo Ezeobi of 39th battalion (mgbuke,captured heavy machine gun operator at abagana and refused all ranks and promotions)

5. Late private Nwanka Ajemba(nagbana village,died at agulu sector)

6. Late private Pepe Emelife (mgbuke umunnachi)

7. Late lieutenant Jerome Metu (nkwelle village, mortar launcher commander)

8. Late Michael Nwoye (mgbuke, anti tank operator)

9. Christopher Okonkwo (mgbuke, medical department)

10. Ikechukwu Anieto (mgbuke, bazooka operator)

11. Late lieutenant Christopher Okoye (nagbana, commander y company 39th battalion)

12. Late lieutenant Augustine Okalia (nagbana village)

13. Joseph Okeke of 39th battalion (mgbuke)

14. Emmanuel Emelife of 39th battalion (mgbuke)

15. Late Chike Azodo of 39th battalion (mgbuke)

16. Late Bernard Obi of Agulu sector (mgbuke umunnachi)

17. Late Christopher Okongwu of Agulu sector (nagbana umunnachi)

18. Late Joel Okagbue of calabar sector (mgbuke umunnachi)

19. Late bonny Metu (nkwelle, engineering department)

20. Late staff Serg Ikeakor Osondu of 18th battalion (mgbuke and 2nd world war veteran)

21. Late Gilbert Ikechebelu (mgbuke umunnachi)

22. Late Chendo Ezeobi (mgbuke, civil defence commander, umunnachi sector and 2nd world war veteran)

23. Rev Samuel Okonkwo (mgbuke, boys company parade commandant)

24. Capt Emma Ezeobi (mgbuke, boys company captain, Biafran spy expert)

25. Clement Okeke (mgbuke, boys company)

26. Late Peter Ikwueme (mgbuke, boys company)

27. Late Godwin Obidigboo (mgbuke, boys company)

28. Late Nwizu Mmaduka (mgbuke, boys company)

29. Chief Nwankwo Igala (mgbuke umunnachi)

30. Late Nwaforigwe Mmorah of 29th battalion (mgbuke umunnachi)

31. Mr Emma Ikwumelu of ogoja sector (mgbuke umunnachi)

32. Ezekwesili Onwughalu (mgbuke umunnachi)

33. Mr Eloka Udegbunam (mgbuke umunnachi)

34. Joe jerry Okeke (mgbuke umunnachi)

35. Barrister Oraegbunam Anieto (mgbuke, research team)

36. Late Udenna Aaron Obi (mgbuke umunnachi).

37. Hundreds of nnachi children that we cannot start mentioning here who lost their lives as a result of starvation and malnutrition.

These and many more defended biafra gallantly from Umunnachi, some died in the battlefield. Some died from injuries sustained in the battlefield. Some died from war stress.

We must remember their efforts that we might live!

We must honour them and pray for fatherland restoration.

30th may (few hours to go) sit at home in honour of our very own and all that defended fatherland gallantry

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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