By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
May 28, 2017

British-sponsored Nigerian genocide against Biafrans
When the cause of the the civil war is being discussed, you did hear immediately that it was caused by the Igbo coup, that saw the eruption of the Biafra war. This is a very wicked lie told by HausaFulani and most Yoruba media outlets.

Am here to tell you today that 1966 coup wasn't an Igbo coup and can't be the cause of the Biafra/Nigeria civil war. Prior to the Nigeria independence, the Igbos and other Eastern people known as Old Easter Nigeria had embraced education in their numbers. With the Europeans gradually giving way, Igbos were taking over. This wasn't as a result of nepotism, but on pure merit. They were the most qualified for most jobs, because the North has been lagging behind. The Igbos were civil servants, teachers and also in commerce. This brought high level of resentment from the northerners.

When the 1966 coup came, with many tribes in Nigeria as ring leaders, the North branded it an Igbo coup, an excuse they needed to unleash their terror on innocent Igbos living in the North. For the uninformed the counter coup was a revenge of 1966 coup, but for the North it was an opportunity to remove Igbos from the helm of affairs. The counter coup saw the killing of Igbo military and policemen in entire northern Nigeria. They didn't stop at that, because it wasn't a revenge, it was an avenue to remove Igbos from those jobs that cause them resentment. Then they went more further, killing and unleashing mayhem to the Igbos living in the North.

They killed school children, they killed teachers, civil servants, pregnant women, market women and men. The entire streets of the North were leathered with dead bodies, corpses of Igbos and other Easterners. I must remind you that there wasn't room to differentiate between Ijaw or Urohbo, Itshekiri or Efik, no one cared. Everyone coming from the East were killed. If the counter coup was a revenge, why did they extend it to civilians? Why did the government of Gowon just watched as his people slaughter people they called their country men? Those he ought to defend.

It was also to put Igbos down that made Gowon as the representative of HausaFulani to refuse all effort made to avoid the war, and head down to fight a people whom they have killed in their northern Nigeria.

Today, we know that not only that 'Aburi Accord' would have stopped the war, it would have placed Nigeria on a greater height. Some say he refused implementing the accord due to ignorance, but I say no, it was because implementing the accord will end a war the North desired so much. With the backing of world powers, it's an opportunity to nail Igbos once and for all.

I know many will doubt my assertions here, but I want to bring you to the present and ask you a very simple question. What do you think is the reason the North is selling the news that President Buhari has been poisoned? That's just to prepare the ground for what is to happen if eventually Buhari dies. Like they did with the 1966 coup, so they are doing with the lie that Buhari was poisoned.

But failure is theirs. Like always.

It's fifty years of Biafra, and we are still here, better than they that together with world powers brought war to our doorsteps. We survived and we are grateful to God, because without him we couldn't have made it.

On 30th, try and remember these people that died for Biafra. It's not just an IPOB thing, it's us, me and you.

If you have nothing to remember, just ask questions and you will know that your family or relations gave in a lot during Biafra war.

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